Summary: Harry Potter dosn't have a father...or does he? Lily's secrets lie in her diary, which Harry hides in a dusty corner of his 'room'. Severus Snape dosen't like children and certainly dosen't want one. 11-year-old Harry does not understand much, but he knows what 'dad' means. The potions master is cold towards the son of his childhood enemy, but can little Harry warm a cold man's heart?

A/N: This was the original chapter 1. I wrote the version 1 prologue, then wrote this. But when I finished I thought Hey! This would make a better prologue-mainly cus I think the first one sucked. And ppl would run away after they read it any never return….COME BACK!! Yeah, this one is so much better, so this ended up the prologue, and the other one is now chapter 1.

I have posted a one-shot snapshot of Love of a Father, called Care of a Father. That story contains spoilers for this fic, but it's a nice little short I just had to get out there.




July 31, 1980

Dear Diary…

7lbs, 1oz.

A perfect healthy baby boy.

We named him Harry. Harry James Potter.

My son.

Looking at him I cannot help but smile. He is the smallest thing in the world I swear. From his teeny tine feet to his teeny tiny hands to his teeny tiny nose. He is so adorable, so lovely, so beautiful; my beautiful.

His eyes are just like mine; a brilliant emerald green. But his are far more lustrous then mine, like bright, sparkling stars in the night sky. Just born and he looks at me as if I were the only thing that mattered in the whole world. He is a strong one all right, even the healers were impressed by his magic, and they deliver babies all the time. His magical core is among the highest in Britain and with proper education, he would be great.

It is a bitter-sweet day.

The birth of any new born should be celebrated and cherished, as my son is. But it is sad that he must be born to a world torn and shredded by the horrors of war. What I wouldn't give for this little boy to grow up in a free and glorious world. But that is not to be. He is so innocent, and so sweet. Just looking at him makes me feel free and alive. But he must grow up in this world poisoned and contaminated by the darkest wizard. He must grow up in this world not so innocent any more (perhaps it was never so innocent as we believed as children). How will this affect him? What will my boy become? Will he grow up like just like us? Innocent and naïve, completely unaware of what the world is capable of or any concept of what true evil means. Can we hope that he will grow up in the world I grew up int? Pure and untouched by the cruel realities of life until it comes for us, smacking us right in the face.

Only time shall tell. I hope for the best.

Voldemort has begun his campaign and his supporters are growing more numerous as he grows stronger every day.

Albus informs us that Voldemort is seeking us, and seeking my baby boy. James tells me there is nothing to fear, but I fear for the life of our Harry. We have asked Sirius to be Harry's godfather, and our secret keeper. He, of course, being Sirius, has agreed to both.

On a still darker note, there is something I am hiding from the world, from everyone. No one knows of this secret, no one. It is such a terrible thing to bare a secret such as mine.

James, I am so sorry. For Harry, is not of your blood.

Please let me explain. I love you James, as I always have. You have been there for me through the so many sad trials of my life, and so many happy ones as well. I have placed a strong glamour on Harry, to make him look like you, it will require several weeks for him to regain his 'natural' look if the spell is removed. You always said I was good at Charms; only too good I'm afraid.

I am so sorry for this betrayal James. If you ever find out, promise me you will still love Harry, as you do now. I saw the sparkle in your eyes when you first laid eyes on our son. That's right James, he is still our son; he is still your son. He always will be. I saw the joy in your heart and the love that poured from your soul when you held him in your arms. You love him; don't ever stop.

Please do not abandon him for my mistake, if you shall ever learn the truth.

The biological father of our Harry is Severus, Severus Tobias Snape. I know James, I know very well of your rivalry in school. I was often caught in the middle of it if you recall. But it has been years James, I beg you to forget your childish squabble with that man. Please forgive and forget.

I am afraid.

I know you are good person James, I know also that Sirius is just as kind hearted to the people he loves. But will you still love Harry if you knew? Will Sirius? Knowing how much he loathes Severus even still. I know Remus and Peter would not mind, but will you hate him? Prove me right, be the person I believe you to be and the loving father I know you are.

But Sirius, I am not so sure about. His hatred for Severus knows no bounds, I truly do not understand their rivalry. They go at each other like they have vendettas to settle, only they have no reason to be enemies. I know it will be hard for him to take, but will it be too hard? To know that the godson he has loved for years carries the blood of his worst enemy.

I cannot tell Severus because I fear for Harry's well-being. Not that Severus would ever hurt me or his son. But…Severus is a Death Eater, James. We all know he is a spy, but that's just it. He is a cold, bitter man who lives a dark and dangerous life, with the Dark Mark he can never escape Voldemort, not unless either dies. How will he ever be able to raise a child, take care of Harry, and bring him up properly. If I tell him, I am afraid he will take Harry away from me, far away.

And so I have decided to take this secret with me to the grave. Perhaps one day I shall reveal everything, otherwise may whoever finds this diary forgive me. I am only doing what is best for my baby.

I don't know if I will ever tell you the truth Harry. I think one day I will, it is only your right. But if I don't get the chance, know this. Severus is a good man at heart, his life had been way too harsh, filled with brutal cruelties that no boy or man should have to suffer. He may put forth this hard, tough, unbreakable exterior, showing only an aggressive and impassive nature, but a light still shines in his heart. He only shuts out everyone who comes near him because he is afraid, afraid to open himself to kindness and love because he has been betrayed and hurt once too often, by one too many. Break through that turtle-hard shell and find a man who is just as capable of love as anyone else.

He will love you Harry, I know he will. All you have to do is dig deep enough and you'll find yourself in his heart.

Life in this world will be hard, and a life in hiding will be strenuous and harsh. But I will be there you Harry, every step of the way. I promise. Should anything ever happen to me or your James, know what you can always count on us to be there for you. All you have to do is say our name, and look deep inside yourself and we will be there.

I love you Harry, my child, forever and always, never doubt that.

Good night my Harry, sleep well.

Harry finished reading and closed the leather-bound book. He sniffed. He'd always cried when reading this section of his mother's diary.

His father-Severus Tobias Snape. One day, when he was old enough. Harry will find him, and break that shell, no matter what it takes.


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