The Two Knights

Disclaimer: I don't own Batman or Iron Man. DC has the rights to Batman and Marvel has the rights to Iron Man.

Summary: What happens when Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark, two of the world's biggest billionaires (and heroes), meet?

Note: I called this The Two Knights because Batman is the Dark Knight, and Iron Man is the Iron Knight. Most of you probably knew that already.

The clouds above Gotham City were gray and dark, sending out raindrops that littered the ground below them. The moon was barely seen, its gleaming light practically blocked out by the dark clouds surrounding it. It was approximately 9:00 PM. Citizens were in their homes, staying out of the outside area where the rain was pouring relentlessly.

However, two men walked in the shadows of the night, both holding a brown sack. The two were wearing ski masks, concealing their true identities. They approached the building of the Gotham City Bank, and they walked towards the back of the bank toward the back entrance door. There was a small pad on the side with buttons on it, and a code had to be input in order to open the entrance.

One of the robbers spoke up. "Dammit. We need a code."

The other smirked. "Got it right here," he waved a small piece of paper in between his fingers, and there were numbers and letters written on it.

"Where'd you get that?"

"Doesn't matter right now. Now hurry up and put in the code, I don't want to have a run-in with the Bat."

His comrade grabbed the piece of paper and held it in front of him, and he began pressing the buttons corresponding to the symbols on the sheet. When he pressed the last button of the code, a "click" was heard, and the man pushed the door open.

The two stepped into the bank, and one of them closed the door behind them.

"Turn on the lights."

The lights flicked on, and immediately the robbers grinned.

"Bingo, baby."

Around them were a bunch of safes attached to the wall, each holding a significant amount of money in them. The locks on the safes were all shot with both of the robber's guns, and the doors of the safes swung open. Heavy amounts of cash were revealed.

Luckily, a security officer heard the bullet shots and immediately began to dial the police.

Commissioner Gordon sat in his seat in his office, a hand propping up his drooping face. His eyes were tired and he often began to fall asleep. When the phone rang, he jumped out of his seat, simultaneously wiping dry drool from his lips. After listening for a few seconds, he slammed the phone on the receiver and ran out of the office.

In the Batcave, Bruce Wayne was working on the Tumbler diligently. He was lying down on the ground under the huge vehicle, a box of tools next to his feet. The bottom of the Tumbler scraped against spikes set up on the road by one of the criminals he was chasing during one of his "adventures," and one of the spikes seriously damaged the vehicle, leaving a huge hole on the bottom.

Alfred, Bruce's butler, walked inside the cave and examined the Tumbler, also seeing the man under it. "Master Bruce, from here I can tell that it will be impossible to get this vehicle fixed."

Bruce grunted as he twisted a bolt with a wrench. "Ah, Alfred. A little support wouldn't help."

The elderly butler sighed and opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by a beeping sound. Suddenly a large screen in the middle of the cave began to light up, and it revealed the night sky of Gotham City. It also focused on one of the gray clouds, upon which the Bat-symbol was on.

"The Bat-signal, sir." Alfred remarked.

Bruce was already dressing into his Batsuit. "I'll be back, Alfred."

Alfred looked at the Tumbler then began to say, "But, what are you going to use…"

Bruce, or Batman now, sat on the Bat-cycle and interrupted, "This." He started the cycle and began to speed out of the cave, a huge door opening in front of him.

The safes in the bank were now empty, and the brown sacks the two criminals carried were filled with the money. They were running out of the building while the alarm blared throughout the area.

"Goodnight sir," one of them yelled, laughing as he passed by the body of the dead security guard. A bullet hole with blood pouring out was seen on the guard's chest.

The two escaped the building and were greeted by the heavy rain. They began to run across the street, carrying the two money-filled bags on their shoulders. One of the criminals looked up at the sky, and he caught a glimpse of the bat-symbol upon a cloud.

"Dammit! The Bat-signal!" he yelled toward his partner.

The other growled in response, and the two ran into a dark alley as police sirens were beginning to sound. They were gasping for breath as they rested behind a dumpster.

"Dude… We can't rest… They're gonna catch us…" he stopped to catch his breath. "We gotta… Keep running."

"Yeah… C'mon let's – AHH!" the man was suddenly pulled up from the ground by a thin rope, and he dropped the bag of money from his hand. He disappeared from sight.

"What the hell?!" the other criminal screamed, looking around the alley. He held out his gun, his finger already on the trigger, ready to shoot whatever he sees next. He was breathing harder now, not out of fatigue, but out of fear.

He began to shoot the walls around him. "Where the hell are you?!" he yelled, shooting more bullets into the brick wall in front of him. He looked up, and a shadow began to fall upon him.

He didn't have the time to react and fire his weapon.

A few minutes passed by and policemen began to enter the alley with their guns out in front of them. They lowered their weapons when they found the two robbers unconscious, tied together by a rope. The two bags of money were in front of the unconscious bodies.

Commissioner Gordon stepped out of a police car and examined the two bodies in the alley. He gave a small grin as the pouring rain began to lessen, and he looked to his right just in time to see a man in black on a motorcycle riding away into the night.

The metal doors of the secret Bat-cave entrance opened slowly as Batman neared toward them. He rode inside the cave as the doors began to shut, and then the cycle stopped as Batman stepped out of the cycle.

The cowl of the Batsuit was removed and Bruce stood there for a while before saying, "I need to get that Tumbler fixed." He sighed and began to remove the suit as Alfred walked into the cave once again.

"How was the ride, Master Bruce?" he asked, poking fun at the billionaire's hatred of being unable to use the Tumbler.

Bruce removed the whole suit then said, "I am not leaving this cave until that thing is fixed."

Alfred rolled his eyes and said, "You certainly can't be in here during the Entrepreneur Party. Do you realize how many people will be attending, Master Bruce?"

Bruce began to put on work clothes and replied, "Yeah, whatever." He grabbed a toolbox and got under the Tumbler again. He struggled with a bolt under the vehicle and grunted loudly.

The butler noticed his struggle and responded, "You know, Tony Stark is going to be here."

Bruce grunted again. "Your point, Alfred?"

"I bet he can fix it."

"I can fix it." The billionaire quickly said. "It's just that I'm doing it in a slow pace. I can…" Another grunt. "Pretty much do anything that 'Iron Man' can do." He was in the middle of twisting something when black dust sprayed out on his face.

Alfred gave a small laugh and said, "I'll get you a cloth, sir."

Bruce wiped off a small amount of the black dust on his face and continued to work on the Tumbler. "Pfft, Tony Stark… I can fix this." He got out from under the vehicle and stepped inside the driver seat, pressing a button to start it.

Nothing happened.

Bruce gave a frustrated sigh and buried his face in his hands.

"Entrepreneur Party – that's kinda corny, isn't it?"

Tony Stark sipped his martini and sat back in his chair, reading an invitation in front of him. "Oh would you look at that it's at Wayne Manor. Exciting." He tossed the letter behind him and took another sip of his martini.

Ms. Pepper Potts took the letter off the ground and put it back on Tony's lap. "You're going."


"Why not?"

"I asked first."


Mr. Stark rolled his eyes and stood up, turning around to face Ms. Potts. "What's the point of going to a party whose organizer will ditch everyone like he always does?"

"Are you talking about Bruce Wayne?" she asked.

"Yes, I am. The man has all these parties and leaves during the middle of them." Tony drank the rest of his martini. "Face it, Ms. Potts, the man has no heart."

"And you're to talk."

"Ooh, good comeback."

Pepper Potts rolled her eyes. "Just go. C'mon, you're always working. You gotta take a break once in a while."

Mr. Stark sighed and replied, "Fine. Fine. Whatever… Pack up. You're coming with me."


"You heard me."


Tony mockingly rolled his eyes. "'Just go. C'mon, you're always working. You gotta take a break once in a while.'"

Pepper folded her arms. "I'm only working 'cause you make me."

"Yes, and now I'm making you come with me to Gotham City."

She threw her hands up in the air in defeat. "Okay. Fine." She began to walk away but then said, "You know, I don't see what you have against Bruce. I heard he's actually a very nice guy."

Tony began to walk away as well. "Yeah. I'll be the judge of that, Ms. Potts."