Chapter 1: The Betrayl and Death

Chapter 1: The Betrayl and Death

Harry was lying at the base of a large tree in the Forbidden Forest. He could sense people around him staring at him. He didn't know how he had gotten where he was or why. It seemed that he had forgotten everything that had occurred in the past couple of days. He tried to concentrate and tried to remember what was going on.

All of a sudden he saw Ginny in his mind. She was in the Astronomy Tower. She didn't notice that he had followed her there. He wanted to surprise her with the beautiful Quidditch charm bracelet he bought her in Hogsmeade. Harry was so excited to be able to show her just how much he appreciated and cared for her.

As he approached the top of the stairs he heard Ginny talking to someone. He couldn't tell if it was a girl or a guy. He reached the door that was left ajar and peeked in. He saw Ginny talking to someone and another hand was holding hers. Harry stopped breathing for a moment. Who the hell is that?? He wondered.Then he heard a familiar voice that he didn't expect to hear nor the words that were coming from his mouth.

"Ginny, he doesn't need to know. We can't deny our love for each other any longer. We've tried and failed many times, but this time it's meant to be. I can feel it," Seamus said.

"Seamus, I know, but he has been through so much and I just can't do this to him right now. It's going to have to wait. If you truly love me you will understand," Ginny replied. Harry felt his heart sink. How could she lie to him all this time? She claimed to love him and that she would wait for him while he found the Horcruxes, but here she was shacking up with someone else. He heard Ginny and Seamus kiss passionately. He couldn't bear to hear it nor see them and so he turned and quickly ran down the steps.

Suddenly Harry was remembering everything that had happened. He had run from the Astronomy Tower all the way to the Gryffindor common room and up to his dorm room. He remembered hearing Ron and Hermione calling to him, but he completely ignored them. He slammed the door to his room and put a locking mechanism on the door. He remembered crying and screaming at the same time and listening to Ron and Hermione banging on the door, screaming at him to unlock the door. He could hear Hermione sobbing and Ron sounded scared. He fast forwarded to hours later. He must have worn himself out because it was now dark. He heard shouting outside. He looked out and saw the start of the battle that he knew was coming. He remembered cursing himself for letting his emotions take over and falling asleep. He remembered panicking because he didn't know where anyone was or if they were okay or if they were all dead and that now Voldemort was searching the castle for him.

He recalled running out of the common room wand in hand and the charm bracelet in the other. He didn't think about dropping it. He just ran to the front doors to see if he could find anyone and help those who were left. He reached the doors and flung them open. No one was out there, but the advancing Death Eaters in the distance. He heard people behind him and turned to see his fellow DA members, the Order, and others advancing on the doors.

In his mind he fast forwarded again to the point that he entered the Forbidden Forest. He knew he had gone there because he wanted this to end. Voldemort had to be stopped.

Harry crashed through the forest not caring what was damaged in the process. He could hear the Death Eaters discussing what the Dark Lord wanted them to do. "Find Potter and bring him to our Master, alive," one Death Eater said. Harry contemplated hiding and catching them by surprise, but again he wanted it to end so he stepped into the clearing and revealed himself. The Death Eaters were surprised to see him and he was immediately hit with two stunners. Harry passed out and the Death Eaters took his wand and levitated him and headed back the way they came.

Bellatrix was the first to see them coming. She swelled with joy, if you could call it that, and reported back to Voldemort that they had the boy. "Master, they have brought him to us. They said he just appeared and that he didn't put up a fight," she said. Voldemort sneered and a look of fear washed over his face for just a moment. Bellatrix wanted to pursue the look, but Voldemort silenced her. Harry had begun to wake-up.

"Ah, Harry, so we meet again. You didn't put up a fight, I am surprised. Have you finally come to your senses?" Voldemort asked. Harry turned his head toward him and glared at him.

"No, I didn't want your Death Eaters to break a nail. Besides I wanted to keep all my energy for you and not waste it on these minions of yours," Harry taunted. The Death Eaters that had found Harry grew angry and were about to stun him twice over, but Voldemort put up his hand with a mock smile.

"Harry, your words have no affect on me or the others. Why are we wasting time with this chit chat? I shall kill you now!" Voldemort hissed.

"Oh, but you don't even want to give me a chance to duel with you Voldemort. Are you that afraid that I could defeat you once more? I am a different man from before. I am broken. I have had so much pain in my 17 years, what makes you think that you couldn't defeat me?" Harry taunted. Voldemort looked at him and was deep in thought.

"Very well, I am not afraid of you. Release him and give him his wand. Let's see what he can do with the little of his life that he has left," Voldemort replied. With that the Death Eaters unlevitated him and reluctantly gave him his wand. As Harry stared at Voldemort he tried to think of what to do next. Despite what he had been through in his short life he still wasn't ready to die. How could he avoid death by battling with Voldemort? They no longer had the wand connection as Hermione had accidentally broken his wand. He thought about her for a moment. She had done so much for him throughout their time at Hogwarts. It wouldn't seem fair to just die and make all her efforts a waste. She had always been there for him through everything. She was so beautiful and smart and he loved her more than anything. He stopped himself. He loved her like a friend, right? She was with Ron. He couldn't love her as anything more than a friend, right? Yes, that is what he was going to stick with. Then there was Ron. He knew he loved Ron like a brother. He had also been there for Harry even through the times that they weren't getting along. He couldn't give up on life and make Ron's efforts pointless as well.

Harry brought himself out of his thoughts and returned to the task at hand with a new light. Voldemort must have sensed it because a look of fear once again crossed his face. Neither said a word until they started to battle. Voldemort was sending curse after curse at Harry and Harry blocked each one. He sent his own spells back at Voldemort and each one was shielded as well. There wasn't much chance that either one of them would get the other. They were just too matched. It would rely upon who got tired first, Harry or Voldemort. Each had there own feelings that were fueling their power, but neither was showing any signs of breaking. Then a thought occurred to Harry. What if he willingly took the killing curse? Would he be spared because of his inner magic of love that he had? Would it appear that he had died and they thought they had won? He wanted to find out. He felt it to the core that he would be safe.

Harry let his shield down and for a moment Voldemort did nothing. He did not expect that Harry would do this. Voldemort had sensed his new found light and couldn't believe that Harry would let his shield down, but now was not the time to contemplate the lack of shield, he needed to end Harry right there.

"AVADA KEDAVRA!!" Voldemort yelled. Harry watched as the curse sailed towards him. He relaxed his body and closed his eyes and let his body fill with all the love and happiness that he had experienced at Hogwarts. He felt the curse hit him and he felt like the life had been sucked out of him. The last thing he could remember was the high pitched scream that he knew was Voldemort's.