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By the time I had finished recalling the warped vision of my childhood, it was already time to return to headquarters. However, before I exited the room, Mika squealed, "Oh, yeah, what day is today?"

I shrugged.

She tilted her head and thought deeply for a moment or two, then smiled and said, "Happy Halloween!"

I scoffed. "What? It can't be Hallow—" I then recollected the past few days, then recalled when Mika's wedding was.

"Can we go trick-or-treatin'?"

Her blurb interrupted my thoughts. "Oh. Um. I don't know. You want to?" I paused, half-turning towards her. "You're nineteen!"

She pointed her nose up high in the air and placed her hand over her heart. "But I'll be a kid inside forever!"

I stood, unmoved. I awkwardly stared at her, not necessarily in disbelief, but the whole thing just didn't process. "Um. Sure. I don't know when. I—"

"Tell whoever—that creepy guy, right?—to make it a holiday! 'Cause I know that trick-or-treating isn't everywhere in Japan, but they're giving candy and having a costume contest at the mall, and—"

I grew exhausted of her. "No."

She was taken aback. "What? Why not? Why don't you wanna—"

"Mika, I'll be blunt with you. I'm not in the best of moods. Frankly, I'm miserable, and I could care less to skip around begging for crap that you can get at a dollar store." I didn't regret the words after I said them, I just got angry. I turned the rest of the way to face her. "Feel free to do whatever you want, just don't rely on me to accompany you on every little nauseating adventure that you go out to seek." I had noticed that my back had straightened and I held my head higher. And my voice, as angry as I was, wasn't; it sounded cold and absolute.

A hot wave of fear washed over my entire being, and I knew that I was changing for the worse. Sure, I could've said that when I could no longer eat and started to vomit blood, and I could even have said the same thing when I was ten and had to cut myself and try my best to hide the scars because I was cursed and not suicidal.

I've taken several turns for the worse, but none of them had made me a monster. At worst description, I was a pitiable creature with a sealed fate and had somewhat given up on her life, but had hope in the lives of others. But now, would I even have that? By scorning the feelings and lives of others, I was on the verge of being just what Adelle wanted me to be.

I was going to be just like her.

"Oh, I'm sorry…" I could tell she was trying to steady her voice. "I didn't know you felt that way…" She sniffed. "Well, then, I might go by myself… I'll see ya…"

I glowered. "Have fun." I turned on my heel and exited the room. It wasn't until the elevator took me to the floor of headquarters did I realize that I hadn't changed my clothes since yesterday. Knowing this, I felt disgusting and dirty, but not enough to actually care what those around me thought. So, I walked into headquarters and took my seat. My mind felt clouded and clear at the same time.

I finally felt as if I didn't care about anyone's view of me. I actually felt as if I were somehow sitting on a platform far away and up higher than everyone. It wasn't exactly a feeling of arrogance, for I never really had a desire to impress those around me, but now, I felt detached, and I really couldn't care less about anyone's thoughts or feelings.

This revelation worried me, but the anxiousness that I felt from this seemed far away, like someone else was feeling it, and I was just sensing its presence, but not actually feeling it. All of my emotions seemed that way. Even my irritation with Mika, I wasn't truly furious on any level, I was simply annoyed and decided to tell her so.

As I sat there for a brief moment, L half-heartedly announced that if anyone wanted a treat, like a candy or pastry, they could feel free. I turned my head toward him and saw his back facing me from across the room, with his eyes, as usual, glued to the computer. The sweets he had referred to were on a shiny white platter with gold edging. It was placed next to where he was sitting on a computer desk. Since it was pretty random and far away compared to the rest of the group, no one bothered to get any, even if they had wanted to.

As I mindlessly went through files on the computer and on paper, I tried to work out the details of my murdering Kyle and pushing Light's guilt into the limelight. I realized, if I could channel my power to speak my thoughts, I could make Light seem as if he had schizophrenia. Though that issue is completely separate from being a murderer, I could drive him far enough to peak of insanity, to make him kill Kyle. It would be perfect—Light would write Kyle's name, Light would get the blame. Even if Light recognized my voice in his thoughts, what did it really matter?

I smirked to myself and inclined my head forward so no one would see. I was almost gleeful. I wondered how good of a person I was to derive such joy from a person's demise, but because this person was Kyle, I had no regrets.

As I turned away from the computer that was shutting down and the now closed file cabinets, I had the pleasure of having L's face and inch or so away from mine in greeting.

"Hey, Ryuuzaki," I muttered, keeping a bored expression on my face.

"Hello, Demetra." His large black eyes, as empty as they were, still managed to bore back into mine, like they were looking for something. "I noticed that you weren't in the best of moods this morning." He paused, never looking away. He reached into his pocket and held his hand in a fist close to my face. "These always make me feel better. I hope they do the same for you." He opened his hand and I saw what looked to be a truffle candy. He took one of my hands with his free one and placed the chocolate in my palm. Looking at it, I found that it was a ganache, which is a pretty high quality candy.

It was in a silk wrapping, not paper like most sweets are. I soon realized that it was a Madeline from Fritz Knipschildt. Yes, a mouthful, I know, but that little thing is one of the most expansive and high quality candies in the world. I only knew this because I would find L munching on them and tossing the box in the trashcan, but the labels were still visible. A nifty little card and letter would come with each box, too, to explain how each candy was individually made with care and a whole bunch of other components.

I looked back at him and forced a smile in appreciation. "Thanks, Ryuuzaki." I gently closed my fingers around the ganache, lowering my hand. I awkwardly took a step back and tried to make the rest of my exit as graceful as possible.


I stopped at the door and looked back. "Yeah, Ryuuzaki?" I tried to make my voice a sweet as possible without overdoing it.

"This may sound strange to you now, but please know that you may speak to me about anything that may be bothering you. In this case, I've been able to make some friends, something I've never had before." He stood, tilting his head at a slight angle, waiting for me to reply.

I had absolutely nothing to say. I eyed him thoughtfully. "Thanks, Ryuuzaki."

He started talking quickly in a shy mumbling manner. "You know, you and Light are my only friends. I've come to like most everyone on the team for their own characteristics and I've grown used to their presence, but you and Light I seem to have a certain and different attraction to." He rubbed the top of his left foot with his right. "And don't think it's because I have suspected you two of being involved with Kira. It's not a fascination or ploy to expose you, I genuinely like you." He scratched the back of his head, looking away momentarily, then quickly returned his gaze to me. "I make friends differently than most people. I'd really be surprised if you or Light honestly considered me a friend in return—"

I smiled. "Yes, I've realized." I paused, looking at an imaginary point far away. My eyes trailed back to him. "However, if you care enough to be a real friend," My smile broadened, revealing teeth. "Then I have no real choice except to accept your friendship and be a friend in return." I tilted my head, mirroring him, trying to express my thoughts clearly so I wouldn't be misunderstood. "If you're willing to be my friend, why would I turn you away? This world is big, and lives are so fragile. We should make as many friends as possible and as little enemies as we can."

"But, Demetra, most often we are better off having as little friends as possible, for having too many friends hints that some of them are frauds." He lowered his hand from his head and into his pocket.

"We don't make friends. We discover them. And there are very few out there. However, maybe we can be friends." I placed my hand without the candy on my hip, my face still friendly. "Unless one or two is too many."

He took a step closer to me. "'If someone leaves this world with just one friend, they are lucky.' Do you not know that quote?"

I shrugged. "Maybe we're lucky."

His mouth twitched for a brief moment into what I believed was a smile. "I suppose that's always a possibility."

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