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"Mum! I can't find my wand! I think Fabian took it!"

"Nicholas, I'm sure you just left it sitting around somewhere again. Fabian has his own wand now." Hermione smiled as her son found his wand sticking out from under his bed. "You see, I told you. Now go find your brother and tell him breakfast is nearly done."

"Is it? I'm starved." Fred came up behind her, placing a kiss on her cheek.

"In that case you can plate everything up while I go check on the twins. I swear they've been feeding every half hour lately."

"Yes, well, they're growing boys. What do you expect?"

"I suppose. Oh, by the way, your mum owled. She's going to be at the station today to see 'all of her babies' off."

"Like we could keep her away," Fred laughed, moving a plate of toast to the table. "Go check on the hungry monsters and I'll make sure the kids eat. We've got the get going soon."

Hermione made her way up to the bedroom she shared with her husband, smiling at the recently added room on the second landing. Four kids and already their home was beginning to look as lopsided as the Burrow. She hoped sincerely that it would be the last addition, but she'd heard Fred commenting to George just the other day about how nice it would be to have a girl. The idea was oddly appealing until she heard the twins crying again.

Nicolas had been an easy baby; content to let anyone hold him, and he fed on such a rigid schedule that you could set a clock by it. Fabian had more of his father's personality and had woke them at all hours of the night, but at least he was generally a happy baby.

The twins, on the other hand, seemed to need constant attention from at least one parent, if not both. If either of them was discontent, they both made it very clear with their loud cries.

"Hush now," she shushed them, both boys quieting once they had their mother in the room. "I know you're hungry."

She picked them both up and managed to settle into the nearby rocking chair to begin feeding them. Downstairs she heard a loud crash, followed by the pounding of running feet. She didn't envy Fred at the moment.

"Mum!" Fabian came rushing in, half a small pancake held in his hand. "We have to go or we'll be late!"

"It's fine, sweetie. We have plenty of time."

"No! We have to go now! Nick says that all the good seats get taken real fast, and then all the first years get stuck sitting with goblins and trolls."

"Did he now?" Hermione adjusted her robes to stand, the twins understandably crying as their meal was cut short. "I can assure you that you don't have to worry about that, but we can leave early anyway, okay?"

"Really? Great!" He took off towards the direction of his bedroom, shouting for his brother along the way. With a shake of her head, Hermione followed.

Platform 9 ¾ was its usual bustle of activity that morning, with first year students clinging to their parents and older children racing to meet up with friends. Fred and Hermione stood with the twins, watching their elder son's race off to a pack of fourth years, their parents long forgotten at the sight of the red locomotive and all of the possibilities in store for the next year.

They were joined soon by Harry and Ginny who were laughing with amusement.

"Where are the kids?" Hermione questioned as they came up beside them.

"They're with Mum," Ginny answered. As if on cue, Mrs. Weasley bustled by with their children, making a beeline for Nicholas and Fabian who loudly protested as their grandmother fussed over them.

"Are we still on for lunch?" Harry asked.

"Definitely," Fred told him. "We'll be at the shop for the morning, making sure everything is fine for the day without me and George there."

Hermione rolled her eyes. "They'll be fine without you two for a few hours. Honestly, it amazes me that you two still work so much."

"It's how we keep the business strong, love." He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek which was interrupted my Mrs. Weasley's interest in cuddling her newest grandbabies.

George and Katie joined them not long after, arriving with Lupin and Tonks. Their children all gathered together, a mass of predominantly red hair, and bid goodbye to their parents before finally boarding the train.

Some hours later, Hermione collapsed into her seat at the Leaky Cauldron, Fred handing her the twins so he could stuff their nappy bag under the table before sitting. She sighed wearily, looking up at the sound of someone snorting.

"Something funny, Tonks?" she asked accusingly.

"No, nothing at all," the woman replied, though her cherry red hair was a clear sign of her mirth.

"Oh, just say it why don't you?" George teased from his seat next to his wife.

"What?" asked Harry. "That it's her own fault that she's the only one handling infants right now?"

"It certainly is not!" Hermione huffed. "It wasn't my idea." She shot an accusing glare at Fred.

"Don't look at me love. I was this close," he held his fingers barely apart, "from having you alone to myself. Got another eleven years to wait for that chance again."

"Stupid bloody potion," she muttered, shaking her head. "Not that I don't love you both," she cooed to Sebastian and Andrew.

"Absolutely," Fred agreed, ticking their socked feet.

"There they go again," Ron mumbled. Fred glared at him while his twin gave their brother a quick smack to the head.

"You'll understand when you have your own," Hermione told him.

"No thanks. I have enough nieces and nephews to last a lifetime."

"Oh, but it's not the same," Remus told him sagely.

"Then why'd you stop at one?"

"Because he's too old," Tonks teased playfully. "He could barely keep up with Teddy. I'd hate to see how he'd do now."

"Take the twins for a week," Fred offered, running his fingers over Hermione's arm.

"Not on your life." She stuck her tongue at him, leaning into her husband. "I quite enjoy having the house to ourselves."

Fred sneered before looking down the table. "Any other takers?"

"Fred!" Hermione smacked his arm, careful to not jostle their children too much. "You're incorrigible. You know they're way too young to be away for long. Unless Fleur feels like breastfeeding them, you'll have to wait a while."

"Where are Bill and Fleur anyway?" Ginny asked.

"Bill couldn't get off work," George answered, "and Fleur said she'd never 'be so foolish as to bring an infant to a pub.' Her words, not mine."

"I don't think anyone's complaining," Ginny teased before either Hermione or Fred could get upset. "It's nice having us all together."

"Like the old DA," Harry mused. "Shame Neville couldn't come."

"The tragic life of a professor," George moaned.

"That's why we left school as soon as we could," Fred laughed.

"And a fine example you set," Hermione groused. "You know I heard Nicholas telling Teddy he plans to blow up poor McGonnagal's office this year and leave if he gets a single detention."

Fred frowned. "I'll talk to him."

Across the table George cracked an imaginary whip.

"You lot plan on ordering anything, or just taking up table space?" Tom called from the counter.

"Butterbeers all around for now," George hollered back. Their drinks came and they all ordered lunch quickly.

"Has anyone heard from Luna?" Hermione asked, passing Andrew to Fred so she had a free hand to drink.

"I heard she was in Romania," Ginny answered.

"No, she came home a few weeks ago," Ron corrected. All eyes turned to him and he blushed. "What?"

"I think there'll be more kids around sooner than we thought," Tonks laughed.

"Don't know what you're talking about," Ron grumbled, reaching for his plate as Tom approached. He took a large bite of his sandwich before anyone could ask any questions.

Hermione and Fred each took their plates, then sighed when the twins began to cry.

"I'll take them," Fred offered.

"No, they calm down faster with me. Plus you eat quicker."

He kissed her cheek, then shifted Andrew back into her arms. She immediately began to rock them, humming softy until they quieted somewhat.

"I'm sorry," she apologized to everyone. "I think we'll have to get them home soon."

Harry nodded. "Don't worry about it. We should get going soon anyway."

"Yes," Lupin agreed. "Have to make use of all of that alone time we all have."

Fred glared in his direction, swallowing his bite of roast chicken. "You're babysitting when you least expect it old man."

"I'll be sure the ward the house well."

Tonks rolled her eyes at her husband while Fred continued to shovel his food into his mouth. As soon as his plate was cleared, he reached for the twins who immediately began to fuss.

"Such mama's boys," he mumbled around the food he had yet to swallow.

"Oh, they're fine," Hermione assured him before taking a bite of salad. "Besides, if they cry now they'll wear themselves out and sleep at home." Fred's eyes lit with a mischievous gleam and she glared. "Don't you dare even think about making them upset intentionally."

"I'd never, love. Just thinking of what we can do with that time."

Ron groaned. "Do we really need to hear about that?"

"No," Fred grinned.

"We could always talk about Luna Lovegood," George offered.

"Never mind."

Hermione finished her salad and stood, beginning to gather their things. "Thanks so much for suggesting this Harry. It really was nice to see everyone."

Harry nodded with a sheepish smile.

"Well, we're gonna head home," Fred sighed as he stood carefully. "I'll see you in the morning, George, and everyone else needs to stop by the shop more often."

"Will do," Lupin agreed. Tonks shot him a quick look. "Well, maybe."

They quickly said their goodbye's and headed out the back of the Leaky Cauldron. Hermione held the boys while Fred tapped the third brick up. He took Sebastian while the wall opened.

"Do you want me to hold both of them?" Fred offered as they began to walk.

"No, it's nice like this," Hermione sighed, looking down at the child pressed against her chest. Fred was holding Sebastian similarly and it brought a smile to her lips. "I love you, you know that?"

"I had an inkling." He winked and leant over to kiss her cheek. "Love you too."

"Good." She shifted so that their arms pressed together while they walked. "I still can't believe it though."

"Believe what?"

"We've got two kids at Hogwarts, and another two at home. I used to think your mother was mad to raise so many children. To be honest there was a time I didn't think I'd ever have kids."

Fred's face faltered for only a moment. "Do you regret it?"

"No! Of course not!" She stopped to turn and face him. "Never in a million lifetimes. I love you, and I love our kids and the life we have together. It may not have come together in the most conventional manner, but I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world."

Fred smiled and bent to kiss her properly. "Ditto."

She snorted at his abrupt answer, then looked down at their boys. "Did you ever think we'd get to this point?"

"Of course. I knew it all along. You always were a bit slow on the uptake." He nudged her hip and began walking towards their street again.

"Is that right?" she laughed, catching up.

"Yeah, I'm always ahead."

"Hmm. In that case you can tell me what's in our immediate future?"

"Absolutely. You're gonna feed the twins while I make you a nice cup of tea. Then while they're sleeping, I'll give you a delightful foot massage. You'll remember how very attracted to me you are and drag me into a bubble bath that you swear is for relaxing when you have nefarious plans in mind."


"Yes, indeed. You plan to have your wicked way with me in there."

"Hmm. And what are your thought on that?"

"Oh, I'm all for it, love."

They smiled at each other as they reached the house, passing through the wards and heading upstairs. On cue the boys began to cry and Hermione settled down to feed them.

"I'll go make that tea," Fred offered.

"Thanks. That sounds great... Oh, and Fred?"

He paused at their bedroom door and looked back.

"You can skip the foot massage, Just have that bath ready."

He wiggled his brows suggestively and left with a smile on his face. Hermione smiled after him, then gazed down serenely. There had been a time when a life with Fred sounded as far fetched as finding a centaur in a petting zoo, but now she couldn't imagine her life any other way. It was the one contingency she hadn't planned for that set her life down such an unlikely path, and for once she was glad things hadn't turned out as she planned.

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