History with Jasper

History with Jasper

A/N: This is set before the Cullens moved to Forks, so obviously before Bella left Phoenix.

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns the sexy Cullen men.


It was just another day of my never-ending life. As Edward and I walked to our Honors History II class, we were both complaining about the speed in which we were moving (very slowly for us Vampires) in voices that none of the humans could hear. Everyone knew that we Cullen's are very different, but none of them knew the truth: we are vampires, and would live forever. What they did know was that six of the seven gorgeous "people" were already taken.

There was silence between us now as we realized that our voices had gotten louder, and the humans could hear what we were saying. And they were getting suspicious. Edward, being able to hear what they were thinking, gave me nudge. I took this as a signal to subtly send out a wave of calm using that peculiar gift of mine. Edward gave me a smile of relief, because the human thoughts were apparently shouting rather, err, inappropriate thoughts about the two of us.

To distract myself from the rather disturbing realization, I thought of Alice. My beautiful Alice.

By this time, Edward and I had taken our seats in the back of the room. We were sitting right next to each other, ironically enough. When the room finally filled, and the bell had rung, the teacher called us, and the humans to attention. Edward and I technically did not need to pay attention, seeing as we both have about 3 college degrees.

I was perfectly prepared to but on a false front of attentiveness, but Edward gave me a nudge, and when he had caught my attention, he told me in a voice that humans couldn't hear, "this class should interest you."

"Why is that?" I ask.

"It's about the civil war." Immediately, he had my complete attention. I forgot everything else, including Alice. Well, maybe not Alice.

"How is he thinking of starting?" I asked.

You really don't want to know", Edward muttered, glaring at me. I had unconsciously been sending out waves of excitement, and Edward was bouncing in his seat.

"Shit. Sorry." I reigned in my enthusiasm.

I waited impatiently for the next two minutes for the bell to ring, but it felt like two centuries.


Finally! What could this teacher say about the Civil War without making me want to kill him…?

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