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Chapter One "DAD"

In was a beautiful morning and Katy could hear Flicka out her window. Katy got up and went to her mirror in her bathroom to comb out her brown wavy hair. She looked at the dark circles

under her shiny brown eyes. Rubbing them until they hurt, Katy walked out of the room and picked up her blue jeans of her chair and a red shirt off of her bedroom floor. Struggling to put

those on she pulled them over her head and walked down stairs to eat her breakfast. The wood flooring was cold against her feet. Suzy, there Germen Sheppard (a germen sheppard

seemed like a good farm dog) opened her eyes and looked up at Katy and pushed herself up, seeking some food. Katy looked in the cabinets for some cereal.

"I forgot. Howard got back last night from collage. He has to eat everything doesn't he." she thought out loud.

She searched all over the kitchen for some food. Finally Katy went to the fridge and peered on top, hopping for some bread to make a sandwich. But there was no bread either. She went to

the table to find a note that read:






So Katy grabbed the last banana out of the basket and went out on the front porch. Walking on her toes so not to get her socks dirty Katy sat on the steps and grabbed her boots that were

right next to the porch steps and slipped them over her feet. It was a beautiful day to take flicka out for a ride through the mountains. The wind was low and the sky had no clouds to be

seen. She went to get flicka and exercise her legs from standing in her stall all night. Grabbing a halter and a lead rope from the tack room as she passed, the horses that just woke up from

the barn doors opening.

"That's weird. I thought dad would go to the barn first in the morning and let the horses out."

"KATY!! Come here." Her dad yelled from behind the barn. "Come and help me!! Hurry"

Katy ran forward. Her mind was racing. Dad always has -- with him. If he was in trouble, -- would help him. All she could hear was her heart beating against her chest and her boots hitting the

dirt floor. Pushing The big sliding doors so they almost broke the hinges. Then she froze, she was prepared for anything, but her dad was sitting there with a big smile on his face and leaning

up against a barrel.

"Dad! You scared me to death! What do you want?"

"Gotcha! HAHAHA! I was just having some fun. But I also needed to get your attention, do you want to go for a ride through the mountains?" Rob said, still chuckling from the scare he gave

his daughter.

Katy thought to herself, 'Our relationship as gotten better in the past month, I just wish I didn't have to go back to school.'

"Yeah, sure. I was planning on taking Flicka out anyway. It would be nice for some company."

So, Finishing their chores of feeding the horses grain and letting them loose with the others, they tacked up Flicka and breezy socks (Katy's little cousin named Breezy Socks when he was

born.) for a ride through The flower filled mountains. But it will be more than a ride through the flowers...

Author notes: As you know the tragedy does note strike until later, prbobly in chaper 4 or 5, if i get that far!! thanks for reading!! that's means a lot!! PLEASE COMMENT!! thanks again, littleride