In order to fully appreciate this story, you will need to read 'The Death of Haruhi Suzumiya' so that this story makes sense

Life After the Death of Haruhi Suzumiya

Alternate Ending One

Back to (Ab)Normality

SOS Brigade Clubroom

The seriously disturbed faces of one of the members, the panicking of one other, the plain smile, and the blank stare of the final one made Haruhi beam further.

"You are joking, Haruhi, aren't you?" Kyon began.

"Why not, it'll attract more members to our cause!"

"But, it's obscene, even I can't agree to this!"

Haruhi's face grew annoyed, and the three special people flinched in their own ways. Mikuru squeaked a little, Koizumi opened his eyes for a second, and Nagato looked up and blinked once.

Kyon noticed these subtle signals, and he sighed, patting his forehead, "Fine, Haruhi, whatever you wish..."

"Good!" She put her hands on her hips, "I've already got an idea about what the costumes should be like, so we're going to go to the shop to grab them, and we're going to sew them up!"

"Wha-?" Kyon was really in disbelief, "But Haruhi, I don't know about the others, but I can't sew."

She pointed at him, "You'll do it, Kyon! I won't accept any other option!"

"But, cosplay?!"

"Yep! But it can't be just any ordinary one, it has to be different, special!"

Kyon loosened his collar further, knowing that whenever Haruhi thought that something should be 'special', it meant that it was going to be downright outrageous.

"Define 'special'..." He asked coldly.

Haruhi stepped back and frowned, placing her hands on her hips. She stared at Kyon for a few moments longer than necessary, before finally grinning.

"Cross-dressing cosplay." She pulled out a diagram from behind her, showing ideas of how to transform the SOS Brigade into the opposite gender, "We've got to have new names too, mine will be Haruki, a spunky, go-getter who's into finding espers, time travellers, sliders and aliens."

"But that's just the same thing as you!" Kyon exclaimed, raising his hands in the air.

"Kyonko will be a shy moe-like girl, but deep down is sarcastic and cynical of anything strange and odd."

Kyon's jaw dropped as she went on regardless of his earlier protests, and once he saw the colour designs on the next page, his face turned paler.

"I'm going to have a ponytail...?"

"And a cardigan don't forget!"

"Fine, whatever, we'll get round to it when we can Haruhi..." Kyon sighed, whilst shaking his head.

Nagato closed her book and the group prepared to leave, storing away the items they had taken out until the next meeting.

Haruhi pulled away her pictures before furrowing her brow.

"You lot can go ahead, I'll catch up to you tomorrow, I have something to do in private."

She watched as Kyon, Nagato, Asahina and Koizumi left the room, then from the window seeing them confer with one another. She smirked, then became much more depressed as she drew back into the clubroom.

"No... Still not accurate enough..."

The world outside the room fractured and froze at the same time, like a broken mirror that was paused in its movement.

"Too angry, too protesting, too cruel..." She glanced at the seat where he sat moments earlier, and went to it, the warmth of his back lingering in her touch.

The room lurched as an old wooden coffin rose between the materials and lay on top of the table, having been removed from the non-space between floors. It opened automatically, sliding to one side to reveal the body inside.

"I'm forgetting... I can't tell any more..." Haruhi looked at the face of the person inside, having long since gone past flinching at the decay, "I keep trying to recreate you, but I'm missing something every time, or exaggerating something else which overpowers your personality."

The rotting corpse of Kyon was enough to send Haruhi into a state of catatonia. Too grim to describe the current vision she was seeing, she had already blocked it out, her eyes glazing over whenever she looked at it. Naturally, her divine powers would not work on preserving his body, but being God, she was used to death, though the world she had created did not have any still. His clothes were also disintegrating from the ravages of time.

"How many times have I rebuilt this world? How many billions of Kyons have been born and rejected? I can't even count how many days, month or years it has been..."

She stroked his cheek, and held back her shudder at feeling the rough flesh and skull bone that grazed against her palm.

"Is it still possible to go back to the way we were? Can I restore the old world being the way I am now?"

She was crying by now, her tears falling on to Kyon's face, but as usual, it never stirred, no miraculous recovery from her holy water.

"I can't give up my godhood..." She gestured to the world outside, talking to the body as she always did, "How can I when I have a world, no, a universe at my fingertips!"

At that moment, giant spaceships came down and began destroying buildings only for them to be chased away by a giant monster rampaging through the city, which was then attacked by flying humans, even the momentary arrival of a blue box startling people enough to attack it.

"I can do anything I want, see!"

She turned back, joyously, to the coffin, but the silence was her reply, and the smell of his body had rose to the room. She lost her smile and a shadow fell upon her face.

"Fine, be that way... I'll show you I can bring you back. I don't need your soul to make it work, I can do without!"

She turned back to the window and roughly gestured behind her. The coffin sunk through the floor to its resting place of earlier, and the room was restored to normal. The stench has been replaced with a musky smell.

"But first..."

Two hands encircled her waist and the rough breathing of the person behind her trickled across her nape, sending shivers through her muscles, as a certain body part pressed up against her. Turning and leaning in to the person, she gasped happily at feeling up his well toned body, noticing the endowment he possessed her eyes widened, ready to take it all in.

"Ahhn, Kyon..." She purred cutely, pulling the red ribbon from her school uniform, "Please be gentle with me."

The Kyon doppelgänger just smirked, his shadowy face leering as he moved his naked body closer.

Author's Notes


Well, that should be enough to keep it 'T' rating, I'm not planning on writing a lemon scene showing the following, and though Haruhi went a tad OOC with her 'Ahhn', I felt that given her status, she wanted to be dominated for once (or as it implies, a hell of a lot more than that).

So yes, this was one of the alternate endings as you've guessed by now. One where Haruhi keeps trying to make a 'new' Kyon, just like the old one, but obviously it's not possible due to all the reasons I mentioned in the previous story.

Of course, it is also possible that this did happen, only for Haruhi to give up in the end and remake the old world... That's up to you to decide...

The coming chapters will be in anachronic order, just like the series, random life segments, as well as two more alternate endings dispersed in-between some of them.

- J