Summary: What if Bella wasn't who she said she was? What if Bella had already dealt with vampires before the Cullens? And what if she had already been in love with a vampire before Edward?

Author's Notes: For the last few months I've been working on my own novel about vampires and I was writing one of the chapters the other day and I started to think what if my main character actually became Bella? So this story is the result. Enjoy and as always reviews are appreciated.

Meteor Across the Sky

Preface: Then and Now

The darkness has become my friend over the last few months. It was bound to happen eventually, considering I've been dealing with beings of the dark. Somehow though, I wasn't expecting this. I almost lost my life over the love of one of these beings of the dark.

But before we get into that though, let's start from the beginning.

My name is Isabella Marie Swan, but please call me Bella. I'm seventeen and might seem like your average teenage girl, but I'm not. I used to belong to a group of vampire hunters called Midnight's Angels.

Before you jump to conclusions though, I've never hunted a vampire. I had to be eighteen, according to the Angels guidelines, to hunt a vampire, or what they called "city protection duties." Which is what the older Angels did, they protected the city by patrolling their borderline and how they knew who was a vampire and who wasn't is beyond me.

I never found out.

Anyway, everything was normal and quiet until a couple months ago, when a vampire broke through the Angels boundary. The vampire's name was Darryl; he walked into my life and changed everything.

When I first met Darryl I didn't know that he was a vampire. But as I got to know him he eventually revealed this small fact to me. I even saved his life once, by giving him my blood – a major no-no in the Angels – but I was in love, another major no-no.

And that's when it all went to hell.

Things had deepened in our relationship and I couldn't hide the secret of what I was anymore from him. Darryl, out of anger, turned me away. With nowhere else to turn I turned myself in to the Angels. I almost lost my life, but that was before Darryl saved me. I really wish he hadn't though because if he hadn't he might still be with me and not a prisoner of the Angels.

Then again, for all I know he could be dead.

Which leads me to where I'm going now. After multiple conversations with my mother (who knew all about the Angels and vampires) we decided that it would be best if I left the city for awhile and let the "drama" cool down. So I'm being sent to live with my father in Forks, Washington where I've been before my parent's were separated. I was probably five years old, and even though it's been twelve years I still remember the place.

And I'm not going to like this one bit.

End of Preface

Author's Notes: So what do you think? Is it interesting? Are you willing to read more or should this story just die?