Well, here's the second chapter of my lemon oneshot collection.

This chapter takes place during Shippuden when Naruto first returns to Konoha with Jiraiya.

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It was a bright sunny day as Naruto Uzumaki and Jiraiya of the Three Legendary Sannin were both heading back to Konoha after their two and a half years of training.

"I can't wait to see everybody again and show them what I've learned." Naruto said in a joyful tone.

"Yeah, yeah, gaki. Just don't get too cocky about it." said Jiraiya dismissively.

Naruto gazed at Jiraiya with an annoyed look and replied, "You're one to talk, Ero-Sennin."

Jiraiya glared at Naruto and said, "Whatever...and for the last time, STOP CALLING ME THAT!!"

Naruto waved his hand dismissively and said, "Yeah, yeah, Ero-Sennin." He said the last part with a teasing emphasis.

Jiraiya merely huffed and muttered, "Damn gaki. There are times where I hate you so much."

Naruto just chuckled as they reached Konoha's gates. Kotetsu and Izumo were there to greet them. "Well well, if it isn't Naruto Uzumaki and Jiraiya of the Sannin. It's been a while." Izumo said.

Jiraiya said, "Hello, Izumo. How's Tsunade been?"

Kotetsu said, "Let's just say it's a wonder you were able to put up with Hokage-sama while she was your teammate, Jiraiya-sama."

Jiraiya chuckled and said, "I see," before turning to Naruto and saying, "All right, gaki. Go ahead and take a leisurely walk around the village and do some catching up while I go report to Tsunade."

"All right, catch you later, Ero-Sennin." Naruto said as he took off.

Jiraiya sighed loudly and muttered in an annoyed tone, "I really wish he would stop calling me that." With that, he went to give his report to Tsunade.

(With Naruto)

Naruto was enjoying his stroll around the village. So many familiar sights to see. He even noticed that they had added Tsunade's face to the Hokage Monument.

However, Naruto couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched.

All of a sudden and out of the blue, Naruto found himself on the ground as he was tackled hard. He scowled and turned around with a kunai in hand to fend off his attacker. However, he slightly paled as he saw a purple haired woman wearing a brown trenchcoat with a fishnet shirt that was quite revealing, along with an orange skirt just above where the fishnet ended slightly below her waist. It was Anko Mitarashi, who earned a reputation in Naruto's book as the psycho proctor from the Chuunin Exams. She grinned as she said, "Hello there."

He angrily yelled, "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ABOUT?!"

Anko merely smiled and said, "I was just welcoming my favorite gaki back to Konoha."

This, however, did not help Naruto's mood. "Then just say 'welcome back'. Don't get all creepy as usual. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MAKE YOU SO CREEPY?!" Naruto had no idea of the consequences of such a question.

Anko's close-eyed smile, along with her good mood, completely deteriorated as she glared at him with her eyes now full of rage. With a nasty snarl on her face, she shot snakes out of her sleeves to hold Naruto to the ground as she took a kunai in each hand and pointed them to his throat and crotch respectively.

Naruto gulped. It wasn't just his life that was at risk, but also his ability to reproduce. "O-o-o-o-o-o-okay. No need to get h-h-h-h-hasty."

Anko growled, "Shut up. You're just a Genin and Genin shouldn't overstep their boundaries, you BRAT!!" After a few moments of tense silence, she released him and took off in a hurry.

Naruto was confused. One second, Anko was about to kill and/or castrate him, and she takes off at the very next second. With that, he got up and decided to continue his stroll.

(A few minutes later)

Naruto was on the outskirts of the Forest of Death when he all of a sudden heard crying. It was definitely a female, but he couldn't put his finger on who it was. He decided to investigate as he ran through a thicket of trees. He came upon a clearing and he found the source of the crying, for there in the middle of the clearing was Anko Mitarashi herself, crying her eyes out.

Naruto hid behind a big tree and thought to himself, 'What happened? Was it what I said?'


Naruto started to pale. 'Is she talking about me? Oh no. I think I pissed her off too much.'


Naruto really paled at that last part of Anko's cries of anguish. That did it. He had to apologize and save his own skin. He came out of hiding and started to approach her.

"Anko, please, I'm sorry." He pleaded. However, she whipped around in surprise and chopped him in the neck, making him black out.

(A few hours later)

Naruto came to and found himself outside the tower in the center of the Forest of Death. He heard footsteps and turned around to see a majorly pissed Anko.

"Okay, gaki, you better have a hell of a good reason to be spying on me."

As the memory came back to mind, Naruto got down on his knees and started frantically apologizing. "I'm really sorry, Anko. Very very very very very very sorry. Please forgive me. Don't gut me and castrate me alive, PLEASE!!"

Anko grinned at his frantic state and let out a chuckle before saying, "Relax, gaki, I wasn't talking about you back there."

Naruto calmed down considerably and asked, "Well, who were you talking about then?"

Anko sneered and said, "My bastard sensei, Orochimaru."

Naruto responded, "Oh, well, in that case-" He stopped himself from taking back his apology before saying, "No. I truly am sorry for what I said to you, Anko. I was out of line. You were just happy to see me and I threw it in your face. Please forgive me."

Anko smiled and ruffled his hair and said, "You're forgiven, gaki. It's no problem. But..." She then glared as she finished, "...If you ever do it again, I really will castrate you alive, got it?"

Naruto nodded frantically, "Yeah, I got it."

Anko smiled again and said, "Good. Glad we're on the same page, kid."

Naruto thought, 'She really is crazy. I hate Orochimaru as much as the next Konoha Ninja, but the stuff she was saying...I wonder what happened between those two to make her that vehement about it.'

Anko noticed his thoughtful expression and asked, "Something on your mind, gaki?"

Naruto responded, "I'm almost afraid to ask, but what happened between you and Orochimaru to make you so dead-set on making him suffer as horribly as you were threatening?"

Anko sighed and said, "Well, he was the one I used to look up to the most. However, one day, he branded me with this. After that, he just decided I wasn't good enough for his twisted ambition. I remained loyal to the village. Yet they made it a point to treat me like dirt just for being his former student. It wasn't till after that when I became like I am now." Some tears made their way into her eyes as she said this.

Naruto looked down in guilt. From what he heard, he really brought up a sore spot when he asked what happened to make her act like she does. "I'm sorry. I didn't know. I have a pretty good idea how that made you feel. I was treated as an outcast my whole life by this village. I'm sure you know why. You're old enough to know." Anko nodded at that. "However, you had it easy in that you weren't called Demon Brat." Naruto said this with a voice and a face to let Anko know he's joking around.

Anko smiled and played along with it. "I can say the same for you and not being called Snake Bitch."

The two of them had a good laugh at that.

Naruto noticed that it was about time to hit the sack. It was already nightfall and he'd have to go and see Tsunade in the morning to give her greetings after two and a half years of no contact. He embraced her and Anko was shocked. She wasn't expecting this, but she returned the hug all the same. After a few seconds, they released each other and Naruto said, "Well, good night, Anko."

Anko grabbed his arm and said, "Wait."

He turned to her and asked, "What is it?"

Anko gave him a pleading look and said, "I don't want to be alone. Please spend the night."

Naruto nodded with a smile, "As you wish, Anko-chan."

Anko slightly blushed at the -chan suffix that was added to her name. "Thanks, Naruto-kun." She responded.

With that, they both walked into the tower.

(Near the tower's top floor)

"Ahh, here we are." Anko said as she led Naruto into a bedroom with two beds where they took off their respective footwear. "Take your pick, Naruto."

"I'll take the one on the right." Naruto responded as he stripped out of his orange and black jacket and his orange pants until he was in nothing but his green boxers. He flopped down on the bed, lying on his back.

Anko slightly sweatdropped. 'Well, he's certainly not the most modest of people.' She then smiled. 'Still, he's not such a bad guy. 'In fact, I think he might just be the one.' An evil smirk made its way onto Anko's face as she thought, 'Well, only one way to find out.'

With that, Anko slowly slipped her trench coat off, leaving her in her fishnet, which was quite revealing in the upper area without the trenchcoat covering it. Naruto's eyes widened as he saw this. Anko then unbuckled her skirt and slowly began to take off the fishnet, further exposing her body to his eyes. All that was left was a silky black bra and matching black silk panties.

Naruto thought he would die at the sight of this beauty. He was fighting to hold down an erection.

However, Anko took it to the next step as she flopped down on the bed right beside him, her eyes closed in contentment as she let out a sigh of relaxation.

Naruto's hormones were raging by this point, but he was putting every ounce of effort into not giving in to the massive temptation. 'No. I'm not Ero-Sennin. I can control myself.'

Anko smirked. 'I'm impressed. Anyone else would have tried something on the spot. Well, gaki, for your sake, you'd better not.'

After ten whole minutes of tense silence, Anko smiled and sat up to face Naruto. "Congratulations, kid. You pass."

Naruto was dumbfounded. "What do you mean?"

Anko gave him an honest smile and said, "You've shown more care and concern for me than anyone else. On top of that, you didn't try anything perverted in the ten minutes that I was vulnerable to such actions." With that, she locked lips with him in a passionate kiss that Naruto found himself returning. They pulled away after a few minutes and Anko continued, "Of course, if you had tried anything, I would have beaten you and left you to rot." Naruto gulped as she said that. Anko finished, "However, the point is that you didn't and I plan to reward you for your chivalry. Just lay back."

Naruto laid down on his back as instructed as Anko unclipped her bra and slipped it off, exposing her perfectly round and supple breasts to his eyes. This was Naruto's first time gazing at a female's bare upper body and he was feeling light-headed at the sight. She was beautiful.

Anko giggled at his expression. "Now for your reward, Naruto-kun. However, these must come off." She said as she pointed at Naruto's boxers. With that, she slowly slipped his boxers off and gazed upon his erect dick. She looked on in amazement at his size and hardness. Anko spotted a small bead of pre-cum leaking out of the slit on his tip. She took her finger and swiped it off before giving it a taste. She loved it and wanted more. She gave the tip a lick, eliciting a loud moan from Naruto. Anko smirked at that and then gave Naruto's dick a very slow lick from his balls all the way back to his tip, drawing out even louder moans of pleasure from him. She repeated that action five more times until his dick was slick with her saliva.

Naruto was in heaven as he felt Anko breathing all over his hard member. "Don't stop, Anko-chan!" He moaned out.

Anko smiled and opened her mouth and engulfed the head of his dick. Naruto moaned loudly as she began to suck. Anko then began to bob her head while taking him in deeper. Naruto bit his lip as the pleasure he was already feeling intensified. Anko sucked harder and bobbed her head faster as Naruto let out moans and yells of ecstacy. She felt his member harden further and knew what it must have meant.

"Anko-cha-OHHH...I'm gonna cum!!" Naruto moaned out loudly. With a final bob and suck, Naruto came hard into Anko's mouth, sending a rope of his hot cum down her throat. She pull out so that his dick rested inside her mouth. Anko stayed in place as she lightly suckled on his still pulsing member. She loved the unique taste of his sticky cum as four more loads shot into her mouth. When his dick stopped pulsing and releasing, she pulled it out of her mouth before swallowing the rest of his cum.

"Your seed tastes good, Naruto-kun." Anko purred as she gave his member a small stroke and nuzzled his cheek with her own, making him purr.

The very next second, they were flipped over, so that he was on top. "It's my turn now, Anko-chan." Naruto said with a smirk.

Anko smirked back and said, "Go for it."

Naruto smiled and started to kiss his way down her body starting at her neck, going over her breasts, down her slender stomach, and ending just above her panties. He slowly peeled them off and flung them to the side. He slowly spread her legs and gazed in wonder at her wet pussy. Naruto descended and gave it a nice long lick from the vagina all the way to the clit, eliciting a loud moan of pleasure from Anko.

"Naruto-kun!! Aaahhhh...More!!" Anko yelled out of immense pleasure.

Naruto obliged as he inserted his tongue into her pussy and licked it over and over, drawing out louder moans and yells of pleasure from her. He further stimulated her clit with his fingers, intensifying her pleasure at least tenfold. For at least ten minutes, he was eating her out, but then she felt it coming.

"Naruto-kun...I'm gonna cum!!" Anko moaned out. Naruto sucked on her pussy and gave her clit a small, but firm, pinch. That was all that was needed for Anko to find release. She screamed in ecstasy as she came into Naruto's mouth. Naruto did his best to catch her juices in his mouth and whatever he didn't get spilled over onto the bed. After Anko finished releasing, he gave her lower lips a big kiss as if they were the lips on her face. After that, he pulled away and saw Anko smirking as she flipped them back over, so she was on top again.

Anko lined her pussy with Naruto's dick and was about to slide down when he stopped her. "Wait, Anko-chan. Are you sure about this? I don't want you to do anything you might regret." He asked with nothing but sincerity in his eyes.

Anko was caught off-guard. She had never met anyone his age that was this mature. Just from the look in his eyes, Anko could tell that Naruto genuinely cared for her. Tears welled up in her eyes as she responded, "Y-y-yes, Naruto-kun. I want you and only you." She finished with a smile on her face. She wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck as she held him close while lowering her hips to engulf his dick in her warm wetness. It was her first time, so it hurt a little bit, but not too much as she had lost her hymen to intense Kunoichi training long ago.

Naruto felt like he had gone to heaven just as soon as his hard member was engulfed in her hot flesh. His waist had gone numb from the feeling. Both of them let out a loud moan of pleasure at the sensation.

"Is something wrong, Anko-chan?" Naruto asked when he saw some tears in her eyes.

Anko responded, "Not at all, Naruto-kun. It's just this is my first time and I'm glad it's with you."

Naruto couldn't believe it. Anko was the last person he would have expected to be a virgin. However, it made sense. She was hated by the village, same as him. Not to mention the trust issues that would likely take root with Orochimaru's betrayal. "Well, I have a bigger reason to kill that snake bastard now. He'll pay for what he did to your life."

Anko got more tears in her eyes as she heard this and locked lips with the young blond as she began to ride his member up and down. Returning the kiss, Naruto gripped her hips and assisted in her motions. Naruto started to buck his own hips, making Anko moan into the kiss they were sharing. The kiss lasted for five more minutes before they broke it. Naruto brought his head up and seized Anko's left breast, taking the nipple into his mouth as he suckled it. Anko let out a moan of bliss as he did this. After a few moments, he switched to the other breast, not wanting it to feel left out. Naruto took his right hand off her waist and brought it to her clit while keeping his left hand on the task of aiding Anko's bouncing. He gave her clit a small pinch, causing Anko to emit a scream of passion.

"Oh, Naruto-kun!! That feels so GOOD!!" Anko moaned loudly. She began to pick up the pace of her bouncing and soon, they were both moaning and yelling in ecstacy. The room was filled with the sound of their moaning and the sound of their sweat covered flesh slapping together. They were both lost in the pleasure of their love-making. After five more minutes, they could both feel their impending climaxes approaching.

"NARUTO-KUN, I LOVE YOU!!" Anko screamed in immense pleasure and ecstacy

"I LOVE YOU TOO, ANKO-CHAN!!" Naruto let out a pleasure filled scream of his own.

With that, they both came with a loud moan. Anko's inner walls clamped down on Naruto's hard member as her juices shot out and covered his waist, soaking her bed in the process. The tightness of Anko's walls made Naruto' s dick shoot rope after rope of hot sticky cum in forceful spasms. He emptied ten loads of his cum into her as their orgasms prolonged each other.

When their orgasms and the pleasure they were feeling subsided, Anko collapsed onto Naruto's chest with him still inside her, reveling in the afterglow of their love-making. They were both panting from the exhaustion they felt from the activity. After a few minutes like that, she slid off of Naruto and onto the side. "That was fantastic." Anko said with a happy sigh.

Naruto responded, "It sure was."

Anko told him, "I truly do love you, Naruto-kun."

Naruto faced Anko and said, "As do I, Anko-chan. Now come here." He finished as he embraced her. She embraced him back and held him against her. They fell asleep in each other's arms with faces that couldn't look happier.


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