Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters created by the wonderful and amazingly talented Stephenie Meyer

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters created by the wonderful and amazingly talented Stephenie Meyer. I only own my own ideas and thoughts


I looked down at the little piece of plastic that lay in my hands. This couldn't be happening. Vampires couldn't have children! I was awe struck, and then it hit me. What is Edward going to say? Would he want the baby? Is he going to leave me again? I knew this would be the end of our relationship if he knew. Oh, I really needed to get out of here. I started packing my duffle bag and ran out of the house after leaving Charlie a note. I had another letter written for the Cullen family that I was going to leave them. My truck seemed like the only safe place for me in the world right now, as I drove up the drive leading me to the Cullen's big white mansion my heart pounded faster and harder then it ever has before. Fortunately the entire Cullen family was having a hunting trip in Canada this weekend so nobody was going to be home. I allowed myself in using my emergency key that Edward had given me and walked over the flat screen TV and did what I never thought I would have to do. I ran out of the house tears streaming down my face.


This was the longest weekend ever. I sat in my Volvo waiting for everyone to arrive at the car.

"Come on Edward. Seriously we all know you want to see Bella but can you ease up on the emotions? It's upsetting!" Jasper said while sliding in next to me in the car. The next to arrive was my pixie of a sister Alice. Lastly Rosalie and Emmett came holding hands into the car. We were to meet Esme and Carlisle at home so with all my passengers in the car I drove fast to our house. It only took us about 1 hour to get from Canada to Forks by the speed I was doing. As soon as we stepped in the house Emmett went to play his Xbox live. I heard a girly scream come out of Emmett and rushed to see what had caused him do act the way he did. On the TV screen was a letter from Bella. I grabbed it and read it through:

Dear Cullen Family,

I am really sorry that I am doing this but it is for everyone's own good. I just wanted to say good bye and thank you to you all for being my family away from home.

Esme- Thank you for being my mother when my real mother couldn't be there. You were always extremely supportive and even though you would be now also, I must do this account that I cannot trust everyone to give me that same type of supports.

Carlisle- Thank you for being my father when I needed and I would also like to thank you for always being there to fix me when I got hurt. (This sadly was a lot).

Emmett- You were not only a huge huggable teddy bear but my big brother. You were always there for me ready to beat the crap out of whoever tried to hurt me (including Edward)

Rosalie- I know we were never really on good terms but I will always think of you as a sister. I know if I really needed to I could turn you for anything.

Jasper- I really wanted to thank you for everything. I do forgive you for what happened on my birthday and I will always love you brother!!

Alice- Believe it or not I actually really enjoyed those shopping trips. You were my sister and my best friend and I wish we could have had more "sleepovers"! Please keep an eye out for Edward. Don't let him hurt himself because of me. I still truly and always will love him.

Edward- Please understand and don't be mad at me… don't come looking for me either. I probably will not keep in touch because I think I should leave with a clean break. I will always and forever love your no matter where I go in life. I am begging you to forgive me and move on with your life. Oh, and don't be mad at Alice. This wasn't planned. Something came up and her visions wouldn't have seen me leave. Also, don't worry about me. I am not going to hurt myself. I just really need to do this. It has nothing to do with the fact of what you are and I am really really sorry! Take care.

Love forever and a day,


I read and re read the letter and then dropped to my knees and began to sob tearless sobs