Sixth Sense

Rose doesn't know why, or even particularly how, but she always seems to know when Scorpius Malfoy is around. The first few times she just thought it was just a coincidence, the hairs on her neck just happened to lift and Scorpius just happened to be in the room. Really, it wasn't some sort of phenomenon. Well, that was until it happened more and more (in fact, whenever he was even remotely in her vicinity she became acutely aware of his presence). Her little "talent" actually came in handy quite often, for whenever he tried sneaking up on her she'd be fully prepared with a biting insult.

Her reactions to him changed over the years: when she was in her first year the hairs on the back of her neck would stick straight up and she'd get this horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach. Needless to say, she often was seen going the furthest distance away from him possible whenever he entered a room. Unfortunately for her, he noticed after the first two times and would purposely sit himself next to her, smirking as he watched her squirm in discomfort.

In her second year, after her cousin Al had decided to befriend the spawn of Satan, she'd get very annoyed very quickly whenever he'd come into the room. She usually hid it pretty well (or at least calmed down enough to hold a civil conversation with whoever she was talking to before leaving the room). Bloody git managed to notice this too, taunting her into rows from their third week of school until the last day of their second year.

In her third year, her right hand would go numb whenever he came near (yes it's as weird as it sounds). It actually got quite embarrassing sometimes, having to make up ridiculous excuses for dropping things randomly. For example, one time she was in transfiguration class and in the middle of changing a spoon into an seal when he came strutting into class ten minutes late, causing her to drop her wand. Luckily, McGonagall was too busy lecturing Scorpius for his tardiness to notice but unfortunately her cousin noticed and gave her the nickname butterfingers. Sure, not the most inventive thing but it sure caught on like wildfire (especially when your family makes up practically a fifth of the school's population).

By her fourth year she'd be blushing like mad, again quite embarrassing given the fact that she inherited the Weasley Blush. This would especially suck when she was talking to any male that she wasn't related to (usually ending up with them attempting to woo her over the next week and her having to have the awkward "no, really, I wasn't blushing because I like you" speech). It actually was the worst when she was talking to Nev-Professor Longbottom (whom she's known since she was born). Scorpius walked in to ask him a question, and she blushed scarlet when Neville said something that could've definitely been construed as an innuendo. Neville then attempted to reword the sentence so that it sounded less like a come-on (each time he fumbled with his words even more and it just got even dirtier) front of Scorpius. Scorpius continued to tease her about being more than a "teacher's pet" until sixth year.

Fifth year and she began tuning out of conversations, lectures, really anything. A prime example of this was when she was getting ready for Victoire's wedding (surprisingly Teddy and Victoire managed to wait that long). The decorations were being hung, the cake taken out, and there was a state of overall chaos (a Level Ten on the don't-go-near-Aunt Fleur meter created by Dominique and Louis if you wanted to know) was upon the entire Weasley clan. Also, for some reason, the guests were arriving at a rapid pace (don't they know that arriving early for a wedding means that they'll just get roped into helping?) and it was the childrens' duty to get them to help or to send them off to the appetizer table. Rose was simply minding her own business, fixing a few of the decorations that James and Freddie had managed to set askew, listening to Dominique ramble on about Aunt Fleur and how she "cusses in French thinking we don't know even when she's somehow taught us all of them at one time or another" when Scorpius decided to come in and "help". Now, this probably had less to do with actually helping Rose and more with trying to catch a glimpse of Dominique and charm her into a quick snog...however, his motives weren't exactly important. The problem was when he came in Dominique warned Rose (who was yelling at Freddie) that she was levitating the cake so that it'd smash into the door, however because of her little problem she didn't hear her darling cousin and the cake splattered against the door within seconds. Rose then freaked out, lost control of her wand, let the cake drop, and promptly let out a shriek of frustration. Dominique began cussing in French whilst trying to reparo the cake, Scorpius started laughing, and Rose looked like she was about to either murder Scorpius or burst into tears. It was truly an eventful wedding, especially since Scorpius managed to get one of the top wizarding caterers (an old friend of his mother's) to prepare an exact replica of the cake (thankfully Aunt Fleur had photographed it beforehand for her scrapbook) within the hour. As to not give any adults heart attacks, it has been referred to as the "Great Save of 2022" whenever adults are around (mainly because Scorpius was a seeker and it could easily be construed as one of his many crazy stunts to catch the snitch. As Al once subtly put it, "the bloody guy is the only reason why Slytherin's been winning the house cup for the past three years").

In sixth year Rose gave into her weakness and would stop whatever she was doing and completely focus on him. She'd tune out of a conversation, look around the room, spot him, and not-so-subtly watch him. Usually he was either charming some innocent fifth year, talking Quidditch, or being less-than-ideal in class. However, you couldn't really blame her for gazing at him. After all, he has a Quidditch player's physique, manages to get tans whenever he comes back from a particularly long vacation (ridiculous considering he's usually as white as chalk), and has a chiseled jaw and grey eyes that she could look into all day long. Not to mention the abs. He, Freddie, and James (he's not good mates with them or anything, they just hang out every once in awhile) for some reason manage to go shirtless randomly during the day (at first it was just to make the girls swoon but Rose believes it simply became habit) and because of this she finds herself frequently simply staring at them. His abs are really quite defined and usually slick with a thin (not disgustingly so) layer of sweat if he's just come from Quidditch practice. There are so many instances where this has become embarrassing that it's not even funny. One of the most embarrassing times, for instance, was when everyone was in the Great Hall and she was in the middle of telling Hugo that taking Divination was a load of rubbish when Scorpius came into the Great Hall. Shirtless. With only a towel around his waist. She then proceeded to stop speaking altogether, something very rare for Rose, and openly ogled Scorpius. This was particularly noticeable because, unfortunately for Rose, she has a relatively loud voice (from Daddy Dearest) and the whole Hall could hear her well as when she abruptly stopped. Being the curious minds they all were, the students then turned to see why she stopped (some more slyly than others) and began giggling as they saw that her gaze was fixated on the only platinum blonde in the room. To cover up her obvious ogling, she promptly rolled her eyes and started yelling at him for not setting a good example for the younger students (he did somehow manage to maintain his position as a prefect, after all). She didn't convince anyone. They still tease her about that.

By seventh year, she had an overpowering urge to snog his brains out (as did most of the rest of the female population at Hogwarts). Her friends noticed the change in her (how she'd frequently tune out of conversations and lectures) and tried in vain to get her back to reality. Although she knew she wasn't doing quite as well in her studies as she had the years previous, she didn't know something was really wrong until she got her first "Troll" on a test (Al, who was infamous for his inability to focus during History of Magic, even got an Acceptable on it). Most believed she'd lock herself in her room for the entire week studying and having a good cry. However, contrary to most people's belief, she decided to do something about it. She knew that this sudden...desire didn't just happen to coincide with her apparent diminishment of brain cells so she came up with the idea to do something about it. She decided (roughly two and a half seconds before she did it) that this could only be fixed by one thing: snogging Scorpius Malfoy. So, in the time that everyone was getting back their grades from the test she stomped up to Malfoy, looked him straight in the eyes (which showed a mix of confusion and entertainment), and promptly pressed her lips to hers. In front of the entire class. And Professor Binns (who didn't even notice until the catcalls and whistles became overbearing). And what a snog it was. Well, until Binns deducted five house points from both of them due to public displays of affection. Ten when they didn't stop snogging. And twenty when they got up and left the class laughing and kissing.

Author's Note: I know, I know. Although I hope more chapters will show up now that it's summertime. (Although, I've been seriously thinking of starting a Snape/Lily story recently).