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Epilogue: Heading for the Sun


The door to Edward's room burst open. "Ready for school, Bella?" Alice trilled, grinning at me.

I made a face. "No."

She laughed and hauled me out of bed, away from Edward. "Hey..." I protested as she dragged me into her room. Images of a makeover that I definitely didn't want danced through her head. Along with it was a vision she'd seen of me walking down the hall next to Edward in jeans and some sort of be-dazzled top. I had to admit I didn't look bad, but I glared at her as she tossed them to me and ordered me to put them on.

I quickly shrugged into the jeans (way too tight) and the top (way too flashy), eager to find Edward again, and headed for the door.

"Not yet!" Alice said, pulling me backwards and attacking my hair with a curling iron.

One too many minutes later, she was done. I glanced at myself in the mirror, liking what I saw. My hair looked pretty, done up in curls like this. "Thanks, Alice," I grumbled reluctantly as I left the room.

"I knew you'd like it!" she called as she skipped after me, grinning away. She was already dressed, of course, in jeans and a top similar to mine.

As I wandered slowly down the stairs, it suddenly hit me that in less than an hour, I was going to be surrounded by humans for six hours straight. My breathing became shallow and uneven and I stopped walking. Alice slammed into me, but I didn't move from the step.

"Bella, you'll be okay!" she said, immediately guessing what I was feeling and hugging me tightly. "We'll be here for you." She pulled me down the last few stairs and through the hall.

Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper were waiting for us in the kitchen, and I suddenly felt myself calm down. I shot Jasper a grateful look and he grinned back.

"Good morning," Esme said pleasantly, breezing into the room, a warm smile on her face. She kissed each of our cheeks in turn, hugging me extra tightly.

We stood in the kitchen, comparing class schedules and talking quietly. I tried half-heartedly to join in the conversation, but I couldn't stop worrying about what would happen at school.

My foot tapped nervously, and my teeth clenched harder on my lip. Edward squeezed my hand, sending me unspoken reassurances that somehow calmed me more than Jasper. But it still wasn't enough.

Edward checked his watch. "School starts in twenty minutes," he said, looking around the room.

"Are we taking two cars?" Emmett asked. "There's not enough room in the Volvo for all of us."

"I'll sit in your lap," Rosalie purred to him, smirking. Emmett grinned back, and I tried desperately to block out their thoughts. I gave Edward a pained glance, and he responded with a similar one.

Alice wrinkled her nose. "How about not," she suggested.

"We'll take two cars." Edward made the final decision, grabbing his keys and tossing another set to Rosalie.

"We're going with you," Jasper told Edward and I, tugging Alice's hand forward.

"I don't blame you," Edward said, taking my hand and leading me out the door. We both winced, having to hear the thoughts running through Emmett's head, which were definitely not G-rated. Or even PG-13, for that matter.

Edward held the passenger door of the Volvo open for me.

"Why does she get shotgun?" Alice whined, but I knew she didn't really care.

"I like her more," Edward said, somehow managing to grin at me and pull out of the driveway at the same time, going a speed so high I preferred not to know. I rolled my eyes, but grinned stupidly back.

"Are you ready for this?" We were roaring down the road, and I was staring at my lap nervously, despite the calm Jasper was trying to send towards me.

He still drove fast. He'd been trying to teach me, but I hadn't yet gotten the hang of it. Every time I pushed past 80 I lost control of the car and couldn't turn very well, which of course was problematic. I stuck to letting Edward drive.

This school looked a little like the one in Forks, just as small. Once again, the shiny silver Volvo stuck out in the sea of old trucks. Just then Rosalie's red convertible pealed into the parking lot and stopped next to us, causing several heads to turn.

Edward rolled his eyes, muttered something that sounded like "show-off" while Alice laughed quietly in the back seta. He pulled the keys out of the ignition and I stepped out of the car.

The air smelled like humans, like blood. It wasn't strong yet, but it was enough to draw the venom into my teeth, for it to collect in my mouth. I shook my head, trying to clear it.

Edward took my hand, leading me towards the school, Alice and Jasper close behind. Rosalie and Emmett were busy in her car, doing who knows what.

As soon as we entered the building, I was hit with the scents, the sweet delicious scents, and the thoughts. They were everywhere, from every direction.

...my first class? Room 104?...

Who're the new kids?

...wish I'd brought another sweater...

...those girls are hot...

Which floor is...

...those guys are gorgeous...

...forgot my lunch...

It was dizzying, overwhelming. I felt unsteady on my feet, but Edward wrapped his arm around me to hold me still. It distracted me from the smell of their blood, but not enough to make me feel like this would be okay.

Edward led me towards our first class. I hadn't even taken out my classes list, but he had memorized our schedules and the whole floor plan of the school. He'd managed to get us every class together, which was extremely helpful. He would be there to hold me back, to keep me focused.

The thoughts of humans were entertaining. As the teacher mumbled out a lecture about a subject I was sure I already knew, I listened to the people around me. Most of their thoughts were on us, very few actually paying attention to the lesson.

...gorgeous, are they related?

I think they're dating.

Why is their skin so pale?

...I have no idea what this teacher is talking about...

...she looks so scared! Probably nervous...

...hungry. When's lunch?

I smirked.

Suddenly Edward placed his hand on my knee, causing me to jump, then giggle slightly.

The teacher's gaze jumped to me, shooting me a disapproving look. "Do you know the answer, Ms..." He checked his list, "Cullen?" I blinked- it was strange being referred to as a Cullen. But I liked it.

I had no idea of the question, but the answer was stated clearly in his thoughts. I fed it back to him, changing a few words. I realized that reading minds would be especially helpful with schoolwork.

The teacher was surprised. "Very good." He continued talking, I continued to not listen.

I glared at Edward. "Thanks," I said sarcastically, my voice too low for anyone around me to hear.

"You're quite welcome," he replied cheerfully, his voice equally low.

By lunch, the scent of the people had dulled slightly, I was getting used to it. It wasn't as tempting now, since I'd been forced to smell it for three hours straight.

I sat with the rest of the Cullens- my siblings. We each carried a tray, with as little food on it as possible.

People were already beginning to peg us as weird.

...do they not eat?

Why don't they have any food?

I bet they're all anorexic. That's why they're so pale...

I wasn't sure what paleness had to do with eating disorders, but I ignored their thoughts. I was content, sitting there, listening to Alice tell some story about a girl who told her she looked like a fairy.

Suddenly a girl walked by, shaking out her long blonde hair flirtatiously, obviously meant for Edward to notice. The scent hit me hard. It was sweet and strong, and calling to me.

I jumped up, and not subtly. People stared at me, and Edward hand was suddenly gripping my wrist, preventing me from moving any further.

"Bella, what are you doing?" Rosalie asked, rolling her eyes. The smell was gone now, just a mist of its remnants hanging in the air.

I sat back down. "I saw a bug," I said loudly for the benefit of the humans around me. I took a deep breath. I'd been this close to losing it, right here in front of all these people.

"Have you begun to regret this yet?" Edward murmured in my ear, almost sadly. He still held my arm, just as a precaution.

I took a deep breath, inhaling his scent and feeling better again. "No, actually. Not at all."

It was the truth- this was what I had wanted, and I knew if I had to do it all over, I would choose this again.

He kissed my lightly on the lips, making me forget the smell of all the humans surrounding me, making me melt against him. I smiled softly, closed my eyes.

"I love you," I whispered.


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