And you thought I was finished, didn't you? Sorry about the last chapter, I personally think it sucked (and this one I think does too)...but it sort of led to this. I hope you enjoy the final installment of One Week, my firstest "more than one chapter" story. I feel so happy inside!

"Stupid stairs…why won't they die already?" Yusuke mumbled, exhausted, trying to climb the long, winding steps to Genkai's temple. The other three followed him, just as tired, dirty, and bloody.

"Yusuke, you can't wish death upon an inanimate object," Kurama reasoned while stopping to lean against the wall for the twelfth time. Kuwabara sighed.

"I just want to get up to the temple to could we please hurry?" he whined. Hiei snorted while mumbling something along the lines of "He has a point," and offered a hand to help Kurama, then turned and continued up the stairs.

At last the enormous temple came into view, the four running to get to the top. At the gates stood Genkai, looking as old and wise as ever, Keiko, Botan, now running out to see Kurama, Koenma, Jin, and Yukina and Touya, who were standing off to the side, holding hands.

Botan slammed into Kurama, almost knocking him backwards – at the last moment he caught her around the waist and kissed her. Keiko was hitting Yusuke over the head, but she smiled softly at him and asked him about his trip, where he scrunched up his nose and launched into an exaggerated tale, making her laugh.

Kuwabara struck up a conversation with Jin and laughed loudly and shouted things as the wind demon grinned, his ears twitching. The moody jaganshi sat under a tree, watching Yukina from afar as she kissed Touya, giggling.

They walked out to the beach together after Kuwabara said something about "A beautiful sunset" that the weather reporter said would be today. The sun sank lower into the sky as it bathed the group in soft, orangey pastels. Botan dug her toes into the sand, sighing and scooting closer to Kurama. "I don't want this day to end," she sighed.

"Neither do I," Yukina said softly.

"The day has to end sometime," Touya said. "I think, however, that if I were to spend the remaining minutes somewhere, it would be here." Kurama nodded his agreement.

As the sun slipped down, over the ocean, and the shadows of the moon rose above their heads, they got up, dusted off, and went back the way they came.

All in all it had been a perfect week.

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