I was randomly attacked with plot bunnies for this after a darn near year. I was originally going to do something else, but when Scarlet did her Out of the Blue, I thought my ideas where to close to hers ^_^;;; so I axed them. But now I have an outline for this. Next one shot will deal with said letters, then the one after the Summer he returns, and the next one after that will have to a be surprise. XD Hope you guys enjoy this, and thanks to all who attempted to follow this. Sorry I was in a funk for so long.

What is a season?

I can easily give the text book response for it:

Cold winter weather transforms into a mild spring, that progresses into a warm summer, that finally cools off into fall.

Why do we go through these changes?

It all has to do with the angle that the sun's rays hit the earth's surface.

How long does a season last?

Mathematically and common knowledge estimates roughly three months, give or take a few weeks depending on the weather.

And if asked about Fall, Spring, and Winter I could easily respond the same. But...

How long does Summer last?

Summer is the most fickle of seasons, coming and easily giving you the illusion that it lasts forever, but in all actuality seems to be the shortest season. The days are longer, the nights shorter, and it seems to take less time for it to pass than the rest of the seasons.

Kai was the very essence of summer. A fickle man, drifting from one town to another, enjoying his long days and short nights, loving his life and living it in fast forward.

When the traveler spoke about time, he seemed to not acknowledge its existence, except to say that it went by to fast.

"It's four, Mary," Gray's gruff voice called as he stood from his chair, stretching and giving me an awkward smile. I nodded and returned my gaze to my writing, still trying to figure out why I couldn't bring myself to write about the main character I had originally thought of. Why couldn't I write about the strong silent hero?

Why did I have the urge to portray him leaning more towards the playful trickster than the brooding male lead that he was supposed to be.

Of course I already knew the answer. I was just unwilling to admit it.

But when Kai left in a few days, I would have no choice but to admit it, and accept the bout of writer's block that would no doubt strike in his absence. After all, he had somehow forced his way into my thoughts, and subsequently my novel. Not that I would ever tell him that, seeing as how is ego was big enough already.

"I'll see you Tuesday then. Thank you for coming Gray," I said absentmindedly, tapping my pen on the paper and shaking my head in defeat. There was no point in even trying at the moment. I was entirely too distracted.

"Sure thing. Enjoy your day off," Gray said quietly, giving me a small glance under the brim of his hat before shuffling out of the library. I stood up, my chair screeching some on the wooden floor as I did so, and I locked the door behind him.

"You can come out now," I said quietly, and let my gaze flicker upstairs. Not hearing a response, I could only presume that Kai had fallen asleep up there.

It wasn't the best idea I thought, for the man to spend the afternoons up there when he failed to leave when the other man arrived. He'd practically leap up stairs to hide before Gray walked in the door. Though I guess I couldn't blame him. Gray's temper wasn't the most pleasant thing in the and evidently Gray had forbade Kai from the library one night when the man wouldn't stop talking about me.

I climbed the stairs slowly and sighed to myself at the thought.

Gray was a nice person, a good friend. He would protect you, no doubt to much. But he was entirely too possessive for my liking. He had a complex in which it appeared that he needed to protect me from everything outside these library walls.

I didn't want nor did I need that.

Cresting the top of the stairs I made out an old worn boot sticking out from one of the bookshelves. I rolled my eyes at Kai's 'hiding place' and walked around the end of the shelf to wake him up. But what I hadn't expected to see was him laying on his side, propped up on one elbow and apparently so immersed in a Tale of Two Cities that it took him turning the page to realize I was there.

"Oh…hey," he mumbled, closing the book and placing it carelessly on the shelf behind him. I raised both eyebrows curiously at him and pulled my long braid over my shoulder and played with it nervously.

"Well Gray's gone home Kai," I said gently, feeling my glasses slide down my nose when I looked down. He nodded and stretched his arms above his head with a large yawn.

"I guess…I should go get a good nights rest. I'll be packing up the snack shack tomorrow…and leaving the day after that," he said gently, scratching the back of his bandana clad head. He seemed to be out of place and awkward…

"Kai… what is it like…to travel around the world?" I finally managed, asking the one question I had forbid myself from asking all summer to the man on his visits. I didn't want to seem desperate for attention or anything, but I was curious.

"Why the sudden curiosity?" he chuckled, looking up at me with a small smirk. I shrugged my shoulders and pulled my hair tie out, mindlessly running my fingers through my long hair and upbraiding it. I saw his eyes watching me intently and felt a blush come over my cheeks.

"No reason really…its just…one day its what I want to do, you know? Travel around the world and see wondrous and new things, "I trailed off wishfully and shook my head, feeling my raven hair spill over my shoulders as I did so.

"Goddess…" he muttered out, and I peeked at him to see that the tan man also had a crimson flush on his cheeks, and I turned my head to the side, observing him. I expected him to go into a great many tales of his travels, but he didn't. "How long do you think it takes someone to fall in love?"

"I beg your pardon?" I mumbled confusion evident in my voice and probably on my face. He didn't repeat himself, because he knew I had heard the question. I ran my fingers more through my hair and separated, beginning to braid it again as I answered him. "I suppose it depends on the individual. Some say there is such a thing as love at first sight, others say it takes longer. There are many factors, pheromones, memories of what triggers the feeling of love in the subconscious," I rambled on, my eyes shut as I braided my hair, not even bothering to check my work.

"Is a summer to short to say that you love someone?" My eyes snapped open at the question that had interrupted my explanation, and I felt my jaw slack some as I stared down at him.

"Well…I'm not sure," I began, feeling my face heat painfully at his intense stare. "I mean…it wouldn't be the best things to say at the moment I guess, especially if you hadn't really paid that person any mind till recently," I mumbled, and I could see his face fall some, but he continued to give a small grin. I met his eyes, all seriousness in my tone. " The best thing to do…would to be to continue the relationship in writing while you were gone…so that…I…she would be able to get to know you better, and …know that you were serious. Women…don't like to be summer flings," I said with a small smile, fingers reaching out to brush his cheek as I turned my head to the side again and gave him a bright grin. "Especially when the summer is over."

"Well then…I'll make sure to write….every chance I get. So she'll no I'm serious," he said quietly, standing up slowly and brushing off his pants. "I just hope she can read my chicken scratch."