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Today is arguably the most important day of my life; the day that will determine the rest of my life; the last day of my final exams at the Academy.

I inhale, trying to clear my head, unsuccessfully. The smell of the room around me reminds me too much of her. Of course, the room it's self doesn't smell like her, I doubt that she has ever been in here; been out of the view of Mrs. Simpkins long enough to get out of her house. But you never know with Kate. But I have been here after being with her, bringing parts of her essence back with me, her scent on my clothing.

I shake my head; momentarily clearing it. I look back down at my notes. It's useless. They may as well be written in German; reading them is a long lost cause. Pathetic Mat. You haven't seen the girl in months, and she's still fooling with your life...Of course she is. You can't just walk in and out of the life of Kate de Vries. You can't just leave her; forget about her. Not that smile; not those eyes; not that laugh.

That laugh. I her bloody unforgettable laugh from down the hall and bang my head on the desk in defeat. Of course she's here. Why wouldn't she be? I mean, it's not like she's been ignoring me for the past four months!

Wearily, I get up and walk over to the warn door.

It's odd. If it were five hours later, I would be running at the door. Deep inside, I'm screaming at my legs to run, move faster! To carry me to the door, fling it open and simply hold her, like I have wanted to charge over to her house and do for the past few months.

I get to the door around the same time she knocks. I stare at the handle. I have two options; locking the door and going back to my unintelligible notes, or opening the door, and carrying out my initial plan.

Before I have a chance to make up my mind, she opens the door. We stand there staring for a moment, before she drops her suitcases (suitcases??) and steps into my arms, where she breaks down.

Completely confused, I kick her bags into the room, nod away her guide, close the door and carry her over to the end of my bed. We sit there, me rubbing her back, until she stops crying and just leans on me.

She eventually looks up at me apologetically.

"Mrs. Simpkins told them. She told them everything. They kicked me out. Four months ago. I tried to make it on my own, mat. I went to Oxford, the semester was just starting. I thought I could make it. But I, I can't. Not without you. I need you." She blinked up at me, on the verge of tears, again. My brain was on overdrive. I had no clue what to do, so I did what seemed the most sensible.

Our lips met a fervour of passion, needing to feel each other. Needing to make up for lost time, missed emotions, missed scents, forgotten textures. It was different than ever before; more heated, necessary. It was crucial for her to be there, be beside me, with me.


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