Josie's POV

Okay...well...over the summer I talked to my mom a lot about my dad. The two of us became really close and talk about everything now. I finished school and had my own personal graduation. Now this is where it gets interesting. My mom started dating this guy...and they are getting married in December which is 3 months away. The guy she is marrying seems really nice. His name is Fred and he has 7 kids. I am not sure if I really like that part though. I mean...7 kids...thats a lot. Anyway, 3 of them are boys and the other 4 are obviously girls. Their names in age order are Meghan (17), Anna (17), Samantha or Sam (16), Nicole (16), Andrew (13), Paul (7) and John (5). As you can tell, Meghan and Anna are twins as well as Sam and Nicole. I get along with the girls pretty well considering the fact that we are pretty close in age. Also I love little Johnny. He is so cute and he is starting kindergarten this year. The girls and Andrew are going to go to Blake Holsey High while Paul and John are at Blake Holsey Elementary School. I will be attending Blake Holsey College along with all of my other high school friends. We all got full time scholarships considering the fact we practically saved the world from Avenier.

What happened with the schools was, Blake Holsey High was torn down and relocated right across the street. In the place the high school once was is the college. The Elementary school is next to the high school. Hopefully that clears everything up.

School starts tomorrow for all of us and I cannot wait to see everyone. I already plan to join the college science club which Professor Z, or as we call him...Z, will be incharge of. They are going to combine the high school and college science clubs into one and it will be at the college. I know that my almost step-sisters are going to join. Those four are literaly my best friends. I am not crazy about them becoming part of my family but I am sure it will be fine.


"UGH! I hate waking up early."


"Who's calling my name?"

"It's ME!! JOHNNY!!"

"Hey buddy. What are you doing here?"

"Daddy said that you are bring us to school today! Remember?", he squealed

"Oh yeah. I remember." I laughed saying this.

John is so cute and excited very easily.

"Hey Josie!" The girls said in unison.

"Hey, you ready for your first day at 'Black Hole High'?"

"Haha...very funny", joked Anna who was not a morning person.

"I want to go back to sleep too Anna but we have our first day and can't be 'sick' today", Laughed Nicole

"You are so gonna regret saying that to her", Chuckled Sam

"Oh will you stop it already? NONE of us want to go to school so let it drop", Screamed Meghan causing the room to go dead silent. Meghan was never one to yell at anyone so everyone was shocked.

About 3 minutes later John broke the silence saying "I want to go to school! I don't know what you are talking about."

I had to say something at this point so I was like, "Alright, I am the oldest in this room and I have just one thing to say...Where's Paul??"

As soon as I said it...guess who came running in? If you guessed were right.

"Hey everyone...what's going on in here? I heard screaming." Paul said innocently.

"Nothing Pauly. Take John and get breakfast.", Anna told him.

"Yeah yeah can't tell me what to do you know."

"Lose your little seven year old attitude right now or I am going to tell dad!", Screamed Nicole.

"Whatever...I just want to go to school...", John cried

"Yeah...okay. Well, the thing is...if you people don't get out of my room so i can get ready, I won't be able to bring OUT!!", Screamed Josie

They all left so Josie could get ready for her first day of college.

Josie's POV

This day is going to be awesome. I can't wait to see Corrine, Marshall, Lucas and Vaughn again...well...especially Vaughn as you most likely already know. Well, anyway, i need to get ready and then drop those kids off.