Finding Magic

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Summary: Team Gai, while on routine boarder patrol run into a war hardened Harry Potter. In which Lee finds a new sensei, many a tongue lashing, and Gai finds some one who tells him to use his inside voice. N/HP crossover Yaoi

Warnings: Yaoi, if you have a problem leave. I will laugh at any badly written flames and point than out to every one so they can see just how stupid you sound.

Pairings: Gai/Harry. I'm a strong believer that Gai needs more love. Plus I've never seen one like this before. Others to be deiced.



Team Gai had been on boarder patrol for the last two weeks and even the ever optimistic Green Beasts had been unable to hide relieved grins as they made their way home.

"GAI-SENSEI, when we're back in the village I will DOUBLE my training to make up for our time on YOUTHFUL patrol to keep our village safe from UNYOUTHFUL intruders!!"

"My ADORIBLE STUDENT your FLAMES OF YOU-" The entire group stopped. Both Gai and Lee fell into defensive stances, kunai found themselves into Tentens' hands ready to be thrown, while Nejis' had his formed into the seal to activate his bloodline. "Neji."

The veins around Nejis eyes bulged, "Fifteen meters north-east, male unarmed, appears badly injured, no sign of confrontation." Neji voice was quiet; as the rest of the group looked to Gai for direction. His brows furrowed briefly before he gave a nod and the group headed toward the injured man with caution.

From the branches they looked upon the injured man. He was on his knees one hand using a tree to steady himself as he tried to stand. Gasping breaths rows from his throat, and his limbs seemed to twitch. His clothing was ripped and stained, and the coppery tang of blood drifted to the ninjas noses.

Silently the ninjas jumped from their branches, with their first step forward the strangers head snapped in their direction. Sharp green eyes unfocused and the ninjas felt a pulse of some strange chakra. Team Gai tensed and tried to jump back only to find they couldn't move. A sense of panic creped through them as the stranger looked from one to the next.

His eyes looked each one in the eyes before moving on, before locking eyes with Lee. Almost instantly his eyes focused and Lee seemed to tense even more so, eyes becoming glazed. Team Gai flinched, worry etched on their faces as Lee started to glow faintly. The stranger stilled, before standing stiffly movements jerky as he stepped towards Lee eyes stilled locked.

The stranger stopped an arms reach away; the muscles on his neck twitched as he began to mummer, his voice gaining strength. "Look away, look away, look away!" The panic rising in his voice, "LOOK AWAY". The strangers head snapped to the side, eyes clamped shut. He stumbled forward once before falling.

Lee jerked forwards, arms catching the falling man and lowering him gently to the forest floor. Dazed green eyes looked up, as Team Gai carefully moved to check on their younger green teammate. "I'm sorry Lee." Team Gai started as the raspy voice of the stranger. How did he know Lee's name, who was he?

"We should get back to the village." Gai' voice was stern as he stepped forward picking up the now unconscious teen. The team was quiet, all of them wondering what the hell had just happened and how the hell the were going to explain this to Tsunade.


N/A: This is my first story, and the chapters are going to be short until I get into the swing of writing. Reviews would be nice and questions about thing I didn't cover clearly I'll try to explain. I hope you liked the first chapter more to come before the month is up.