The Two Knights

The Two Knights

Disclaimer: I don't own Batman or Iron Man. DC has the rights to Batman and Marvel has the rights to Iron Man.

Summary: What happens when Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark, two of the world's biggest billionaires (and heroes), meet?

Chapter 1

Bruce Wayne was fixing his tie in front of a mirror in his room, getting ready for the Entrepreneur Party that was about to begin. Alfred stood behind him holding Bruce's blazer.

"Time, Alfred?"

"A quarter to seven, sir." He replied, assisting the billionaire with putting on the blazer. "Hopefully you can stay the whole night."

A fully dressed Bruce Wayne stood in front of the mirror. "Can't guarantee that."

The two left the bedroom and towards the elevator.

"Did you fix the Tumbler, sir?" Alfred asked, pushing the button to open the elevator door. "Or shall I request Tony Stark for his assistance?"

Bruce stepped inside with the butler, pressing the button to the ground floor of the Wayne Manor. There was a short silence before he said, "I'll talk to Stark." The doors of the elevator closed.

"I am standing outside of the Wayne Manor, the location of the grand Entrepreneur Party. There are many businesspeople walking inside right now, so it's obviously going to be a big night." A news reporter said, holding a microphone and standing in front of a camera. "Would you look at that! It's the Iron Man himself!"

The camera shifted to a man stepping out of a Lamborghini, along with a blonde haired woman. He was wearing sunglasses and waving to the media surrounding him.

"Thank you, thank you I appreciate it. It's really a pleasure to be here in Gotham City." Tony remarked, walking up the stairs into the Wayne mansion. "Please, please, no autographs."

"Must you be so prideful?" Pepper Potts said quietly, walking beside Mr. Stark.

"Oh c'mon, you're used to it."

The two stepped inside the mansion, and surrounding the entire area were businesspeople from around the world, all talking amongst themselves. Some turned and greeted Tony, shaking his hand or patting his back.

"Hey, hello there." Tony said, walking further into the mansion. A hand on his shoulder stopped him, forcing him to turn around.


"Why, hello there, um…" Tony tried to think of the man's name. "Who are you?"

"Oh, pardon my manners. I'm Abraham Erksine." He shook Tony's hand and said, "I'm the developer of Operation: Rebirth."

"Super-Soldier." Tony said.

The scientist nodded. "Exactly."

"Who's your friend?" Stark said, referring to a blonde-haired man at Erksine's side.

"Oh, I almost forgot." Abraham said. "This is Steve Rogers."

Steve shook hands with Tony. "It's an honor to meet you, sir."

"Likewise. So what are you here for, Mr. Steve Rogers?" Tony replied.

"Steve here actually volunteered for the Super-Soldier Project." Abraham interrupted. "He says he wants to serve his country no matter what the cost."

"Ah. But why not just join the army?" Tony asked.

Steve sighed. "I tried, but I didn't make it. I think you can guess how, looking at my scrawny little body. That's why I want to be a 'Super-Soldier'. I want to serve my country, and I need that body in order to do it."

Tony raised his eyebrows, admiring the man's dedication. "So you sort of want to be like a… Captain for America."

"You can say that." Steve said.

"Well, I wish you luck on that, Mr. Rogers." He shook hands with him again and also with Abraham Erskine. "It was a pleasure meeting you two."

Tony and Ms. Potts walked away.

"Captain for America?" Pepper asked.

"Hey, I think it's catchy. Captain America sounds a little better though." Tony replied. He searched the area for a certain billionaire, but he failed to find him. "Now where is Bruce Wayne…?"

As if on cue, an elevator door in front of the ground floor opened, revealing Bruce Wayne and Alfred.

"Ah. Ms. Potts, you go enjoy yourself. I'm going to have a talk with Mr. Wayne here." He said, walking toward the other billionaire.

Pepper Potts folded her arms. "You're just gonna ditch me like that?"

"Yep. Have fun." Was the response.

"Ugh. Men." She said to herself, walking toward the table of food.

Bruce shook hands with other businessmen, thanking them for going to the party. He stood in the center of the room and grabbed a microphone from Alfred.

"Excuse me, may I have your attention." He spoke into it, quieting down everyone in the area. "First of all, I'd like to thank you for taking your time out to come to this party. Let me introduce myself. You all probably know me, but for those that don't, my name is Bruce Wayne, and I am the owner of Wayne Enterprises. Please, enjoy yourselves, and more importantly, have a great night."

The crowd of entrepreneurs applauded, and they began to talk amongst themselves again.

"Listen, Alfred, I need for you to take the Tumbler outside. Just hook it up to the back of a truck, and bring it out to the back." He placed the keys to the truck in Alfred's hand.

"Right away, Master Bruce." Alfred said, walking towards the secret entrance to the Batcave.

"Well, hello there, Mr. Wayne." A voice behind him said.

Bruce turned, and then smiled after seeing whom it was. "Mr. Stark."

The two shook hands.

"Nice place you got here. By the way call me Tony."

"Okay, Tony. How do you like Gotham City so far?" Bruce asked.

"Good city. I'm hoping to catch a glimpse of that Bat."

"You mean Batman?"

"Yes. I mean Batman." Tony replied.

Bruce nodded. "Yeah, I've seen him once or twice."

"Oh, I hear you're a fan of the night life."

"You have no idea."

Tony chuckled. "Yeah, so am I."

"So, where're you staying?" Bruce asked. "A hotel? Or… what?"

Stark shrugged. "Haven't really thought about that yet."

"Hey, why don't you crash here tonight? I've got a couple guestrooms." Bruce said.

Tony eyed him for a while. "What's the catch…?"

Bruce paused, and then said, "I need you to fix something."

A car was going up the driveway of the infamous Gotham City Prison: Arkham Asylum. It stopped at the front of the building's front doors, and the door of the driver's seat opened. A man stepped out, wearing a coat and hat.

The man walked up the steps of the Asylum and knocked on the door. After a while, it opened up, and the man said,

"Jeremiah Arkham?"

Jeremiah nodded slowly. "Yes… And, uh… Who are you?"

"My name is Obadiah Stane."

Jeremiah stood there for a few seconds, silent, before Obadiah spoke up again.

"I need to talk to the Joker."

The two billionaires were walking outside of the Manor, talking with each other.

"What do you need me to fix again?" Tony asked.

Bruce decided not to respond. He just kept walking along. He occasionally looked around, just in case anyone else was watching or following them. After a few more minutes, the two got to the Tumbler.

"That," Mr. Wayne finally answered.

Tony Stark stood there for a while, examining the huge vehicle in front of him. He walked around it, admiring every part of the Tumbler. "Amazing…" he remarked. "This is… Incredible."

Bruce nodded. "Yeah. Look under it though."

Tony got on all fours and took a peek under the vehicle. "Ooh, that's a big scratch." He stood up and brushed off dirt on his suit. "But I can fix it."

Mr. Wayne smiled.

Obadiah Stane walked along side Jeremiah Arkham. He looked to his side, and he saw a bunch of cellars with criminals in them. 'Batman does this all by himself?' he thought to himself. His thoughts were interrupted when Jeremiah said,

"We're here."

Obadiah was looking at a window in front of him, and he got a view of the room inside. There was a man sitting on a chair in the middle of the room, staring right back at him, though he didn't know what was outside of the room. His clothes were dirty, but he was wearing dress clothes. His hair was messy, and he was wearing makeup on his face. His outer face was painted white, with a red line going across his mouth in the form of a smile. His eyes had black around them.

"Why do you need to speak with him?" Jeremiah asked.

Obadiah ignored him and said, "Open the door."

Jeremiah eyed him then took out keys from his pocket. He put one of them into the lock and twisted it, opening the door. Once Obadiah walked inside, he closed it shut and locked it.

Stane stood in front of the door for a few seconds, and then walked towards the Joker. "So… You're the Joker."

He just sat there, no response whatsoever.

"C'mon, don't be shy." Obadiah said. "Smile."

The Joker suddenly turned to face him, staring daggers into him. The sudden movement startled Obadiah. "Good evening, sir. Thank you for paying me visit. I get lonely in here." He turned his whole body to face him.

"My name is Obadiah… I need to talk to you." Obadiah replied.

The Joker sat there, silent.

"I'm going to help you escape." Obadiah whispered.

The Joker smiled. "Hoo-rah."

"But first… I have a question." Obadiah started. "Are you familiar with the Iron Man?"

The Joker opened his mouth, but he didn't know what to say. "No, I'm sorry."

"What about Batman…?"

He suddenly began to laugh. "Why yes, of course! The Batman!"

Obadiah smirked. "Well, the Iron Man is like Batman. A superhero." He began to walk around the room. "You are to Batman… The way I am to the Iron Man. We both have common goals."

The Joker smiled. "I like where this is going, Mr. Obadiah."

Stane began, "Here's the plan. I'm going to come back again, but I'm going to be wearing something… else. I will release everyone in this prison from their cells, which would then begin a massive crime wave throughout Gotham City." He paused, and then said, "Batman will be too distracted to focus on one person, so that's your chance to get him."

The Joker smiled widely. "But where does this… Iron Man come into play?"

"I think that Batman will ask him for his help in catching all the criminals on the loose. That way it would be an easier job for the Batman. Iron Man has no idea that I am in town. This is my chance to eliminate him." Obadiah said. "Mr. Joker, I have always been a fan of the saying, 'Strike while the iron is hot.' Well now it's hotter than ever."

Obadiah walked over to the Joker and pulled out a business card from out of his coat. "Keep in touch. Here's my card."

The Joker reached into his pocket and pulled out a Joker card. "Here's mine."