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Summary: Kagome's a physical therapist and Inuyasha is the man that got paralyzed saving his friends life.Kagome was promoted and now has to take care of a rude hanyou.Just when she thought she could keep her secrets,Inuyasha proves he isnt the only one needing therapy.

Title: Incurable Therapy

Chapter One: Cursed


Beep! Beep! Beep!

Twenty-five year old Inuyasha Takahashi growled in irritation, baring his pearly white fangs. His silver ears twitched on his head, long silver hair sprawled across the king sized bed. Inuyasha's clawed hand reached out for the clock and his the top. Shutting up the ruckus.

He sat up, shaking his bangs out his face, then looked around his super huge room. Inuyasha looked beside him and huffed. Beside him was suppose to be his so-called wife, but what was new? She was always gone.

Inuyasha stood, stretched, then went to go take a hour long shower. After that he got dressed, then he went downstairs where his phone was ringing. He walked over to it and snatched it off the hook,


"I'm surprised you're awake Inuyasha." came a masculine voice.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes, "What do you want Miroku? I'm going to be late for Sesshomaru's stupid meeting."

"I already called Sesshomaru," he started, "I need you to come back the Construction Zone real quick. Half the workers aren't here yet, and I'm the only one of this station. So would you mind giving me a hand?"

He raised a eyebrow, "Sesshomaru gave in?"

"I caught him on a good day is all." replied Miroku.

Inuyasha huffed, "Fine, I'll be there in a few."

"A few what? Minutes or hours?" he asked in a grumble.

Inuyasha yelled, "In a few minutes you letch!"

"You know," sighed Miroku, "guys have feelings too."

Inuyasha growled and slammed the phone onto the receiver. He jogged back up the stairs to get dressed in something casual.

In Another's Life

"Yasuo! No!" screamed the young, beautiful woman at the door, tears falling.

The handsome, young man turned back to the girl on the bed, his eyes widened in horror,

"Mai! Go call the ambulance! Now!"

The man began ripping the metak and cords off the child's body. When she was free, he pulled her into his arms. She was cold, and bloody. Yasuo rocked back and forth,

"I'm so sorry!"

The sound of glass shattering woke the twenty-two year old girl. She jumped up and let out a squeak when a burning pain shot through her stomach. She broke out into a sweat.

There was a knock at her door and it opened slowly. A red-hair, green-eyed boy asked,

"Kagome, I'm sorry."

"What did you do Shippo?" asked Kagome, taking deep breaths.

He replied, "I was trying to make you some cereal, but I dropped the bowl."

"It's okay, that was sweet of you though." smiled Kagome, standing up and ignoring the pain shot throughout her body. "How about you go watch some television while I get dressed. I'll clean the mess."

The smiling seven-year nodded then left. Closing the door behind him. Kagome dropped to one new and squeezed her eyes shot. The room was spinning. She felt sick. Kagome held her mid-section tightly and took deep breaths.

After five more minutes of unbearable pain, she felt it begin to subside. Kagome pushed herself up, wiped the sweat from her forehead then walked to her closest. She placed mini black shorts on her bed, along with a loose black t-shirt. Some black k-swiss on the floor.

Kagome let out a huff before going into her bathroom to take a routine cold shower.

Thirty-Minutes Later

Kagome tied her long jet-black hair into an Indian braid, then looked at herself in the mirror. Her sapphire eyes staring back at her. She sighed for what seemed like the thousandth time in her life.

Kagome left her room and walked into the living room. Shippo was sitting on the floor playing his game. She'd adopted him soon as she got out of college three years ago. She knew him all through high-school and had promised she'd get him out of this place he hated so much.

She smiled,

"How about I make you some cereal?"

He paused his game, hoped up, and followed Kagome into the kitchen. She cleaned up the mess, through it out, then made them some cereal. When she finished, the phone rung loudly.

Kagome put her bowl in the sink, jogged back into the living room and picked up the phone,


"Miss. Higurashi?" came a feminine voice.

She replied, "Yes, this is she."

"I'm Midoriko Nomiji, and I'll be your boss for the time you'll be employed at Tokyo Hospital."

Kagome smiled, "I'm very grateful that you hired me. It's been months now and I'm just glad I finally got a job in the hospital."

"You're welcome and I'm very glad you're up for the job. You'll be starting off in a low level, not that I doubt your recent bosses on how excellent of a Physiotherapist you are, it's just that I'm very serious about what I do. I need every thing to be perfect." explained Midoriko.

Kagome's smile widened, "It's alright, I'll start soon as you want me too."

"This morning alright with you?" she asked.

Kagome nodded to herself, "Of course. I just need to know the time and where I need to go."

"I'd like for you to be here by ten, sharp. I won't tolerate any irresponsible workers." she started. "As for where you go. Just talk to the young woman in the lobby, at the front desk."

Kagome nodded to herself again, "Alright, and thank you again."

"No," smiled Midoriko, "thank you."

With that, she hung up. Kagome looked at the clock on the wall. 8:45

Kagome called, "Hey Shippo?"

"Yes Kagome?" he called back.

She smiled, "How would you like to go to Souta's house?"

"Really!" he asked, the little wolf-demon ran in the living room, excitement on his face.

Kagome nodded, "Yeah, I have to work today, and I'm not sure what time I'll be getting back."

"Alright, I'll go get my things." he retorted, already running down the hallway to his room."

She sighed but winced when a burning sensation began in her stomach. Kagome limped to the kitchen, opening to cupboard, taking out a bottle of pills. She took a bottle of water out the refrigerator and popped two pills into her mouth. Kagome gulped down the water soon as she began to brake into a sweat.

After five minutes of breathing faintly, the pain vanished. Kagome let out a clam breath then mumbled,

"I'll be cursed for life."

"Kagome, I'm ready!" called Shippo, already at the front door.

She wiped her forehead, "Alright."

Kagome placed the bottle back into the cupboard, grabbed the keys to her black 2009 Acura TSX, then left.

Back To The Other Life

"What is it you want me to do?" asked Inuyasha, walking past the gates with Miroku.

Miroku pointed toward the long pieces of wood, "I need you to help me measure these and cut them. There's about eight-one. If we half it, we'll be done in no time."

"Alright." nodded Inuyasha, already starting to stack the amount he needed.

Above their heads was a large metal block, about fifty feet up. The hook and chain made the machine groan. Miroku let out a sigh when he finished his stack,

"I'll go get the saws. Try to be patient while I get them."

"Whatever." he grumbled, looking up at the dawn sky.

Miroku walked over to the edge of the building of which the constructors were building, and pulled out a box. He took out his pocket knife and began to cut it open. The machine groaned again and a loud pop could be heard.

Inuyasha's eyes widened when he sat the block give way, falling a fast speed. It was heading straight for Miroku! One of the constructors yelled,

"Move! Move! Get out the way!"

Miroku looked around confused. Everyone around him were pointing at the block. Soon as he looked up, he was yanked by Inuyasha, and thrown away. The last thing anyone heard was Inuyasha's cry of pain.

A Month and a Half Later

"Hey Kagome." came a feminine voice.

Kagome turned toward the dark haired, brown eyed girl walking into the hospital,

"Oh hey Sango, you're in sort of early aren't you?"

"Yeah, I figured I should come in early, besides if I didn't Kohaku would've woke up wanting to brag about that bet. I swear the sucker cheated."

Kagome laughed, "I told you a week ago to stop betting on those hockey games, he's watched them way longer than you. It's instinct, he's 'supposed' to know whose going to win."

"Wherever, I still think he cheated somehow." she replied, walking over to the front desk. "So how's Shippo?"

Kagome leaned against the table, "Same. Though I'm getting the feeling he's been really hyper often."

"Kagome," laughed Sango, "you've left Shippo with your brother who 'just' started college. Of course he's going to be hyper. Souta's spoiling him probably. Giving him chocolate-

She groaned, "No wonder he was complaining about a headache. I'm going to literally kill Souta."

Sango laughed and shrugged. Kagome met Sango the first day of her job. They'd grown really close. Best friends by week two. Kagome thought she'd never get out of those boring retirement homes. Though working will little kids, with minor disabilities, and snotty attitudes wasn't exactly making her feel any better.

She begged Midoriko for a higher rank but she wasn't having it. Over and over Midoriko gave her a speech about how weird it'd be for a practical child to work on something beyond her knowledge. Kagome was getting the idea Midoriko didn't even glance at her documents once she saw her age.

Kagome sighed heavily. Sango asked,

"What's wrong?"

"Oh nothing, just thinking about how old Midoriko is waiting for me to get so I can get promoted." grumbled Kagome, sighing again.

Sango smiled, "Don't worry, I'm sure it won't be long now."

"Kagome," came a strong, powerful voice, "I'd like to see you in my office."

Sango and Kagome looked at their boss then at each other. Sango gave her an encouraging smile. Kagome followed Midoriko down the hall and into her huge office.

Midoriko's Office

"Is something wrong?" asked Kagome, biting her lower lip.

Midoriko took a sip of her coffee, "Nothing at all."

"Er," started Kagome, shifting in her seat, "then why am I in here?"

A smile played on her face, "I've come to a decision."

"Yeah?" replied Kagome slowly.

Her smile widened, "I'm giving you a promotion."

"Are you serious!" squealed Kagome, shooting up out he seat.

Midoriko's smile remained, "I'm giving you a patient. Though when you're not tending to him, you'll start working with teenagers. Sort of weird isn't it though? You're basically a teenager yourself."

Kagome sat back down, not happy about the second part. She was hoping to have full permission to work on adults. Midoriko's continued her smile fading,

"Today, at twelve, you'll meet your patient. Though there is a policy here in this hospital you must know of."

"Policy?" repeated Kagome, trying to remember what it might be from the booklet she read.

She nodded then leaned back in her seat, "There's a strict policy about relationships between doctors and their patients. I won't have to worry about that with you, will I?"

"Oh no!" replied Kagome. "The only type of relationship between me and a patient will probably just be friends. Nothing else."

Midoriko nodded, "I feel like I can trust you. I won't be happy if I lose my job to something such as this."

"I thought you owned this hospital?" asked Kagome, confused.

She shook her head, "As I said before, you're so young, I'm starting to regret this already."

"Please don't reconsider!" she exclaimed.

Midoriko took another sip of her coffee before continuing, ignoring her exclamation,

"I do not own this hospital, I simply keep thing's intact. The head person of the hospital. Basically a manager. The one that owns this hospital is Naraku Hachiro. He's a wicked man and he'll do anything to get me out this chair. It took all my power to get this job and I'd be very displeased if I had it ripped away from me.

"It's been twelve years, since I started working here, and I'd like to keep this position going until I'm giving this hospital. I do hope you understand my dilemma?"

"Of course," nodded Kagome, gulping loudly when she saw Midoriko's dark eyes burning holes through her own, "I won't make a mistake."

Midoriko relaxed, and smiled, "I'm very grateful. You are dismissed."

Kagome stood, bowed, and hurried her ass out of that office. She skipped back to the front desk and told Sango. Sango gaped,

"That's great Kagome!"

"I know!" she squealed. "Though, I'm sort of scared about what I do. Midoriko's very serious about her job. I'm afraid if I accidentally drop something she'll come storming in here say I ruined her career."

Sango laughed, "Relax, I've known Midoriko since I was little. She's gone through mine and her own family…just to get this position. Once you pass month two, she'll actually start to give you a brake. She's my godmother, and believe it or not…she gave me a hard time too."

"Thanks a lot," grumbled Kagome, "that makes me a 'whole' lot better."

She laughed, "The point is, as long as you obey the guidebook and her commands…things will go by smoothly."

"Remind me to read over that book one-hundred times, okay?"

Sango rolled her eyes. Kagome changed the subject and sighed,

"I just hope this isn't going to go as bad as my heart is saying it's going to go."

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