Last chapter: Danny stood up and pulled Phantom to his feet. They waved goodbye as they headed toward the door. I looked over to Danny's tray, and found most of his food still there. I watched them through the window as Phantom held onto him and flew them home.


Phantom casually flew in the direction of their home. Danny clung tighter to him, wrapping his legs around Phantom's waist. A content smile passed Danny's lips. Phantom glanced down and couldn't help but smile himself. "Didn't get enough video games?" Phantom teased as he tightened his grip on Danny. Danny playfully hit Phantom's shoulder.

"Or were you just getting jealous?" Phantom poked. Danny buried his face in Phantom's shoulder as he blushed. Phantom chuckled some as he went into Danny's bedroom. Phantom placed Danny on his bed but Danny didn't loosen his grip on Phantom. They remained that way for a few minutes before Phantom slowly kissed Danny's forehead. He quickly jumped off the bed and ran to the computer.

"I bet I'll beat you at this game!" Danny smirked at his remark as he got up.

"No way, I will beat you!" Danny soon joined him at the computer.

The next day at school while Danny was getting into his locker, he felt Sam's hand on his shoulder. He turned his head to her. "Hey Sam." He said as he grabbed his books and closed the locker. Tucker soon walked up as well.

"Dude are we going to play that new video game?" Tucker asked as he tucked his PDA back into his pocket. Danny thought for a moment.

"Umm sure Tucker." Danny stammered. Tucker high-fived him.

"Alright dude! See you after school!" Tucker headed off to class. Sam turned to him.

"Did you mean it?"

"Mean what?" Danny asked.

"Are you really going to play with him? You've been avoiding it for a few days now."

"I have not, and sure I will play with him." Danny argued as he walked toward his class. Sam rolled his eyes and followed.

"What about Phantom?"

"We can take turns when he's not busy with a ghost." Danny smoothly said. He risked a glance at Sam. She seemed to buy it.

"Well, okay then, just don't disappoint Tucker again." She told him as she quickly placed a kiss on his check and dashed off to class. Danny watched her disappear; keeping a hand on the cheek she'd just kissed. What do I do now? Danny thought.