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It began as nothing more than a crush, a minor glitch in the path to success if you can consider it so. It wasn't meant to last, in fact, it wasn't supposed to be there at all. It was considered a form of 'teenage rebellion'. A hoax. Although one would be lying through their teeth to say that no-one had seen it coming. It was just too predictable to be unpredictable.

Her father rejected it, he found it downright absurd for his daughter to be with him. She just had to choose him, the very son of his own rival. When he found out he was furious. He would've gone up to the poor boy and slugged him but he, somehow, listened to the voice of reason and restrained himself. He immediately apparated himself to his house and told his daughter off to his wife. He grew very impatient when her response was a faint smile and a slight chuckle.

"What?" He demanded.

"Well, her favorite book always was Romeo and Juliet." She replied insightfully.

He was arrogant. She was modest. He was cunning. She was honest. He was strict. She was liberal. He was harsh. She was kind. He was vindictive. She was forgiving. They were fire and ice, but they always maintained a steady balance; and slowly they learned from each-other. He became more reserved. She became more confident. He learned to be honest. She learned when to tell lies. He became looser. She became more focused. He learned the art of kindness. She taught him. He learned not to hold grudges. She learned when she should.

It was an unexpected beginning; it was the end one of their infamous rows but this time it was different, they didn't apologize. A day passed and others paid no mind. A week passed. People were confused. A month passed. People grew concerned. On the would-be mark of the seventh week of silence he finally swallowed his pride and apologized. She apologized. They vowed never to get in another fight.

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