Summary- Konoha is given one chance to fix things, but their solution may be the problem

Summary- To Kenpachi, this kid he was assigned to watch was annoying. She was a trouble-making brat who would cheat, lie, and steal just to live.

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A/N: My opinion of how Kenny and Rukia met.




Kenpachi glared at the rather bouncy child. He had just joined the 13 Court Guard Squads and this was the first mission he got. Babysitting some brat that happened to run into a soul reaper, Captain Urahara, when she was stealing this whole ton of food and running faster than hell.

How annoying.

She looked barely 13, and for once he wished he had his pink-haired two-year-old unofficially adopted daughter, even though he'd never in a million years admit it, with him.

She was undergoing some test.

Meanwhile, he was stuck here with some brat who made him full ready to kill himself, or her, named Rukia.

Well, at least she wasn't boring him.

What with the fact that she was, literally, bouncing off the walls.

It was kinda funny.


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