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AN1: Liz hater vid on YouTube has inspired me to get off my ass about writing this.

AN2(months later): Man I haven't been able to watch Jason on screen in months, he has never sucked as much as he has with Liason.

Started writing this right after the whole Diego bridge thing went down, so Michael was never shot. The rest you'll figure out as you go.


"Good morning Mr. Quartermaine," a chipper nurse's voice greeted him.

"Morgan," he mumbled through the blur of his drowsiness, used to occasionally being greeted as such by a new nurse who knew he was Monica's son. Or maybe it was that, he had once been her son, he couldn't blame her, after Emily, for hating him.

"Morgan," she repeated back to him, "your wife will be relieved you've finally decided to rejoin us, she went home to check on your boys and shower."

Liz, he happily thought, then scolded himself for having it, he should correct her, he would in a second, he just needed to close his eyes for a second…


"Jason," was the soft whisper with a hand placed on his arm.

He tried to burrow under the pillow.

"Hey Jase," was next in a forceful tone and a shove against his shoulder.

He was surprisingly achy. He couldn't quite remember why though.

"Took you long enough," Brenda was smirking over him, "I was beginning to think you were never waking up."

"Don't you know it's rude to wake someone up," he grumbled with their normal bickering flare.

"Rudder to leave everyone worrying about you for over half a day, you've slept long enough."

He frowned trying to remember.

"How are you feeling?" she asked as she always eventually remembered to.

"Tired," he admitted and was about to question why that was as she stood. "Wow," was all he could say as a large belly came into view.

She smirked, "Good to know your witty personality is still intact."

"What happened?"

She frowned briefly, but replaced it with a smile almost immediately, "Really hope you're not talking about this," she pointed at her belly, "because-"

"Brenda," he softly silenced her, appreciating on one level her waiting to spare him whatever pain was awaiting him, but whatever it was he needed to know.

"Jason," her voice lost all false enthusiasm as she shook her head.

"Just tell me," he calmly ordered.

Her eyes connected with his.

"Dr. Smith's just checked in, he said he should be here in a half hour."

She turned back, her eyes still lost in pain, to the nurse who had interrupted them, "Thank you," she nodded."

The nurse smiled, "Anything I can get for you Mr. Qua-" she paused for a second and her smile grew brighter, "Morgan?"

He could see out of the corner of his eye, Brenda's perturbed expression. Her eyes remained trained on the nurse as he responded with a quick, "No thank you."

She turned slowly to him as the nurse walked out of the room, still with the unsure expression. He wondered if she thought he'd throw a fit as he used to when being labeled a Quartermaine.

"What's wrong?"

"That nurse-" her finger pointed at the door as she remained studying him.

"She must know Monica," he explained.

"Mo-" she halfway nodded with the stunned expression.

"It's alright, it happens every once in awhile."

She nodded again, "I need to go make some calls," she said with an air of distance.

"Are you sure you're okay?" he suspiciously viewed her stomach.

A hand dropped down, almost stunned for that too, as if she'd forgotten her own condition. "Yea, no," she shook her head, "I just need-" she shook her head, "I'll be back."

He wanted to yell out after her, 'What happened?' but a quiet Brenda scared him more than any uncertainness of what had happened twelve hours ago.

He let his head slacken against the pillows seconds after her departure and closed his eyes hopeful someone would come with answers soon enough, hopeful that person would be Liz.


"Hey man, you up?"

His eyes sprung open for that, for that voice, praying it wouldn't be the person associated with that tone, clueless as to how it could be that person. It was for naught.

Shorter by an inch with nearly every other characteristic the same as his on paper.

Biological half-brother, most in common physically, yet the one with whom there had never been any connection aside from pity and disgust.

Standing before him with his arm in a sling, a scrape on the side of his face along with bruising, navy sweatpants, gray zip up hoodie, not at all the suit he had been buried in.

"Jase?" the question tinged with worry.

How he ended up in the hospital bed, much clearer upon seeing AJ.

"Jason?" he repeated with his head tilted to the side.

"How are you not dead?" he wished he had tested out the extent of his injuries.

Another confused look, a look of chagrin, "I gotta admit, I did think that rock," he touched the abrasions on the side of his face, "was going to do me in. I didn't think you saw that."

Jason frowned trying to remember.

"How are you feeling?" AJ took another step closer, relieved that Jason had finally reacted. "Where's Brenda? I would have thought she beat us here."

He was not about to be distracted. Why couldn't he remember how AJ wasn't dead? How much time had he lost? Paralyzed then murdered. How could he come back from that? "You're dead," you couldn't come back from that, everything he had ever known told him that.

AJ frowned, "Jase," he looked at his brother.

"Stop calling me that."

"What?" completely perplexed at this point, he expected Jason to be upset after last night, but lashing out…

"Jase, like we're friends or something, answer me now, why are you still alive?"

His head shook in confusion and annoyance, "What the hell are you talking about Jason?" His head shook again, "Friends? We're brothers."

"WE ARE NOT BROTHERS," his voice firm, just slightly below a yell that would bring the whole hospital staff running.

"What the hell," AJ's eyes shot directly to Jason's.

"I was there when you broke your back, Michael was there when Thomas killed you."

AJ's mouth opened, his face paled, Jason have expected him to disappear into a ghost and fade into the background as this nightmare ended, a replay of what it had been to wake up that first time with someone like him as a brother.

"Who the hell did you pay off?" Jason screamed, filled with a fury he had been waiting to unleash for years, but AJ's death had robbed him of.

Horror, shock as AJ shook his head. "No," he shook his head more, his eyes closed, "not again, this can't be…"

"AJ!" he had no time for his games, he needed answers and he needed them now.

Blue eyes opened in continued dismay.


"I came home when you got your memory back, four years ago."

Jason's mouth opened to refute the liar's claims as he remembered Brenda's expression as the nurse switched from Quartermaine to Morgan.

"Oh god," AJ looked like he was going to be sick.

Jason waited to wake up.

The door opened slowly, Jason's mouth fell further to the floor. Sweet brown eyes, a tender smile; the sister he had failed. "Oh god Jason," tears welled up in the eyes he missed so desperately, he wanted to wake up now, he couldn't bear to dream of her and then awake to her being gone again. She rushed in past AJ and threw two winter jackets onto the chair. "I was so scared I'd never see you again," she cried as her body covered her brother's and he felt himself, despite himself, clutching her to him, trying to take in a deep breath of her, trying to seal in forever what she felt like alive, instead of that unnatural stillness, the limpness of her body. He clutched her even tighter.

"I was so scared, so scared we'd never have this again."

So this was it, this was death. Life did go on after the body. Brenda…Diego must have found her, Brenda's betrayal of his family, probably a far greater sin than Emily's relation to him. He ached over that. Emily though, Emily made up for AJ.

"I'm sorry," he cried clutching her, "I'm so sorry."

"No," she pulled back, boring brown eyes into blue, both red and filled with tears. "This was not your fault. We had no idea-"

"I should have never left you alone," he cut her off.

"Oh god," the groan from the figure that had collapsed upon the jackets on the chair caused Emily to tilt slightly towards it as she stared at her other brother in confusion.

"What are you talking about Jason?"

AJ spoke first, "He doesn't…Oh god, he…Ask him his name Em."

"What's he talking about Jase?"


"He doesn't remember getting his memory back, he doesn't remember being our brother!" AJ once more cut him off.

"You what?" her head tilted as she looked at him in confusion. "No," she shook her head, "what did the doctor say?"

"He hasn't come in yet," Jason whispered in defeat, he had awoken the wrong person again, he had failed her again, wasn't the brother she deserved, wanted.

The door swung open quickly, Brenda's still large eyes viewing the scene before her, knowing that simple name had meant everything she feared it did.

"Bren, he-" AJ said bounding to his feet.

"I know," she nodded at Jason, "Kevin's on his way. Everything will be fine," she nodded and reassured herself. "The kids are outside, I need you to tell them you're fine and everything's going to be fine, they're already a mess, if they don't see you-"

"Hey wait you two," Alice's booming voice could be heard from behind Brenda and Brenda stepped back just in time to allow to zooming figures past her.

They moved in a blur, two figures under four feet, a sandy blonde and a light brown both with short hair.

"Daddy!" they cried nearly in unison and they flung themselves at him for hugs, which he readily bestowed upon them, unable to deny them, despite his confusion.

"See guys," Brenda said walking towards them with a bright smile, her earlier fear nearly completely hidden, he turned to see AJ and Emily had also pasted on fake smiles and dried their eyes, "I told you he was fine."

They viewed her warily and turned back to him to study him, giving him a chance to study them, flipping between their features. They looked like brothers, like he and AJ did. Their features slightly different, the sandy blonde looked upon him with blue eyes versus his brother's hazel.

"I'm fine," he promised them.

"Promise?" the blonde questioned.

"Yea," he nodded.

The brown headed boy, regarded AJ with a frown and Jason decided he liked him, "That looks like it hurts." He pointed at the bruise and scrape alongside AJ's face.

"Just a little Gar," AJ smiled at his nephew, "you know what would make it feel better?"

"Oooh I know the answer that one," Emily teased.

"We're too old for kisses," the blonde headed boy exclaimed with a violent shake of his head as Jason wondered if that truly was Jake. If so where was Elizabeth?

"You're never too old for kisses," AJ leaned down and tickled his nephew with one hand. "Come on," he tilted his injured cheek towards him after a few squeals.

The young boy looked desperately towards Emily, who smiled at him, "He's not going to let you go till you give in."

He gave an exacerbated sigh and kissed his uncle's cheek.

"Next up," he leaned across the bed to his more complacent nephew. Gar, Jason tried out the name in his head as another kiss was bestowed. "Now I don't suppose I can talk Mommy into-" he swaggered towards Brenda.

"In your dreams," she laughed at him.

"Gotta try," he chuckled and walked away.

"You boys are probably crushing your father," Alice said chastising the boys as she walked towards the bed clutching their neglected winter coats.

Mommy. That name rolled around Jason's head, nearly blocking everything else out. Mommy. Brenda was Mommy. Their Mommy. He was their…

"Jacob, Garrett," she nodded at them.

Jake…Jason studied the boy again and then realized they were both pleading with them.

"Hey guys," Brenda said stepping in as she saw Jason's face, "Alice is going to take you over to Pop's."

"We're s'posed to call him Great-Grandfather," Jake dutifully informed Brenda. Jason really didn't like the sound of that.

She rolled her eyes, "And you're supposed to call me Her Royal Highness, Queen of all that is good and wonderful and that has yet to happen," she smirked at the young boy.

"I don't wanna leave Daddy," the youngest boy said suddenly clingy after the tensions of the last day, he burrowed in next to his father and wrapped his arm as best he could across Jason's chest, the other trying to find it's way in past the mattress supporting Jason's back.

Jason wrapped his arms around the boy, he didn't remember knowing, he wanted to know him though. It wasn't familiar, but the action felt right. "I'm okay," he reassured the boy.

"When are you coming home?" the scared voice question.

He slipped into the role, the confident father that had been with the boys for years, instead of the stranger that only knew one of the boys as an infant, "I don't know. The doctor needs to check me out, so you need to go with Alice for awhile."

"Why?" Jake questioned. "You stay with us for Dr. Bev."

"And how much do you hate having to go see Dr. Bev?" Brenda poked his side.

"We can wait," the eldest boy adamantly decided for the pair and crossed his arms ready to settle in for the fight.

"Hey how about you go to Pop's and you can help Cook make Daddy some lunch and maybe a few cookies for the rest of us?" Emily said with a reassuring smile.

"Yea," AJ nodded with all of his normal cockiness, "you know there is someone else injured in the room and he could really go for some crazy chocolate cookie, maybe with M&M's or Hershey Kisses in them."

The littlest one lifted his head a bit for that one.

"I am kind of hungry," Jason urged his sons on.

"It's okay Jake," Brenda once more promised her stepson as he continued to warily view them.

"I'm fine," Jason as well promised.

"Lunch?" he questioned.

"Lunch," Jason promised.

"Yea come on guys, we need to clear out so the good doc can come in and fix your dad up," AJ nodded at his nephews as he once more approached the bed. "Now I've only got one arm so who wants a ride down to the car."

Garrett immediately jumped up, catching Jason's ribs in the process.

"Oooh careful," Brenda winced along with the rest of the room over the action and Jason decided he probably wasn't in any shape to take out AJ at the moment.

"Geez man," AJ said scooping the young boy who had bounded across his father in an attempt to beat out his brother, up into his arms, "we don't step on you. Kiss your parents goodbye," he shifted the boy with a swinging ease showing he was used to manhandling the boy.

"Bye Dad," the boy smiled as he steadied himself on the bed before kissing his dad.

"And Mom," AJ said as he tried to swing the boy up again.

Emily chuckled as she helped to verticize her nephew.

"Bye sweetie," she touched her son's cheek.

"Bye Mom."

"You too Bud," Emily said with a hand on her nephew's back.

"Fine," he pouted at Brenda, "bye."

"Give your dad a kiss," she gently ordered.

He turned, "Bye Dad."

"Bye Jake."

Blue eyes stared for a moment, "Lunch?"

"I promise."

"K," he nodded, "lunch," he repeated as he leaned in for a kiss. "I love you," he whispered.

"I love you too," Jason responded softly as he felt his heart rise up to his throat.

"I love you too MB," he said throwing himself at Brenda, wrapping himself around her as best he could.

"I love you too baby," she said pulling him closer and kissing the top of his head.

He smiled and pulled back, placing a hand on her stomach where he's just been kicked from, "You too Tig."

"Don't forget Roo!" Garrett called out as he swung in his uncle's grasp.

"Where's Roo?" He looked up brightly at Brenda, the earlier panic forgotten.

"I think over here," she said moving his hand across her belly.

"Love you too Roo."

"If you love them," Brenda smiled, "you'd hurry up on that cookie making."

Them. Plural meaning two. Jason wasn't feeling so good.

"K," he leaned in quickly, "love you he repeated."

"I'll walk with you guys," Emily said scooping up the coats she had tossed on the armchair.

"AJ do you want to," Brenda said pushing off the bed she was half sitting, half leaning on.

"Go with the boys, I figured," he nodded.

"Thanks," she apologetically smiled.

He shook his head, "See you later."

"Come along young man," Alice said extending her hand to the young boy remaining on the bed, shifting their coats to her other hand.

"I wanna jump," he sighed annoyed with her for stopping him.

"I don't think so, there has been enough injury in this family to last us some time."

"But Al-"

She cut off his whining by quickly tossing him under her arm, just as AJ did Garrett. "Feel better Jason," she nodded at him.

"Alice, I can walk," the little boy loudly sighed as he was carted out of the room, struggling but failing to get her to give.

"I'm gonna," Emily said lifting hers and AJ's coats and nodding.

"We'll be here," Brenda nodded back.

"I'm not going to wake up from this am I?" he questioned after a moment of silence once the door had shut leaving them alone again.

"Fraid not Jase."


AN3: So I'm not a big fan of slang, not being used in my notes or in the dialogue, but what works better than verticize. :-P Kinda cocky, kinda lazy, kinda great to describe an AJ movement.

AN4: Real sorry if that was confusing. Hopefully that will get cleared up with the next chapter, but it was meant to be kinda confusing because Jason is MASSIVELY confused (and Garrett's name, yes it was meant to be like Barrett :-P).

AN5: Seriously I can't stand my writing style at the moment, but I hate all the past stuff too and others don't, so if it sucked I'm sorry, I truly can't tell. :-P