Finding Magic

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Summary: Team Gai, while on routine boarder patrol run into a war hardened Harry Potter. In which Lee finds a new sensei, many a tongue lashing, and Gai finds some one who tells him to use his inside voice. N/HP crossover Yaoi

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Pairings: Gai/Harry. I'm a strong believer that Gai needs more love. Plus I've never seen one like this before. Others to be deiced.

Notes: This takes place about two months before Naruto returns and is AU for book 6 &7 of Harry Potter.


Chapter Sixteen

It was almost dark when Maito Gai knocked on his rivals door, a grin firmly in place. Today had been a good day, all his students showed great promise. Sadly though it looked like Lee would have to miss this exam, but his adorable student hadn't despaired for long, his Youth shining as brightly as ever.

Gai almost bounced in place thinking how magic might help his chakra impaired student. He had never put much thought into how Lee would advance in rank with the chakra obsessed council judging the test. And he wasn't thinking of that as Kakashi opened his door not even bothering with a proper greeting, just pointing to his closet and leaving Gai at the door to go back to reading his book.

Slightly puzzled, but to excited to ask Gai closed the door behind him and flung the closet door open with more force than necessary. "Good evening Harry-sensei, I'm here as promised to go over your lesson plans for Lee." Only silence answered, and Gai took a little closer look into the once closet.

Harry was facing away from the door hunched over an over turned box that was covered with lose parchment. From the movement of his shoulder he looked to be writing, and as he watched a hand holding a feathered quill reached out and snatched up a piece of parchment that had fallen to the floor. But what made Gai pause before stepping into the room was the unnatural silence that strangely seemed to press out of the living space.

"Harry-sensei?" Gai asked, brows furrowed and his lips tugged down in a frown. When Harry didn't react, Gai took a hesitant step into the room. He almost flinched at the sudden but quite influxes of noise and the tingling feeling that danced briefly over his skin.

Without turning around Harry said, "Damn it, I already told you I wont erase Umino's memories. I don't care if-" Gai cleared his throat.

"I think you have me confused with someone else, Harry-sensei." At the sound of Gai's voice Harry looked over his shoulder, a small, oh, escaping his mouth, and looking a little sheepish.

"My apologies Maito-san, I thought you were Hatake. He has been bothering me all day, I even had to put up a silencing ward just to get any work done." Harry gestured to the spot across from him, "Have a seat, I have a basic outline ready, but it's limited." Gai paused half way to the floor at hearing that, and his face hardened.

"Limited how?" He asked, settling completely on the floor. Harry glanced at Gai, before turning back to shuffling papers.

"When wizards first learn how to use magic it's with a wand or some other sort of conductor. Since I have no sure way to get one for him, I'll have to do every thing in reverse. Here it is!" Harry said, handing a piece of parchment to him. "It doesn't matter much anyway, as I'm going to have to start with meditation and visualization anyway."

Gai scanned over it, noticing the hesitant looking print. It was almost illegible, a few places being crossed out or covered with a blot of ink. He didn't comment on it, just folded it and placed it in his side pouch. He would have to read over it more carefully later.

"Lee already meditates, and why can't you just let him use your wand?" He asked, and Harry blinked and chuckled before answering.

"The wand chooses the wizard." He quoted with a fond smile. "Using another wizards wand is never a good idea. Although it could work, it could also have some very negative results. A year mate of mine had to use his father's wand for the first five years of his schooling, and he was considered almost a squib until he got his own."


"A person born from magical parents who can't use magic." Harry waved his hand dismissing the subject. "And I'm sure you already have your students meditating, but I'm going to have to have Lee find his magical center. I imagine it would be similar to finding your chakra." Gai nodded his head, seeing his point. "It will also help with accidental magic, I'm not sure but it should already be calming down to only small infrequent outbursts."

Gai's brows furrowed, "Just what is accidental magic?" This had been a question that had be bothering him for awhile, and he was determined to get an answer from Harry now.

"Accidental magic, is what it sounds like; magic that was performed accidentally." At Gai's blank look he continued. "It is usually the result of high emotion, and correct me if I'm wrong; but Lee seems the emotional type."

"Lee is a Youthful young man." Gai said. "What is visualization?"

"Another thing that Lee has to do because I wont be able to get him a wand. Basically he will have to visualize what he wants his magic to do. Mostly this has to do with levitation, some transfiguration, and if he has any talent for it, conjuring and banishment. If Lee can do that, I'll start him on jinxes and charms." Harry explained.

Gai nodded along with his eyes closed to Harry's vague lesson plans. "Would you like a small demonstration?" Harry asked. Gai's eyes popped open and a toothy smile stretched across his face.

"Of course Harry-sensei. Will you be using your wand?" He inquired. Harry shook his head.

"I think it would be prudent to be wandless when I teach Lee." With that Harry gave a small wave of his hand causing the quill on his makeshift table to rise level with his hand. Lowering his hand he placed it back on the table where with a flick of this wriest the quill turned into a clear glass. Cupping his hands over the quill turned glass, with look of concentration, water began to pool in his hands to trickle into the glass.

During the entire process, Gai, was slightly amazed at the display of magic. To think, his protégé would be able to do all that. He knew somewhere in the back of his mind that all that he had just been shown was parlor tricks. He could also see how these tricks could be used in missions.

"Maito-san," Harry said, voice quiet. "Am I wrong in thinking that Lee believes his magic to be a curse." Gai sighed, mind snapping back to the present.

"Unfortunately, that's true." Gai nodded. "He has not confided in me his reason's, but I believe he considers it cheating." At Harry's questioning look Gai decided to explain farther. "Lee has never be able to us chakra, as a result he wants to prove that he can be an excellent shinobi using only taijutsu and hard work."

Harry only nodded, musing, then laughed under his breath a small smile lighting his face. "Magic, in a way, is cheating." Harry said, his smile growing. "It goes against almost every law of nature, but so does chakra. And nothing says that I have to teach him how to use his magic for combat. I he wishes it, I can leave it to mere parlor tricks. Hell, he might not even have the potential for combative magic's."

"I doubt that." Gai said, voice leaving no room for argument. "Lee thrives in a fight, the more challenging the better!" Harry smirked, Gai's words leading him to an answer to the problem that had been troubling him from the start. But how to pull it off…

"Gai-san, I challenge you." Harry said, his smirk taking on a smug edge. "My magic against your taijutsu." It took only a moment for Harry to feel a twinge of regret as Gai's face slip in a grin and he stood up into what Harry had come to learn as the Good Guy pose.

"I accept your challenge Harry-sensei!" Gai looked about ready to drag Harry out right that minute, so Harry quickly added.

"Tomorrow. Two o'clock at training ground seven." Gai frowned, crossing his arms and looking at Harry sternly.

"Harry-sensei, I did not take you to be as Unyouthful as to forget the time and place for Lee's lesson's." Harry was grinning now.

"I didn't forget anything Gai-san. I just think that Lee might benefit from seeing just how magic could aid him in his life as a shinobi." Gai's frown disappeared, his grin snapping back into place as he finally understood what the challenge was about. Emotion welled up inside his chest as manly tears started streaming down his face.

In an instant he snatched the man before him into a manly hug, overjoyed with the Englishman's brilliant idea. "I apologize, Harry-sensei, for doubting your dedication to your task as Lee's instructor for the magical arts."

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