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This chapter takes place during the Grass Country Arc in Shippuden.

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Sakura Haruno was at work healing Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto had been badly burned by the Kyuubi's chakra. Along with Yamato, Kakashi's temporary replacement, and Sai, Sasuke's replacement, they had encountered Orochimaru, Konoha's most notorious missing-nin, and his right hand man, Kabuto Yakushi. Naruto's anger overcame him and he transformed into the four-tailed state of the Demon Fox's cloak. She tried to talk Naruto out of releasing it, even going as far as saying she'd rescue Sasuke for him. However, it ended with him striking her, Yamato receding the transformation with a special Mokuton Jutsu, and Kabuto healing her injured arm to where only scars were visible. She then got to work healing her injured teammate. She felt a slight sting in her arm from Kyuubi's poisonous chakra, which didn't go unnoticed by Yamato. She requested that he teach her the Jutsu he used to stop Naruto's murderous rampage in the four tailed state. When he told her she couldn't learn it and that he was the only one who could use that Jutsu, she was close to tears.

"It's always the same thing," Sakura weeped, "Everything I do for Naruto is...small and insignificant."

"It's not the size of what you do for him that counts," Sakura whipped around to face Yamato as he said this, "What really counts are your feelings for Naruto." Naruto had awakened by this point, but as soon as he heard the end of Yamato's sentence, he opted to act unconscious and hear the rest. "Sakura, I can tell just by looking at you." Sakura's face was bewildered at this point. How could he read her so easily? "The truth is...you really love Naruto, don't you?"

Naruto almost winced, expecting Yamato to be punched into a tree for that remark, but held himself back to keep the charade of being unconscious. Sakura, however, was in complete shock. She couldn't be in love with Naruto. That was just ludicrous. However, she then thought back on everything that Naruto has done for her. The times he would try to cheer her up when she was feeling down, the times he would risk his life to save hers, and all the times where he would go out of his way just to see her happy. All of a sudden, it made sense. She DID love Naruto.

"H-hai, Yamato-taichou, I do love Naruto," Sakura replied. Naruto was shocked. That was the absolute last thing he expected to hear. "I guess I just didn't realize it till now, but how could you tell?"

Yamato smirked before saying, "I can read people very easily, Sakura." Sakura nodded. Deciding now was the time to drop the act of unconsciousness, Naruto stirred to simulate coming out of unconsciousness.

"Where am I?" he asked, just to make sure they didn't catch on that he was eavesdropping on their conversation.

Sakura smiled and tears threatened to spill from her eyes. "Naruto, you're awake."

Naruto turned to her, "Sakura-chan, why are you crying and what happened to your arm?" he asked as he gazed at her arm, which had scars in the shape of slashes.

Sakura wiped her eye and replied, "Oh, it's nothing," she waved her hand dismissively and continued, "Just got into a scrape with Orochimaru, that's all." She didn't want to tell him the truth. Who knew what he might have thought about himself if she did?

(Timeskip to the Sasuke confrontation everything that happens up till then happens the same as in canon)

The three former members of Team 7 locked eyes with each other for the first time in years. Naruto and Sakura, along with Sai and Yamato, were looking up at Sasuke. Naruto and Sakura were wondering just what happened to their friend for him to be looking at him the way he was. A look of disgust.

Sasuke was looking down on his former friends from the hole he blew in the roof of the lair. He remembered what Orochimaru told him.


Orochimaru dismissed Kabuto and Sai, who tagged along on orders from his superior, Danzo. He then walked up to the apathetic Sasuke, who was staring at him with red Sharingan eyes.

"Sasuke-kun. Whatever you do, don't engage Naruto-kun in combat." Orochimaru said.

Sasuke's eyes remained apathetic as he replied, "That dobe doesn't stand a chance against me, Orochimaru, and I will acquire the Mangekyo as soon as it's within my reach."

"Listen to me, Sasuke-kun, when he and I fought, he kept up with me in both Taijutsu and Ninjutsu. He used pure wind chakra manipulation in his Taijutsu. Thanks to that, he's faster than the Sharingan can copy or predict. We don't outnumber him either. He has two companions alongside him. Only my years of experience allowed me to survive. I'll repeat myself just this once. You ARE not to engage Naruto-kun until we are fully prepared! Do you understand?" Orochimaru said in a strict tone.

Sasuke simply said, "Yeah, whatever." However, he secretly didn't mean to obey Orochimaru's command.

End Flashback

Sasuke stared down at them with disgust on his face. There was no way this dobe, who was still wearing that ridiculous jumpsuit, could be that strong. No way in hell.

"Well, if it isn't the losers from that pathetic village I used to call home." Naruto and Sakura's eyes widened from the amount of venom Sasuke spoke with. " First we have the pink haired bitch who was more useless than a dull kunai against a sturdy target." Sakura nearly teared up at that remark while Naruto's anger started to rise. How dare Sasuke talk down on Sakura in such a manner. "Second we have the blond haired demon who has no real talent whatsoever." Naruto, Sakura, and Yamato's eyes widened at that. Sasuke continued, "That's right. Orochimaru told me all about it and if it weren't for that demon, you never would have defeated anybody. You're a dobe, and you always will be a dobe." Naruto's anger continued to rise at the insult. He wasn't alone. Yamato and Sai were also a bit miffed at the Uchiha's insensitivity. However, their slight anger was nothing compared to the anger Sakura was now feeling, now having completely forgotten the hurt she was feeling a minute ago.

She thought, 'Who does he think he is?' She was pissed that Sasuke would be so insensitive towards Naruto and his condition.

With his red Sharingan eyes fixated on Naruto, Sasuke said in a venomous tone, "Now is the time I finally get my Mangekyo." This made Naruto tense up. Sasuke then dashed down with incredible speed and started charging towards Naruto. Naruto got his guard up and prepared to defend himself. However, Naruto was caught off guard as Sasuke changed his trajectory suddenly and he was horrified as he noticed that he was heading towards Sakura.

Sakura saw Sasuke coming at her, but didn't have enough time to react when he slammed the hilt of his sword into her gut. It almost felt like one of Tsunade's punches. She felt like she was hit by a bull as she coughed up blood before he hit her again on the forehead, sending her crashing into a nearby wall. She was outcold and Sasuke raised his sword to finish her off when Naruto rushed in and knocked Sasuke away with a massive blow to the head.

Sasuke flipped in midair and landed on his feet, angry that Naruto interrupted his kill.

Naruto, however, was enraged. He looked at Sakura, who had blood dribbling from her mouth and forehead, and snarled in anger at what Sasuke had done. He realized at this point that this Sasuke was no longer the Sasuke he had once known.

Naruto turned his ice cold blue eyes towards Sasuke and said, "You just made a big mistake, Sasuke."

Sasuke sneered and said, "What are you gonna do about it, dobe?" before pulling out his sword.

Naruto responded, "You're beyond redemption, Sasuke, so I only have one course of action." before making a long Wind Blade appear out of his index and middle fingers. He leapt at Sasuke and swung the blade down, but Sasuke just dodged it. Sasuke then thrust his blade forward, but Naruto dodged it by backflipping backwards and onto the ground.

Sasuke smirked and said, "Hn, you're no match for me, dobe. My attacks are stronger than yours."

Naruto merely looked at him with annoyance and said in an annoyed tone, "I thought you were a genius." Upon seeing Sasuke's angry and confused look, he said, "Wind beats Lightning." With that, he swung the Wind Blade down and nearly cut Sasuke in half and even managed to graze the surface of his Kusanagi.

Sasuke grew really angry and saw the perfect opening. He tossed his blade as fast as it could go towards Sakura. Naruto was horrified. He wouldn't be able to stop it in time. "SAKURA-CHAN!!"

However, a trio of Ink Beasts and a pillar of wood formed in front of Sakura at the last second. The sword went through all three of the ink beasts and halfway through the pillar, stopping just short of Sakura's forehead.

Yamato and Sai sighed in relief. Yamato remarked, "That was too close for comfort."

"Yeah." Sai agreed monotonously.

Sasuke knew he couldn't win this, so he turned around to retreat when all of a sudden, a massive pain erupted in his abdomen. He looked down to see Naruto's Wind Blade jammed into his stomach. He looked up and found himself staring into Naruto's eyes, which were red and slitted and full of rage. Sasuke found himself full of fear. He was even more scared than he was during the aftermath of the Uchiha Massacre.

"That mistake will be your last, TEME!!" Naruto shouted before yanking his hand to the right, effectively slicing Sasuke's stomach wide open.

Sasuke fell to his knees as a bunch of blood poured out. He felt something squishy fall onto his hands. Sasuke looked down and was horrified to see he was now holding his own intestines. It was the last thing he saw before Naruto gave him a hard kick that sent him rolling. He came to a stop, dead and in two halves.

Naruto stared at the unconscious Sakura with his normal sapphire orbs. She began to stir.

"Sakura-chan." Naruto muttered before running to her side.

"N-N-Naruto?" muttered Sakura. "What happened?" Just as she asked that, she caught sight of Sasuke's mangled corpse that now lay in two halves. She gasped in horror as she turned to Naruto. "Naruto, did you do that?"

Naruto shamefully nodded. "Yes, Sakura-chan. I'm sorry."

Sakura just gave a sad smile and said, "It's fine, Naruto."

Before any more words could be said, Orochimaru and Kabuto arrived at the top of the crater. They looked down and saw that Sasuke had been killed.

Orochimaru was enraged. He tried his best to keep calm on the outside, but he was seething on the inside. 'NO!! MY ULTIMATE BODY HAS BEEN TAKEN FROM ME!! THEY'LL ALL DIE FOR THIS!!' Just as he was about to jump in and attack, Kabuto stopped him.

"Orochimaru-sama, don't. We have to retreat. We're outmatched." Kabuto said. Orochimaru took his time to survey the scene and he realized Kabuto was right. Naruto wasn't even winded and had two Wind Blades ready, Sakura had a massive amount chakra gathered into her fists to where it was visible, Sai had a squad of Ink Beasts ready to attack, and Yamato had his Mokuton ready to lash out and was in a good postion.

"Very well, then. We retreat for now." Orochimaru said while saying in his mind, 'This isn't over, Nine Tails Brat. You'll pay dearly for this.' With that, he and Kabuto disappeared in a flash of flames.

Naruto sighed, pulled out a storage scroll, and said, "Well, guess we better get back to the old hag for our debriefing."

Sakura, Sai, and Yamato just nodded, completely ignoring the fact that Naruto just playfully insulted the Hokage.

(Timeskip to mission debriefing with Tsunade)

Team Yamato had informed Tsunade of everything, even presenting the scroll with Sasuke's corpse in it.

Tsunade looked at Naruto sadly and said, "I'm sorry, Naruto. I know how much he meant to you, but these things happen when you're a Shinobi."

Naruto looked back at her and said, "I understand Baa-chan.," Tsunade glared at that, but held back from bopping Naruto in the head. "I'm just gonna have to move on."

Tsunade nodded. "Very well. You're all dismissed." The four members of Team Yamato gave Tsunade a bow before going their own ways.

(At Naruto's Apartment)

Naruto and Sakura both went to his home to silently mourn the loss of their former teammate. They took off their footwear as they walked in. Sakura broke down the minute her and Naruto sat down on his couch.

With tears pouring out of her emerald green eyes, Sakura sobbed out, "W-w-w-why did this h-have to h-h-happen? What happened t-t-to our fr-fr-fr-friend?"

Naruto looked at her with sad sapphire blue eyes and replied, "I don't know, Sakura-chan. I never imagined that Sasuke would turn out this way nor did I imagine taking the measures I did today."

She nodded in understanding. They both continued to mourn in silence until Naruto just thought of something he nearly forgot to ask about.

"Sakura-chan?" He asked.

"Yes, Naruto?" Sakura replied.

"Um..." Naruto hesitated.

"What is it?" Sakura inquired.

Naruto took a deep breath and asked, "Did you mean what you said to Yamato-taichou? Do you really love me?" He was sweating profusely at the prospect of her revealing it to be a big joke or her punching his lights out for eavesdropping on their conversation.

Sakura, however, was a different story. 'He was listening to that?!' Needless to say, she was shocked. She was having doubts of answering, but she steeled her resolve and said, "H-hai, I do love you, Naruto-kun."

Naruto smiled at her answer and the -kun suffix she attached to his name. "I love you too, Sakura-chan."

They looked at each other in the eyes. They both saw the same thing in the other's eyes. Desire. Desire to forget the horrible events of that day and desire to display their true love for one another.

They leaned in for their first kiss. Their lips meant and they began to make out passionately as Sakura's tongue made its way into Naruto's mouth. Their tongues began to fight for dominance. After five minutes, Sakura caught Naruto's tongue between her lips and began sucking it with vigor. Naruto moaned into her mouth as she did this. Sakura began to maneuver Naruto towards his bedroom. When they reached his bed, Naruto fell onto it, so he was lying on his back with Sakura on top of him, both of them still making out.

Sakura pulled away while giving Naruto's bottom lip one final suck until it came out of her mouth with a small popping sound. She sat up and straddled his waist. Sakura then began to slowly take off her red sleeveless shirt, exposing her perfectly round breasts to Naruto's eyes.

Naruto was at a loss for words. Despite having a total pervert for a sensei, this was Naruto's first look at the bare upper body of a female. "Sakura-chan, what are you-mmph," He didn't get to finish his sentence as Sakura shoved his face into her left breast with his mouth going onto her nipple.

He looked up at her in shock while she, with a lustful smirk, said, "Do it, Naruto-kun. Suckle me. Make me feel good." He complied and began to suckle on her left nipple while using his left hand to toy with her right breast. Sakura began to moan at the stimulation he provided. He began to suck harder, making her moans increase in volume and frequency. Naruto rolled them over so that he was on top as he switched breasts, now suckling on the right nipple while tweaking the left one with his right hand.

"Ahhh, Naruto-kun...More!!" Sakura screamed in pleasure. He pulled away from her breasts and started to pull off her black spandex shorts and pink utility skirt. All that was keeping her from being completely naked now was her silky pink panties. Naruto then removed his orange and black jacket and his orange pants, so he was left in his green boxers. He then lowered his mouth to her panty covered crotch, which he noticed had a big wet spot, and started to kiss it and lick it. Sakura moaned loudly and grabbed two fists full of Naruto's hair. "Naruto-kun, that feels so good. Don't stop." After a few more minutes of this, Naruto pulled away just before her orgasm, which made Sakura whimper. She pleaded, "Please finish me off, Naruto-kun. I'm so close."

Naruto smiled and slowly pulled her pink panties that were drenched in her juices off her legs and over her feet before tossing them to the side. Sakura blushed as she was fully exposed before him. Naruto grabbed her thighs and slowly spread her legs apart to fully reveal her wet pussy to his eyes. He lowered his head and gave it a kiss before proceeding to ravage it. "You taste good, Sakura-chan." Naruto moaned into her throbbing pussy. Sakura moaned loudly and gripped Naruto's sheets very tightly as she was overwhelmed by pleasure. She could feel her inevitable release coming about.

"N-N-Naruto-kun, I'm gonna cum." Sakura moaned in pleasure. Naruto merely gave her clit a small nibble. Sakura screamed in ecstacy before her pussy erupted with her juices. Naruto quickly put his mouth over her opening and drank her cum down like a dehydrated man who just found water. After she stopped cumming, he licked up the remainder that he didn't catch in his mouth before cleaning her inner walls with his tongue. Sakura was in absolute bliss. The toe curling ecstacy was truly overwhelming. Now she had to return the favor.

As soon as Naruto got finished cleaning Sakura's remaining cum from inside her pussy, she flipped them over so that she was on top. Naruto smirked and asked in a husky voice, "You planning to have your way with me?"

Sakura smiled and gave him a passionate kiss before pulling his green boxers all the way off and tossing them to the side. She replied, "You bet I do." Sakura then gazed upon his dick and admired his hardness before grabbing hold of it with both hands and stroking it up and down. After a few minutes of this, she noticed a small bead of precum dripping out of the slit on the head. She lowered her head to his tip and gave it a lick, sending shivers up his spine. She liked the taste of the precum and decided to get more. While still stroking his hardened member, she opened her mouth and breathed on it a few times. This turned Naruto on as he started to pant. She then slipped his erect manhood into her mouth and started lightly sucking on it. Naruto lost all feeling from the waist down as he let out a really loud moan. Sakura began to suck harder as she began to take more of him into her mouth. She relaxed her throat muscles as his tip reached her throat to allow more of him in.

Naruto continued to moan and groan as Sakura took him all the way in and began bobbing her head up and down to intensify the pleasure he was already feeling rush through his loins. He began to thrust in time with her bobbing. After a few minutes of this, he could feel the incoming climax. "S-Sakura-chan, I-I'm gonna cum." Sakura immediately began to speed up her bobbing as she took his cock out of her throat and Naruto gave one last thrust before cumming into her mouth hard, shooting rope after rope of white sticky cum into her mouth as she swallowed every drop of it. Naruto was on a cloud of bliss as he felt like he had gone to heaven and back.

Naruto immediately rolled them over, so that he was on top. He gave Sakura a passionate kiss. Sakura moaned into it as she felt his member rub her slit and stomach. A few minutes later, Naruto's dick was stiff and hard again. He continued to kiss Sakura as he lined his member up with her pussy. When they parted from the kiss, Sakura said, "Please be gentle."

Naruto understood and nodded. This was her first time. He locked lips with her as he slowly inserted himself into her wet pussy. Tears began to form as her insides stretched to accomodate her. He parted from the kiss and muttered, "I'm sorry." before resuming the kiss and quickly thrusting into her, breaking through her hymen. She screamed into his mouth as the tears came full force. After a few minutes, he broke the kiss and began to kiss her tears away. He then started to nibble on her ear to keep her mind off the pain.

Eventually, the pain faded and the pleasure took over. Sakura moaned, "Naruto-kun, please move." Naruto complied as he grabbed her waist and thrust in and out, withdrawing all the way to the tip before going right back in again. Sakura was in absolute pleasure as he hit her G-spot. She moaned loudly and screamed out, "Hit that spot again, Naruto-kun!!" Naruto smirked and began to repeatedly hit that special spot. Sakura started to buck her hips in unison with his thrusts. They could both feel their impending climax approaching.

"I LOVE YOU, NARUTO-KUN!!" Sakura screamed in ecstacy.

"I LOVE YOU TOO, SAKURA-CHAN!!" Naruto responded with a scream of his own.

With one last buck of their hips, Naruto's semen shot deep into Sakura as Sakura's fluids spilled out of her pussy. The tightness of Sakura's wet pussy made Naruto's orgasm last longer as five more spurts of his seed shot into her. The flood inside her prolonged Sakura's own orgasm.

Naruto collapsed on Sakura's chest and for a few minutes, they remained that way. After a few minutes, Naruto pulled out of Sakura and rolled over to the side while wrapping his arms around her waist, holding her closer to him.

"That was wonderful." said Naruto.

"Yeah." Sakura responded with a happy sigh.

She then got a devilish grin before saying, "Next time, I get to be on top."

Naruto grinned back and said, "As you wish, love."

With that, they fell asleep in each other's arms.


Just a few notes.

1. Kabuto was originally gonna be killed by Team Yamato during his capture before the Sasuke confrontation, but I didn't want to make them seem too ruthless, so I dropped that idea.

2. As NaruSaku is my favorite pairing, I'll be writing a sequel to this chapter, but it'll be a separate oneshot from this story.

3. Sasuke's death was more gory than I originally intended as he greatly angered me not too long ago. I used to just dislike him, but now I downright hate his guts. I like him as a villain, though. He's a lot better as a villain than as a good guy.

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