"Miss Bella Swan." the nurse called. I got up out of the hard hospital chair and followed her into a near room. I lay down on the hard and uncomfortable bed and waited for the doctor. There was a very high Tec sonogram hanging from the wall next to my bed. Man, I wish Edward could be here with me now. Why did I ever leave him?

"Good afternoon Miss Isabella Swan. I am Doctor Lewis and I will be your doctor throughout your pregnancy unless you decide to go somewhere else again. Well, please lift up your shirt and we can get started. Do you know how far along you are?"

"About 5 months" I said.

"Okay thank you." The doctor wrote something down on a clipboard and then rubbed this cold gooey gel on my stomach. It was cold. I shivered not from the temperature but because of how much it reminded me of Edward. Dr. Lewis rubbed a tube thing over my stomach and then pointed at a spot on the screen.

"See there? There is baby #1. Here is baby #2." he said. I already knew I was having twins.

"Hold on one second," he moved the tube to a different spot, "and here is baby #3." I stared at him and then darkness took over me.

"Miss Swan, are you okay?" he asked me when I came back to consciousness.

"Yes, sorry. Um… May I go now?" I asked quickly. He nodded and I wiped the goop off my stomach and pulled my shirt down.

I drove fast down the highway. I needed to go back to forks; I just couldn't do this on my own anymore. I passed Charlie's vacant house… he had died in a car crash during work 2 months ago. I saw Mike and Jessica sitting in front of the ice cream shop kissing. They were to be married in the next few months. I made my way up the familiar path and turned into the drive leading towards the Cullen mansion. I prayed to god that he would still be living here. I walked up the steps and noticed that a light was on in the house. I rang the doorbell and waited. The door opened and there tood Rosalie.

"May I help you?" she asked not recognizing me.

"Yea, I am looking for a Mr. Edward Cullen," I said biting my lip.

"B-B-Bella? You're um…" she said while looking at me stomach, "Come in. Please have a seat." I walked in and sat on one of the couches. My letter was hanging on the wall in a frame. Didn't they miss me that much?

"Bella, I will go get Edward"

"You all can come in you know. I am not going to hurt you" I said. The entire family walked in and sat around me.

"Bella…" Alice began, "Is that why you left?"

"I will talk about this when your brother comes down the stairs." Edward. I couldn't stop my heart from beating like crazy. Just thinking his name made me go crazy.

"Bella, calm down. That is not good for the babies." Carlisle warned. I breathed in and out. I started to calm down and then Edward walked into the room. When he saw me his entire face lit up, but then he frowned and sat down.

"Bella. Why did you come?" he asked roughly.

"Edward, I… I…." I couldn't think of anything to say.

"Bella, who the hell is the father?" he asked quizitivly.

"Edward. Their yours." I simply replied. Everyone was looking at me like I was crazy.

"Edward, I came back because yesterday I went to the doctor in Seattle and apparently there are 3 and I-." I said slowly.

"I am extremely sorry, but their not mine."

"Edward would I ever sleep with anyone other then you?"

"Bella vampires…. the ones who are dammed….cannot….. Have….. CHILDREN!" he shouted before running out the door. I stared shock, tears were falling freely now. The family quickly dispersed leaving me alone, crying. Alice came back a little while later carrying a plate of food and while I ate she whispered, "Bella, I believe you." I am not sure how she would know but Alice is Alice…


I ran and ran trying to think about what Bella just told me. The women that left me all those months ago is telling me now that she is pregnant with my child, children. Ugh… it was impossible… We never even, just one time I slipped!