Title: Haze

Day/Theme: June 14, 2008. I would love to love you.

Series: The Tower of Druaga: the Aegis of Uruk

Characters/Pairings: Fatina, Neeba, the Succubus; mentions of Fatina -- Neeba

Rating: PG


Fatina wanted to refuse his request, wanted to run away at the sight of those eyes - this wasn't the Neeba she knew - but in an instant his lips were touching hers and all rational thought fled her mind.

Her heart screamed that this would not end well but Fatina was too busy drowning in the feeling of Neeba's arms holding her tightly as he kissed her senseless. She had dreamed of this moment since the first day she had seen Neeba but somehow it felt wrong.

Neeba slowly released her and Fatina struggled to say upright. Neeba smiled at her and her heart raced. She gently touched her lips as she struggled to come piece together everything that had just happened.

It wasn't like Neeba to be so open about his feelings. The nagging voice in the back of her mind returned but Fatina desperately tried to ignore it. She had wanted this for too long and she would be an idiot to throw it all away now. She watched Neeba walk forward and quietly picked up her flame thrower to follow after. A flash of blue behind Neeba caught her eye but in an instant it was gone. Fatina shook her head slightly, wondering if perhaps the kiss had affected her more than she realized.


A low, purring voice echoed in his mind and Neeba frowned as the succubus wrapped her arms around his neck and seemed to envelop every part of his body. A hand ghosted across his chest, trailing to his waist as teasing lips whispered against his ears.

"That was cruel, toying with her mind."

Neeba refused to answer, doing his best to ignore the unwelcome presence.

"Such a cold heart. A pity that woman is too blind to see it."

With a growl, Neeba increased his pace trying to ignore the taunts that echoed within his mind. He was not about to change his plans after coming so close to the goal.