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Hot Chocolate

It was 5 in the morning. Most, no everyone at the Hyuuga Household was asleep. Fast asleep. That was until…



Her friends told her that it was a bad idea becoming too close to a loud-mouthed, blonde idiot. And she just had to ignore them, didn't she?!

She yawned as she heard her cousin's bedroom door unlocking followed by grumbling "Stupid door… stupid Naruto… stupid cousin… stupid cat ready to atta- OWW!!"

She sighed and reluctantly rose from her bed and opened her door to find her cousin, the 'genius', the 'prodigy' wrestling a cat.

"Wha-" She was cut short.

"Don't ask. Just open the door to that baka" She nodded, biting her lip to prevent her from smiling.

She skipped down to the marble floor and opened the huge double doors, to find Naruto grinning widely at her.


"Umm….hi Naruto-Kun! Can I ask why you're here at 5 in the morning?" she asked timidly.

"Well, I couldn't sleep! So I decided that I would call for you!"

"I was asleep Naruto-Kun!"

"Not anymore!"

"My entire family was asleep Naruto-Kun!"

"Oh!! Well… can I have some hot chocolate?"

Are you serious?! He calls to my door at 5 in the bloody morning asking for hot chocolate!? Say no! Say no!

Wow! I didn't know I had an inner!

Well you do! Get used to it- Sakura did! Say no!

"Sure, Naruto-Kun!" She smiled

Oh sweet Mother above…

"THANK YOU!!" He screamed.

"Naruto-Kun! Could you please be a bit quieter?!" She winced

Hanabi walked slowly over to Naruto glaring at him, carrying an armless teddy with half an ear and one eye.

"SHUT UP!!" She yelled

"Hanabi! You shouldn't be up. Please go up to bed!" Ordered Hinata

She walked up the stairs, still slowly, and glanced back at Naruto, who cheekily stuck his tongue out at her. Ready to protest, Neji called her from upstairs.

Naruto ran over to Hinata, who was in the kitchen making his hot chocolate.

"Wow Hinata!! This is great!" He complimented after she handed him a cup.

She blushed and put down her own cup. "Thank you, Naruto-Kun!"

"Umm… Hinata?"

"Yes, Naruto-Kun?"

"You have chocolate around your mouth."

"Oh, thanks Naruto-Kun" She wiped the side of her mouth

"Its not there," he whispered, getting closer. "I'll get it for you"

He bent down and captured her lips. She was surprised at first, but then relieved him by kissing back. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he responded by wraping his arms around her waist.

"OH MY GAARA! I KNEW YOU HAD A BOYFRIEND HINATA-CHAN!" Shrieked Hanabi, who had innocently come down the stairs for an innocent glass of milk.

Hinata went crimson.

Naruto grinned sheepishly.

Hanabi laughed.

Neji -who had just innocently come down the stairs for an innocent glass of water- was pissed. "If I wasn't extremely tired right now, you would be dead" He stated, face emotionless.

Hinata smiled at Naruto. "I think you better go now!"

"Yeah! I wish Neji wasn't always a moody Michael!" He laughed

"Run Uzamaki. Run"

Naruto screamed and ran out the door as Hinata wondered what lavender-eyed, blonde children would look like.

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