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Kitty Trouble

Chapter 1

Dear Ron and Hermione,

How are you two doing? I'm sorry I haven't written. I've been busy. Well, I'm writing now and I have so much to tell you. I told Tom about our kitten and I was right. He's ecstatic! You should have seen him; he was totally shocked when I told him. I was a little scared when I told him; he was silent for a long time. But that was a month ago. You should see me now; I'm starting to show! It's going to be hard to walk around in a couple of months. I wonder how I'm going to get up the stairs? I guess I'll just have Tom carry me. We've been preparing for the kitten to come. Its bedroom is going to be connected to ours so we can go back and forth. We haven't started decorating yet because we don't know what it is. It's too soon to tell. Tom went out to a bookstore and bought a whole bunch of books on how to care for a baby and pregnancies and all that. He's been reading nonstop since then. Tom's such a bookworm, but he's just trying to be prepared. I think it's cute.

A Healer is coming down today to see me. I'm nervous. He' s going to look at how my kitten is. I still have a few hours yet to wait so I decided to write. The healer is supposed to be an old acquaintance of Tom's from school. The way he talked of him it seemed more like a friend, but Tom denied it. Said he didn't have any friends, that it was just someone who had the same ideals he did and helped him out sometimes when he was hurt or something. But he's not a Death Eater; it wouldn't do to good if someone found out there was one of Voldemort's followers in St. Mungos. I said he was a friend, but he said no. It went back and forth like that for a while; I won of course. Then again maybe it was because I screamed at him and then started crying; that shut him up. According to Tom's book, my hormones are acting up because I keep crying and yelling and laughing all over the place. I actually hit one of Tom's Death Eaters the other day because he was blocking my way. Needless to say that all of the Death Eaters are careful to stay out of my way now. It's pretty funny.

Anyways, yeah the Healer is coming. I forget his name. Healer Mitchell I think. I wonder what he'll think of me. I mean, I'm part cat and I'm pregnant and male. Not exactly your usual patient. But Tom said that he knows my condition so it may not be that much of a shock. He's going to be my healer for the rest of my pregnancy too because Tom trusts him. Hard to believe I know, but its true.

So how is everyone over there? Tell them not to worry. I'm fine. Tom's taking good care of me. He's spoiling me rotten over here. He bought me my own video game system! I had already convinced him to buy a TV before that is in the playroom because I was bored one day and asked for one and he did. And the other day I told him that I wanted something else to keep me entertained. Dudley always got all kinds of video games that looked so much fun but I never got to play. So he got me a Game Cube and a Wii including a whole bunch of games. Muggle appliances in the Dark Lord's house. How funny is that! I don't know how he got the money for it but I don't care, I'm happy. I can even get Tom to play with me sometimes. He gets all frustrated because he always loses, its cute, but I lose too because I don't know what all the buttons are for yet. Ray plays with me too. Ray is my caretaker when Tom is busy and not able to look after me. He's one of the lower Death Eaters, but he's loyal and really nice. He does whatever I want. He'd probably stand on his head if I asked.

I hope you guys didn't get into too much trouble for helping me. Was Dumbledore mad? He probably was a little, though probably more shocked at Tom's actions. As probably everyone else was. I hate betraying everyone but I had too, for me and my kitten. I hope Remus will forgive me. And tell Madame Pomfrey I'm sorry for stunning her.

Oh! Tom just walked in. He says Hi. Well he didn't really say hi, more like a grunt. But that's how he says hello. I'm rambling aren't I? Sorry Tom always makes me giddy. Now he's reading over my shoulder. Go away Tom, I'm writing. Ow! He bit my ear! Hold on. I'm…Sorry! I got distracted. Tom said Healer Mitchell is coming in a few minutes. Wow! Time sure does fly when you're…never mind. Hope you guys are well! Go ahead and write back and use Hedwig. She'll find me. Bye!


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