Chapter 24

Corrine and I finally finished making dinner. The boys came back and sat Z down in the living room.

"So what did you boys buy today? Anything interesting? Hmmmm?" Corrine asked and I rolled my eyes at her.

"Who's hungry?" I asked before anyone had the chance to even consider answering Corrine. Everyone said yes and we moved to the small dining room. There was a fairly nice size table in there so we all, the whole, large, insane group of us, sat down. "Corrine and I will get the menus so we can decide what to order."

Once I got into the kitchen, with Corrine following me, we just added a small bit of soy sauce. I grabbed the food and Corrine grabbed the dishes and silverware.

"You ready for this Jos?" She asked me.

"I guess we have no choice, do we?"

"let's go then.."

We walked into the dining room with the food. I've never seen Z so surprised. It was truly an amazing feeling. He really did feel like a father to me and seeing him happy made me feel different than I used to. I felt like I had a real family with all of these people. I felt like I had a real home. Suddenly, the memories and pain of everything that ever went wrong in my life vanished. I was here, with my friends, living in the moment, thinking of the future, and just loving life. We sat down and ate. Z commented more than once about how fabulous the meal was. He had seconds…and thirds…and heck, he even had fourths! It was nice to know that we did so well with the meal.

"You guys are amazing. What made you do this though?" Z asked, causing me to drop my thoughts.

"We just wanted to say thanks…for bringing us here and everything. You've been really great to all of us and we just wanted to do something special for you." Lucas said.

"Speaking of which…we have something for you." Marshall said as he ran out of the room. He returned with Z's ukulele.

"Oh wow! Is that…for me?" Z asked shocked.

"Yeah…it definitely is." We all smiled.

Z started playing it and well sat around. We were having such a blast. Nothing, and I mean nothing, could ruin this moment. Or so I thought… Suddenly, as we were sitting there, a dinosaur came crashing in the room! We tried to run but we were trapped…and that's how the story ends. Dinosaurs returned and took over our world. Humans became extinct.

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