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Title: Incurable Therapy

Chapter Forty-One: Epilogue


Epilogue: Eight Years Later; Mid-January

"Is he alright?" asked InuYasha.

Kagome nodded, "Just a headache. As Gai says, 'Nothing I can't handle.' "

He laughed, following her out the back door. Five-year old Jesse was watching them, Laughing as they called each other names. Jesse was the daughter of Zane and Anna. Long jet black hair and indigo eyes. One hundred percent healthy, as well as her mother.

Beside Jesse was the ten year old twins; Jakai and Miryuu. Both boys had long silver hair and crimson eyes. They were the sons of Sesshomaru and Kagura. Apparently, Kagura had gotten pregnant and wanted extra care for her pups. So she vanished off to Kyoto to see someone that was a more skilled doctor then Gai.

Her reason made everyone raise their eyebrows at Sesshomaru. Let's have a quick flashback:

"Hey Sesshomaru, whatever happened to Kagura? She wasn't at the dinner or Christmas. What'd she do, abandon you?" asked InuYasha, then smirking. "Wouldn't be surprised if she did."

Sesshomaru looked at his half-brother emotionless, "Mind your own, little brother."

"Kagura's not in Tokyo?" came Izayoi's strained voice, sounding almost demonic.

This made both InuYasha and Sesshomaru tense. She walked toward them both, eyebrow twitching and hands in a fist. Izayoi snarled at them both,

"Where is she? Don't you dare tell me to mind my own business Sesshomaru because we both know…THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE!"

When she finished that last part, she had long turned red. InuYasha stammered,

"I just figured out she wasn't around. The way Sesshomaru acts, you'd expect him to be living with cats or something."

Sesshomaru gave his brother a look that'd put him a million feet underground. He twitched his ear,

"Coming Kagome!"

"Sesshomaru, I'm waiting." she said, her voice getting the more demonic.

He took a breath, "She's in Kyoto. For a week, I didn't know where she went off too."

"Kyoto?" repeated Izayoi, look of concern masking her angry face now. "Well what's the matter? Is there a family member in need?"

He shook his head, crossed his arms, and took another breath, "Kagura is with child."

Scence Change

"I didn't call your name InuYasha." she said when he walked in the room, picking up Asai after changing him.

He plopped down onto the bed, "Yeah I know. Just trying to get out that near-death experience."

"Izayoi?" asked Kagome, laughing when he nodded. "What didn't you tell her?"

He shook his head, "It's what Sesshomaru didn't tell her. Kagura hasn't been around and I'm guessing Mom ease-dropped on our conversation. She's going to-

"You're insane!" came Sesshomaru's voice.

There's was a loud crash. In a blink of an eye, Sesshomaru was in their room, slamming the door shut, giving it cracks. He then locked it. InuYasha fell off the bed laughing when he caught a glimpse of Sesshomaru's face.

He was pale as snow. Sesshomaru looked almost translucent. Kagome giggled,

"What did she do to you Sesshomaru?"

"That…woman…is EVIL!" he said, still facing the door.

InuYasha laughed harder. There was a small knock at the door, then Rin's voice came,

"It's okay Fluffy, Izayoi isn't going to hurt you anymore!"

Kagome laughed for real this time. She laid Asai on the bed so she could hold her gut. Sesshomaru's face reddened. InuYasha teased,

"Rin to the rescue Fluffy."

"Ahahahaha!" laughed Kagome and Sesshomaru.

Asai cocked his head at the three adults. Confused. Looking at them as if they were insane. Sesshomaru unlocked the door and stormed out. Rin pouted,

"You don't want my help?"

It was quiet for a minute, InuYasha and Kagome sat looking at the saddened Rin. Then Sesshomaru came back in view, picked up Rin, then left. Kagome fell off the bed and InuYasha ended up gagging with laughter.

End Flashback

Kagome giggled at the memory. InuYasha looked at her,

"What's so funny?"

"Remember what happened when we all first found out Kagura was pregnant?" she asked.

He laughed, "Where's the camcorder when you need it?"

"What makes it funnier was that Asai was looking at me like I was insane. I thought I'd never recover from the pain of laughter." giggled Kagome.

Sitting under a tree were fifteen year Shippo and fourteen year old Rin. Talking and laughing. In the tree, above them was Mari, Sango and Miroku's six year old son. He had short rustled jet black hair and dark brown-mystical-eyes.

Just like his father, literally, and Sango scowled them both. Luckily, she's seven months pregnant with a girl. Thanks to Kagome and Anna, Akita had finally moved on. Remmaried a woman name Takile. They had a red-haired some, Jayuui. He's only three though.

Let's not forget Bankotsu and Rogue. Zeke's now eight. He's a little rough, but still the cutest. The girls are all over him. Thanks to his father, much to Rogue's displeasure. You knoew the ending, as always… everyone lived a happy ending. Well…except the fact:

"Um…InuYasha?" started Kagome, backing away.

He was to busy day-dreaming to notice her backing up, "Huh? What is it?"

"RAINBOW EYES!" screamed Shippo and Rin.

Asai stood, his eyes all colors of the rainbow. Everyone took off running towards the door. Only to run into the glass door, falling back, and into the hands of Asai's wrath. Kagome gulped and thought,

"…well…I never said everything was cured did I?"

The End! Hope you liked this story! I had fun writing it! Now, I shall finish TC (aka Journalistically Captured) which is also done…-cough- on paper -cough-


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