Me: Bad things happen at the mall… the LAST chapter

Me: Bad things happen at the mall… the LAST chapter.

Piper: WHAT?! Already? Seroiusly! Do that for some of your other stories!

Me: some of those have writer's blocks missy. Naja's tale is going nowhere at the moment… I'm not sure how to take that one forward, I just have events that will but no clue how to lead up to them.

Piper: And what about Ultimate Halloween Party?

Me: In my note book.

Piper: Where's that?

Me: In my backpack.

Piper: which is…

Me: in my dad's car.

Piper: ( sigh) in Baltimore. Very nice. Does that mean your not updating Piper's Bad luck and Bad news?

Me: since they are both in the same note book. No. Not until July 1 when my dad come back.

Piper: What is your dad doing in Baltimore?

Me: Fishing.

Piper: What?!

Me: Okay! Enough Chit chat! I don't own the storm hawks and I am not explaining what one of the reader already know. Now on with the story before I blow a fuse.

Piper: BUT—

Me: No buts! Read already!

X-X-X-x ( sorry, Piper were at a beginning of a LONG argument.)

Starling stood there in her white dress at the alter with Harrier. They had started to exchange their vows at this point and Piper stood still like a statue watching the happy couple with a gently smile, her dress shimmering in the light. Aerrow watched the couple finish exchanging vows and joined the crowd in their cheers when the priest told Harrier he could kiss the bride.

"YAY!" The crowd cheered and the flower girls giggled and whispered how the groom and bride where exchanging cooties. A pair of little boy pushed and shoved at each other playfully. It had been two months since the incident at the mall had occurred. But what Saphire and Aria really thought was funny about this, was how neither Piper or Aerrow had admitted their love for each other.

While Piper was recovering from her wounds, she slept a lot. She would fall asleep at random times such as watching a movie with the girls and they wouldn't disturb her sleep when they went to do something else so Aerrow would sit in a chair and stare at her with a loving and longing look. The three girls (Starling including in these three) hid in the hallway and watched him, whispering and giggling about how cute her and Piper would be together.

"May I present for the First time to the Atmos, Mr. And Mrs. Harrier James Hewitt." The priest exclaimed. The room cheered even louder. When Harrier and Starling descended down the hall toward, Piper looked at Aerrow for the first time since the ceremony started. She smiled and walked up to him for him to walk with her down the isle. Starling and Harrier had been sneaky and swapped Piper and Saphire's places in line so it would fit with the couples that were obviously there. Saphire didn't object at all.

"You look Beautiful." Aerrow told Piper as she took his offered arm.

"Thank you. You look handsome… and a little weird." Piper told him. Aerrow looked at her funny.

"Weird… why's that?" He asked.

"I have a hard time imagining you in a tux. Let's just leave it at that." Piper answered.

"Why do you have a hard time imagining me in a tux?" Aerrow asked.

"Because formality is nothing something you do." Piper answered as they reached the end of the isle.

"Hey, I can do formal. I just don't do it often." Aerrow retorted.

" I've never seen you do formal in all my life until now." Piper replied.

"Okay miss formal." Aerrow exclaimed. Piper gasp in mock hurt.

"Why I never! MR. Smarty pants." Piper exclaimed before sticking her tongue out at him. Harrier laughed. Saphire giggled behind them.

"Now that would be something I would punish Starling for if she ever did that." Harrier exclaimed. Starling laughed.

"It back fires." Starling commented.

"What kind of Punishment?" Aerrow asked.

"It was the weirdest thing I ever saw! Starling stuck her tongue out at Harrier and he put it back in her mouth a kiss. Weird and the last thing I wanted to see happen." Saphire exclaimed. Harrier and Starling laughed.

"All righty then." Aerrow muttered. Piper knew what Harrier and Starling were hinting at. They wanted Aerrow to kiss her. Her face went bright red the moment the moment it clicked in her brain. Saphire laughed at her friend's Face.

"You evil little girl." Piper exclaimed, stepping away from Aerrow and toward Saphire who was next to Junko. Harrier and Starling walked toward the reception room, a grand ballroom bigger then the condor. Junko came to Saphire's rescue and lead her to the Ballroom after Harrier and Starling. Aerrow lead Piper to the room.

"Why di you call Saphire that?" Aerrow asked.

"Because I release her evil plan. That… that... Twitch!"

"Twitch?" Aerrow asked in amusement.

"YES! Twitch. She is an evil litte… UGH!" Aerrow laughed at Piper.

"Did mistake wine for punch or something?" Aerrow asked as he laughed.

"no… why?" Piper asked.

"Because I don't see any plan Piper. Just enjoy the wedding." Aerrow told her. Piper sighed and planned to get Saphire and Aria back for their evilness after the wedding. No point in doing during the wedding, she'd ruin it.

"Fine… fine." Piper muttered and walked toward the refreshments and picked up a glass of water in a wine cup. She found it odd that ALL the cups were wine glasses. But she didn't complain. She liked wine glasses. They made her feel a little old and more important and rich. Piper had been raised by a pair of old People after the death of her parents so she didn't know much for the means of riches and luxury.

"Miss, would you care to try our new dish. We call it 'Death by chocolate's heaven.' It's even better then our 'death by chocolate.'" A Young waitress exclaimed.

"I would love to Thema." Piper exclaimed, reading the waitresses name tag. The waitress had dark skin and lovely green eyes and long black hair.

"Come, I'll get you nice a bowl. They are a table with silver linins. They are quite delicious. Though, shouldn't you be with your friends at your table?" Thema asked as she lead Piper to a table with china bowls filled with chocolate whipped cream, chocolate chips, chocolate shavings, brownie and cookie dough pieces, and atmos knows what else with a cherry dipped in chocolate on top.

"Table?" Piper asked.

"Yes miss. The table with the Bride's maids and the groom's men. And the bride and groom. They are always there at the table. Even look." Thema pointed to a table where Saphire and Aria were Seated with Aerrow and Junko. Finn was talking to a lady in the corner and Aria shooting glares at the two.

"Oh.. I guess I should be over there then. Thank you Thema." Piper exclaimed, taking her drink and her treat over to the table.

"HEY! Look who deiced to join us!" Aria exclaimed. Piper Sat down next to Aerrow and returned to her treat.

"Yeah, I thank Thema for point out the table." Piper exclaimed.

"Ah… Thema is African. Her name means queen. I never really did understand why she works at a place like this when she doesn't have to work at all. She's the owner and is quite rich. What are you eating?" Saphire exclaimed.

"Yum… 'Death By Chocolate's Heaven.'" Piper answered.

"Yum… that sounds good. I'm gonna go snatch some." Saphire exclaimed, getting up and walking to the refreshments. She came back with a treat.

"It's perfect." Saphire exclaimed. Junko and Aerrow rolled their eyes.

"Girls…" They exclaimed.

"Shut it! What's in it?! It looks like... chocolate heaven?" Aria exclaimed.

"MMM! I found caramel!" Piper squealed.

"OMG! YUM! I'll be right back. You guys want some?" Aria asked, looking at Aerrow and Junko. Thema came over with a tray of 'death by chocolate's heaven.'

"Would like to try some? It's Death by Chocolate's Heaven.' You can forget all the other chocolate combinations out there, this one beats them." Thema exclaimed. Aria took one and Aerrow and Junko shrugged and tried it.

"Yum… it's not bad." Aerrow exclaimed.

"No! It's perfect!" Saphire squealed.

"There's something more perfect then this though." Aerrow commented. Saphire laughed.

"Who? Piper?" Saphire asked. Piper started to chock on a pretzel that was in her 'death by chocolate's heaven'.

"Whoa! If you actually die eating this I don't think I'll eat it." Aria joked.

"Umm… maybe." Aerrow commented.

"Oh come one! We've been waiting for the last three months for one of you to admit that you like each other I'm sick of it! Aerrow, We've all seen you staring at Piper as she sleeps when she was recovering. Someone say something!" Saphire exclaimed in almost a yell. She took her her chocolate and walked off.

"Oh dear… I should go talk to her." Aria exclaimed. She took her chocolate and ran after Saphire. Junko stood and walked over to Finn.

"What is talking about?" Piper asked.

"No clue." Aerrow told her.

"You watched me sleep?" Piper asked.

"I… no… no… I mean…." After receiving a look from Piper… " Yes. I was watching you while you slept."

"Awe… that is sooo sweet." Piper cooed. "But Why?"

"Well… um… I wasn't comfortable leaving you alone while you recovered from your injures." Aerrow lied. Piper looked at him. " Okay… that wasn't the reason."

"Than what is?" Piper asked. She turned her whole body toward him.

"Well… I don't have one. I just wanted to watch you. You were so peaceful and calm. And…. Pretty." Aerrow and Piper blushed at his last comment.

"That's not all. I know there is more." Piper exclaimed.

"And… I… well… oh what the point in hiding it…" Aerrow exclaimed.

"Hiding what?" Piper asked.

"Piper… I… I love you. More then just a friend… more then a little sister… something… more." Aerrow exclaimed, his face turning the color of his hair. Piper' gasped then smiled.

"Aerrow… I can not express how much my heart rejoices at those words. I love you too." Piper exclaimed. Then she and Aerrow leaned in for the first kiss of many.

- - -X

Piper: tell them…

Me: Well, then end.

Piper: Tell them.

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