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Nakajima Hitomi stood gripping the chain linked fence. Today was the day she told herself. Her friends, Tani Megumi and Yakuwa Satomi stood behind her giving her moral support. Today, was the day she was going to tell the boy of her dreams that she was in love with him and had been for a very long time. Ever since their first year of Junior high when fate had put them in the same class and even as seat mates. Second year unfortunately they were in different classes, but she was lucky enough to be in the same class as one of his best friends so she got to see him a lot. Third year they were once again seat mates, but when graduation came she feared he would not go to Seigaku Senior High, yet he did. First and Second year had been a dupe , she wasn't in his class or in class with any of his friends. That didn't stop her from going to all his practices and tournaments though. Luckily, she got to be his seat mate again this year, their last year of high school. Her last chance, it had to be fate. So she decided that today was the day.

Practice let out and the team went to change. She stood there anxiously bouncing on her toes. Waiting for him to approach her. Finally, after 15 minutes they came out of the locker room all together, chatting looking cool like the popular boys they are. They stopped short when they saw Hitomi, Megumi, and Satomi standing in their path. Megumi and Satomi gave their friend a push forward. Bowing she closed her eyes. "Te-Tezuka-kun….there is something I-I want to ask you?"

Tezuka looked at her, her head bowed low. "Well, you see the thing is….well I…the truth is…."

Fuji smiled. "Its alright. He wont bite."

Tezuka shot him a pointed look. She raised her head to stare into the eyes she loves so much. "I.." she took a deep breath. "I-I love you…please go out with me," she yelled hurriedly.

"Whoa. Hehe…Tezuka-buchou, this girl says she loves you," Momo laughed.

"I heard her, Momoshiro, but sumimasen I must decline."

Hitomi's eyes widened. "Eh? DOUSHITE??"

Inui's glasses glinted. "Yes, Tezuka why, exactly?"

All the regulars were curious. Hitomi was quite a good looking girl, quite popular as well and Tezuka had just turned her down as if she was nothing.

"Mitsu-kun," a girly voice called. The group turned to see a girl standing not to far away from them. She was petite, with light green eyes, and long brown hair pulled into a loose ponytail. She was small chested and wearing a Hyoutei girls uniform. She smiled sweetly.

"Onii-san gave me permission to meet you here," she smiled walking up to the group.

"Hoi, who is this?" Eiji asked looking at the strange girl.

Oishi looked at her as well. "Oh you must be Kunimitsu-kun's friends, I'm Atobe Ryoka."

Momo hit his head. "That makes sense your baby sitting Atobe's kid sister."

"Excuse me but I am a 1st at Hyoutei Senior High and Mitsu is not baby sitting anybody," she said turning her nose up at him.

"So then who are you to Tezuka-kun?" Hitomi asked.

She laughed lightly. "I'm his girlfriend of course."

Hitomi fainted on the spot.


Saturday came and rumors had been flying nonstop since Monday. It didn't help any that the mysterious Ryoka was hanging around Seigaku almost none stop now and was there immediately when the tennis team was dismissed. Not only that but every admirer Tezuka had glared at the girl.

The day that they had found out THE Tezuka Kunimitsu had a girlfriend. All the regulars became increasingly curious about her, especially since she had been appearing so much lately, so they decided to invite her to Kawamura Sushi.

"Where's Ochibi?"

"I went by his house and he said he was sick. I told him about Buchou's girlfriend and he just shrugged and went back to bed," Momo sighed scratching his head. Ryoka smiled sweetly bowing to Kawamura-san before taking a seat next to Tezuka.

"So you are related to Atobe?" Inui asked. She nodded. "That's right, Keigo is my elder brother."

"But you look nothing alike," Kaido hissed looking the girl up and down.

"Oh, that's because were not fully blood related. We share a father but our mother's are different."

"Please explain," Inui said writing non-stop.

"Well my mother was American, I was born in this small town in Nebraska. Sad I know. But my mother told me she use to live in Chicago and that's where she met Otou-san. They had an affair and my mother got pregnant. When she found out about Otou-san's wife and fortune and young son, she went into hiding. When I was five, she met this man named Rick. He didn't like me and convinced her to send me to my father. I was sent straight to Japan. It was by chance that I came across Keigo. He and Okaa-san were there to see father off on a business trip. I happened to trip on Keigo's foot and his mother checked on me. When I told them I was looking for my father and that his last name was Atobe, well they took me to the manor. When Otou-san came back, okaa-san told him everything and they decided to keep me."

"Ah. That explains quite a bit," Fuji smiled. "So how did you and Tezuka meet." Tezuka glared.

"I met Ryoka at Nationals. In our third year of Junior high," he said bluntly taking her hand into his own. She smiled leaning her head on his shoulder. "Yep, I was there with Keigo-nii-san and I just happened upon Mitsu here. It was like love at first sight."

"Hey, you should come watch us practice, tomorrow," Momo suggested. She shook her head in the negative.

"I can not. I promised Yuushi-kun I would watch his singles match against Onii-san and then after that I have to help Ryou-kun get ready for his date."

"Shishido has a date? With who? With who?" Eiji asked leaning forward. Ryoka giggled. "With Choutarou-kun of course. Those two have been dating for a whole year tomorrow. Its their anniversary its so sweet."

"Masaka," Eiji smiled. "He is dating his doubles partner?" Oishi asked. She smiled nodding. "I'll let you guys on a little secret if you promise not to tell anyone," she whispered. They leaned forward.

"Ryoka," Tezuka scolded. "Daijoubu, Tezuka-buchou," she teased.

"Anyway," she turned back to them. "My brother is dating somebody as well. A boy."

"No way, mister narcissist is gay?" Momo laughed.

"You know, Jirou-kun. Sleeping beauty?" They all nodded again. "I caught them making out in Keigo's room two days ago."

Fuji smiled. "So it worked out. Yokatta ne."

Tezuka stood. "Ryoka, we should leave. I promised to have you home by 8."

"Aww….no fair we want to hear more about her," Eiji whined.

She stood as well. "I apologize but I rather be prompt or I will be scolded. This was fun, though. I hope to do it again sometime."

Bowing to Kawamura-san one last time they left.


"Echizen you should have been there. Ryoka-chan is so perfect. She's really pretty and even though she has small breasts, her body equals out so it doesn't matter and she is so sweet and she's from the States like you and …and…."


"What do you mean 'so'?"

"Buchou has somebody, so what?"

"Ah…Echizen don't you get how monumentally huge this is. Plus even though she is related to Atobe she is nothing like him. She's not egotistical or spoiled at all. If I didn't have a girlfriend…."

Ryoma's eyebrow twitched. "Who cares? God, you sound like your in love with her."

Momo stopped, a blush crawling across his cheeks. "Anyways, her parents are gonna be out of the country so Atobe has invited us over. You should come and meet her."

"I don't care."

But it seemed as if he did. As he missed every outing that involved Atobe Ryoka. It seemed almost as if he were jealous of the girl. Every time she would show up at practice he would mysteriously disappear. Every time they went on an outing with her, he would come up with some lame excuse not to go. It almost seemed like he was jealous or just really HATED the Atobe name, but it wasn't effecting his game so they had nothing to worry about, right?

"So the brat refuses to be around my sister?"

Ryoka bowed her head. "I don't know what I did."

"Iie. Iie. He is just being difficult," Momo reassured.

"Why is Ochibi so against meeting you, I wonder?"

"As long as his game doesn't suffer, meeting Ryoka is unimportant," Tezuka sighed. Ryoka's head snapped up. "He is one of your friends, right? All you care about is Tennis and the team," she cried running from the room.

He sighed rubbing his temple. "I'll go get her."

"I have an idea. How about New Years," Fuji suggested.

"New Years," Oishi repeated. Fuji smiled beckoning them forward. Atobe watched on in amusement as the Seigaku regulars devised a plan to get Echizen Ryoma and Atobe Ryoka to meet.


Ryoka smiled as her arm linked with that of her boyfriends. She saw all the Seigaku tennis players ahead of her. "Minna," she called.

They smiled at her admiring her fine silk kimono. "So where is Ryoma-kun?"

Momo scratched his head nervously. "Well….he…you see the thing is….he went back to America for New Years."

"The plan is a failure then," a voice laughed mockingly. "Yuushi-kun," Ryoka greeted.

"Konbawa, Ryo-chan," he smiled. "Konbawa. Gakuto, Choutarou, Ryou, Jirou, Wakashi," they all returned the greeting. Yuushi looked at the Seigaku players. "You seem to be on such good terms with the Seigaku team yet you have only known them for about three weeks."

She shrugged. "What can I say, I make friends easily."

Gakuto leaned forward. "Do you now, R-yo-m-"

"Mukahi! Leave my imotou alone," Atobe scolded. Gakuto stepped back smirking. "Hai. Hai."

"KEI KEI!! RYO RYO!! Lets go have fun!!" Jirou cheered grabbing Keigo and Ryoka's arms and dragging them off.

Eiji watched them leave. "Yeah, Oishi! Fujiko! Momo! Come on!! Lets go! Lets go!!"

Inui continued scribbling in his notebook while Kaido hissed as they followed everyone. Two hours into the festivities they saw Tezuka walk up to Ryoka, wrapping his arms around her waist and dragging her off.

"Oh they want alone time," Momo whispered in a conspiring voice. Ten minutes later Eiji had to use the restroom. "How many drinks have you had senpai?" Kaido asked.

"Anou…..I lost count at five. But I don't get to drink caffeine often."

Oishi sighed. "Eiji, you know better. Caffeine tends to make you hyper and it goes right through you."

Yeah, because he isn't normally hyper at all.

"Hehe…Gomen ne, Oishi. I'll be right back wait for me," he smiled running off to the restrooms. He got there to see a really long line. He didn't have time to wait he had to go now. Taking off he ran down the streets turning every now and then at a food stall. He took a right at the onigiri stall and ran straight ahead. There they were. He had been here enough to know that nobody used these bathrooms during New Years. He ran to the men's room and pulled the door open. He froze in the door way. That was Tezuka-buchou in there but sitting on the sink. The person on the sink counter was obviously NOT a girl with his flat chest and obvious hard on that could be seen clearly through his boxers. Tezuka-buchou was ravaging the other boy's mouth. Eiji wanted to scream, Tezuka-buchou had a girlfriend and he was doing these kind of things with a boy none the less.

Tezuka moved to mysterious boy's neck, sucking and biting it. The other boy moaned. Hey, that kinda sounded like Ryoka's voice and that kimono he was sitting on kinda looked like Ryoka's too and that brown hair by their feet kinda looked like Ryoka's. Tezuka's mouth moved to the other side of the boy's neck and Eiji's mouth dropped. "OC--"

His scream was cut off by a hand over his mouth and the door swinging closed. He struggled against his captor's hold. "Calm down, Kikumaru."

He stopped struggling, that was Oshitari's voice. Perhaps he had not seen what was going on in the restroom. Eiji motioned towards the door, begging Oshitari to look inside.

"Yes, I know."

A muffled 'what' came back.

"I guess since you've seen, I have to tell you…..Echizen Ryoma and Atobe Ryoka are one in the same."

Eiji's eyes widened. 'What is going on here?'


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