Story 5: A Capello

Buffy stifled a yawn, keeping her eyes closed as she stretched across her bed, slowly becoming more alert as she dragged herself out of her sleep. It took her a few seconds to realize that her limbs were flattening against nothing but tossed aside blankets and sheets- Faith was no longer lying next to her. How she'd managed to untangle herself from the grip Buffy had had on her when they had fallen asleep together, without waking her, Buffy had no idea. Very carefully, she supposed…

She could hear water running in the bathroom and knew Faith must be taking a shower. Buffy smiled as she lay there, picturing the scene in the next room in her mind. It was a nice image to think of- especially to wake up to…

She lay there, idle, relaxed, enjoying the lazy comfort of the bed and her mental envisions… and that was when she heard it. It was low at first, hesitant, but as Buffy took notice of it, it grew a little louder, stronger. As husky as it was it pitch, and as indistinct through the sounds of the shower, Buffy could nevertheless immediately recognize that it was beautiful, extraordinary.

Singing, it was singing… Faith was singing…

Buffy sat up abruptly, her eyes widening with her astonishment; every remaining vestige of grogginess was gone as she listened with intense concentration to Faith's quiet singing. For this was the first time she had ever heard her do so… she had never before heard Faith sing, even just while messing around. At every opportunity to do so, Faith had always refused, trying to act blasé or sarcastic to throw off what Buffy had known to be embarrassment and self-consciousness. She usually made some crack about her voice being as deadly as her fists, or about Buffy's eardrums being sorry if they were exposed to it for any length of time, but all jokes aside, Faith was deadly serious about no one, even Buffy- or maybe especially Buffy- ever hearing her sing. Nothing had ever made her back down, and Buffy had rarely pushed it since Faith was so sensitive and resistant to it.

And yet here she was… singing…

Buffy had always known that she would love Faith's singing voice no matter what it sounded like; simply because it was a part of her, she had known she would find it endearing, no matter how grating or off-

key. But never had she imagined that the voice Faith had so studiously refrained from sharing with anyone would be so gorgeous…

She listened to her, a gentle , slightly dreamy smile turned up her lips, almost in a daze at the sound of her lover's just barely audible singing voice. For several moments she forgot how to move, even how to breathe… and then quite suddenly, without thinking or planning it, Buffy found herself standing, heading to the bathroom door. She was following Faith's voice almost like a siren song… though she wasn't quite helpless to resist it, she wasn't exactly trying to fight it either.

Damn, if she knew what she could get me to agree to by singing to me, she might get over her singing shyness really fast… Buffy thought in amusement as she quietly opened the bathroom door, sidling inside the room. She could see Faith through the clear shower door; her back was to Buffy, and she was so concentrated, distracted by her low singing and the foamy lather she was rinsing out of her hair that she had not noticed her enter. For a moment Buffy was distracted even from Faith's singing as she grinned, her eyes lighting up at the sight of the water and lather sliding down Faith's naked curves.

"Morning, baby," she greeted her, and her voice was husky, thick with suggestiveness and appreciation.

As she'd expected, Faith jumped, her loud gasp cutting off her singing rather abruptly. Buffy knew it wasn't because she was looking at her in the shower that she had freaked- like she hadn't seen and joined her countless times before- but rather her realization that Buffy had heard her singing.

"Dammit, B, fuckin' knock, why dontcha?!" she sputtered, hurriedly trying to cover with put-on anger as she turned to face her, giving her a fierce glare that, because of her embarrassment, was not quite as fearsome as she'd intended.

Buffy grinned slyly. "Never bothered you before, Fai… you mean you don't want me to join you?"

Faith tried to keep glaring at her, but Buffy saw the sudden gleam in her eyes, the way she swallowed quickly as she forced herself not to blurt out her usual instinctively sexually suggestive reply, and knew that was definitely not the case. She was trying to keep her wounded pride intact- and in her own eyes, at least, failing miserably. Well, Buffy wasn't going to let her get away with that… she'd bring her around in her own, always popular way.

"I thought so," she said when Faith didn't come up with an answer that would satisfy herself.

Her smile widening, Buffy slowly slipped out of her panties, the only clothing she had been wearing in bed, aware of Faith's eyes on her and knowing she'd instantly been diverted from her humiliation at Buffy's having heard her sing. Opening the shower door, Buffy slipped inside with her, wrapping her arms around Faith from behind and pulling her tight against her as she rested her chin on Faith's shoulder briefly. She felt the familiar thrilling tingle run over her at the physical contact with Faith and shivered slightly, her flesh almost sparking at the sensation of it. She found herself marveling at how enjoyable it was to Faith close to her, to feel the water running over them as she pressed herself into her, loving the feel of her warm, smooth wet skin.

She heard Faith's breath catch sharply, and Buffy stroked one hand up from her stomach slowly, bringing it to rest over her heart. She felt its beating quicken in response and smiled, pushing Faith's hair aside to kiss her neck. Apparently unable to stay still in Buffy's arms any longer, let alone remember to stay angry or upset about Buffy hearing her, Faith turned in her arms, beginning to return her kisses eagerly and with interest. For a couple of minutes Buffy let her, moaning softly as Faith's hand ran over her back and her butt, her stomach and breasts, as she nuzzled and sucked her way up Buffy's neck, then parted her lips with her own, kissing her deeply. Buffy kissed her back, one hand entwined in Faith's hair, the other stroking its way down her, from face to shoulder to back, all the way down to her butt.

Finally Buffy pulled away a little, giving them a chance to catch their breath. She rested her forehead briefly against Faith's as they continued holding each other, more loosely and affectionately than passionately now. She smiled down at her even though in their position it made them both cross-eyed.

"Still want me to leave, baby?" she whispered playfully, and Faith scowled at her, though Buffy knew she wasn't really mad.

"Smartass," she replied, giving the blonde an especially hard pinch in the aforementioned area. Buffy gave an obligatory yelp, flinching, but the indignant glower she gave the younger slayer was marred by her twitching lips.


"Nope, that's your role, B. I'm the slut, remember?" Faith said easily, and Buffy had to laugh, even though she knew both of them had at one point not found the verbal jabbing so funny. But that was in the past… things were different now, and so much better than Buffy had ever hoped for. She was happy now, and so was Faith, something they'd never thought they could have. What's more, she was happy with Faith… and that was truly amazing.

Buffy leaned in to give Faith a brief but tender kiss; her eyes were soft when she pulled away from her slightly, and she put up a hand to touch her cheek.

"You have a beautiful voice, sweetie," she said sincerely, softly, looking Faith in the eye. "I don't know why you don't want anyone to hear it."

She could feel Faith stiffen at her words, her easy smile fading, and she quickly dropped her eyes, even as Buffy kept firm hold of her chin.

"Right," Faith said roughly, laughing a little, but the sound was obviously forced. "I sound like a fuckin' frog, B."

Buffy frowned, trying to meet Faith's eyes as she tried, even with Buffy's hand on her face, to avoid them. Still, she caught a glimpse of them and knew immediately the darkness that was at their surface.

"Where would you get that idea?" she asked her quietly, stroking the base of Faith's spine with her thumb and feeling her loosen up slightly at her light touch. "It's not true at all. Who told you that, Faith?"

Faith did not answer, did not raise her eyes to Buffy's… but she didn't need to. Buffy already knew. For nothing but thoughts of her mother ever gave her quite the same shadowed, almost haunted look, made her posture lose nearly every bit of its usual self-assurance.

Understanding this, feeling her heart squeeze as her chest swelled with sadness for her, Buffy pulled Faith against her again, holding her closely, but more gently than before, stroking a hand slowly up and down her arm. Faith leaned into her, laying her head against Buffy's chest, though this was a bit awkward since she was a couple of inches taller. For a few minutes they were quiet as Buffy held her, giving Faith her wordless caring, and Faith allowed her to, for once not protesting against it.

After a few minutes Buffy ran a hand through Faith's hair, kissing her shoulder.

"I love your voice, baby," she repeated softly. "I wish you'd sing for me sometime."

Faith sighed, long, slightly shuddery, and when she spoke her voice was quiet, almost weak.

"I… I can't, B. I don't think I can. Sorry…"

Buffy hugged her briefly, kissing Faith's neck, feeling her heart jump as Faith's pulse spiked in response.

"Well," she said slowly, clasping her arms around Faith's waist, "if you only won't sing, that's okay, sweetie… I'll sing for the both of us then."

And she did; embracing Faith from behind, she rested her chin on her shoulder again, singing softly into her ear. She knew that her voice wasn't the greatest; it was thin, often on the verge of going off key, but still it seemed to relax Faith. Buffy could feel her body slowly loosening, leaning back into her heavily, even as Faiths' heart beat faster with her increasing sexual excitement. As Buffy held Faith against her under the shower's flow, singing to her, she wouldn't have thought it possible that she could feel any greater amount or intensity of love for her.

That is, until a few minutes later.. . when she heard Faith hesitantly begin to join in, her low alto voice adding harmony to Buffy's shaky soprano…