So since you saved me a whole page at my request, I fully intend to use it up.

Considering this is your yearbook that I'm writing in, I'm sure that what I am about to scribble in here won't be too fazing considering the facts that:

a) people tell you this daily
b) people have written it at least twenty times in here

(And by the way, I saw at least three penises drawn on some pages—Naruto, I presume?)

But right. What I have to say. Yes.

Sasuke, I think I love you.

Or well, at least, I really like you.

I don't know why or how—I mean, under your pretty face, you're a tad bit of a jerk and you're really rude to me, but there's something about you that makes me think about you at the worst times. I mean, this whole week, when I should've been panicking over exams, all I could think about was what I was gonna write in your yearbook.

(By the way, seriously, thanks for listening to me and saving me a page in here! I'm sure a lot of people wanted my space, ha!)

But yes.

I really like you.

A lot.

Have you ever noticed the way that ever since we met in ninth grade, we've always had only one class together every semester? You probably didn't because you don't look into things between us as much as I do, but we've had those classes and I remember every single time you've ever wandered from your seat to sit with me and talk—even if the only reason you sat and spoke with me was because I was sitting beside Naruto, or you needed some last minute facts for the tests you didn't bother studying for.

I always did a lot better than normal in the classes I had with you. I think part of me has always wanted to impress you somehow—although brains hardly did anything, huh?

I'm glad we had this class together, Sasuke. And I'm really glad Kakashi-sensei put us together in his many seating arrangements—twice!

I think the only reason I never really skipped this class for the sake of not coming was because I sat with you. Just being near you, borrowing your pencil, sharing your textbook—it was those silly little things that made my heart flutter.

Remember that one time when you oh-so snappishly asked why I was always smiling?

The truth is that I'm not always smiling. I'm just smiling whenever you look at me because…

Well, because you're looking at me.

Thank you, for all the times when I was not smiling though, and came to class and ranted to you about my problems. I'm sure you were never listening to me at any of those points, but thank you pretending to care. And that time when I was just really tired and you thought something was wrong with me, so you asked? You don't know how much better you made me feel just for asking if I was okay.

I bet you're wondering why I'm telling you all this.

(That is, of course, assuming you haven't just rolled yours eyes at the first few lines of my message and shut your yearbook closed.)

This is such a cliché move, huh?

I don't know what I'm hoping for. I know you're coming back in September, and so am I, and I just may have destroyed whatever little piece of friendship we had, but I think I needed to say it. I don't think keeping something bottled up for two and a half years is very healthy, no matter how humiliating the secret it.

So Sasuke, I love you.

It's not an 'I like you a lot' thing, it's an 'I love you'.

I love you.

Anyways, have a great summer! I remember you told me that you and your brother are going to be staying with your grandfather this summer, so I hope you have fun with that. I'll miss you a lot, and stay cool!