Title: At the End of Time

Day/Theme: January 1st - this universe we cannot control

Series: Touka Gettan

Character/Pairing: Touka/Momoka

Rating: PG

Notes: Set during the end of episode 1


She is foreign and yet familiar.

Her smile lights up her entire face and Touka wonders why he is unable to move.

She is unrefined and yet beautiful.

Her mouth is moving; words of confession pour out and Touka wonders why his heart beats a little faster.

She moves to hold him close and yet he doesn't stop her.

Her eyes shine with hope and Touka wonders why he suddenly wants to ask if she would like to see fireflies.

She is kissing him and yet he doesn't mind.

Her name is Momoka and Touka wonders why he remembers this name.

She is crying and yet he wipes away the tears.

Her hand is holding his and Touka wonders where she has been all this time.