A little drabble about two thieves who shares a little with the duo in Thief Lord. Originally a English assignment in 7th. Not my best work. AU. OCs

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Good Thieves Gone Bad

"Stay close," advised Mina.

"I'm not an amateur." Isabel's shrill voice came out in a squeak.

"Shut up," Mina muttered. "Now watch the master."

"What master? I don't see one." Mina swore under her breath. She then straightened and put on a charming smile. Clutching her purse, she strode into the bazaar. Ten minutes later, she traipsed out still wearing her charming smile. The smile was wiped off her face when she saw that Isabel was nowhere in sight. Nevertheless, Isabel was found in a doll shop staring in wonder at all the pretty porcelain dolls.

"Come on." Mina hissed. Tearing her eyes, reluctantly, away from the china dolls she followed Mina out the door. Opening the purse, Mina broadcasted the loot. Inside were a golden ring, paper, a brush, a comb, and a beautiful gold necklace.

"Wow! We could get many meals with that necklace and ring. We are the best! Let's go to the pawn shop." They went to the trader, haggled for an hour straight, and finally came out with a bulging moneybag.

"Alright." Now, we have to pack." Mina announced.

"What!" Isabel was shocked. "Why?"

"Obviously because we have stayed in Venice too long, and people are getting suspicious so…we'll go south. Now, let's get moving." They walked to their hideout and collected the few belongings like food and bulging moneybags lying around. Then along with their dog, Prosper, and their cat, Bo, they wandered to the shore, raised the small boat, and set sail for the south.

"Where do you think we should go next?" They asked at the same time. "No idea," they answered simultaneously.

"How about we just go on and on till we run out of food and we go into the nearest town?" Suggested Isabel.

"Now that is the best idea you have had in a long time. Only if we hear about something we'll go into that town first." Mina added. They agreed and as time went on, they floated from canal to canal and finally a river with a forest on both sides.

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