Some time later, after quickly cleaning up in the relative privacy of another stall, Yazoo and Reno emerged from the bathroom, one dignified and pristinely handsome, the other sloppily undone but no less enticing. They returned to their table as the dessert arrived, and took up where they left off with no one the wiser, leaving behind them a bathroom stall door marked with what Reno delightedly called "gummy bears" for the staff to clean up later.

Reno, happily enough, behaved himself the rest of the interview, contenting himself with flirting with Ms. Zhu, much to her bewilderment and obvious pleasure. Her reactions only encouraged him, and Yazoo was glad of the distraction.

"Mr. Chen, I cannot help but think this is the opportunity of a lifetime," Yazoo said, smiling inwardly to see Ms. Zhu blush beet red and shyly look down at her notes, eyes surreptitiously flicking to Reno's lazy grin and sparkling eyes. "I gladly and gratefully accept your offer."

"Then we gladly and gratefully accept you, Yazoo," Mr. Chen said, grinning like a Cheshire cat and lifting his wine glass. "To Yazoo, the newest employee of the JiuShan Corporation."

"To Yazoo!" Reno crowed, lifting his glass.

Ms. Zhu shyly mumbled her toast, tipping her glass of water.

Yazoo lifted his wine and took a sip, laughing softly aloud when his incorrigible, handsome, and utterly unpredictable lover leaned over and planted a kiss right on his lips.

'Oh bother what they might think, anyway,' he thought, putting his glass down and slapping Reno lightly until he grinned and pulled back, lighting a cigarette like a perfect delinquent and looking every inch the rogue. 'Anything is worth it for Reno.'

He smiled serenely at Mr. Chen, who merely smiled back, and at Ms. Zhu, who looked ready to sink under the floor. Sighing happily, Yazoo sipped again at his wine, perfectly content.