White Out

By Andie O'Neill

Summary: Indiana Jones' biggest regret is about to be erased.

A/N: Indy may have gotten it all, but he got it too late, this is what happens when it all gets fixed! Review please!! It's what I live for! :D MAJOR SPOILERS FOR KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL!!

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Part One

His body tingled all over, his senses overwhelmed as the light surrounded him, a horrible whine surrounded him… the noise was deafening. He tried to move, but everything felt numb. He could feel his limbs, but they wouldn't obey his commands. He was beginning to panic. He didn't know what was happening, had no clue as to where he was. He tried to speak, but not even his mouth would work. The light grew brighter and bright until he was almost blind, then blinked out into nothingness… complete darkness.

With a gasp Indiana sat up in his bed. He felt like he couldn't breathe. Sweat dripped down his forehead as he looked around. Where was he? What'd happened? He couldn't see. Slowly he got up, amazed that he could move again and searched for a light, startled when he found one. The room brightened immediately and Indy jumped when he realized he was in his room. It was the same… yet different. He couldn't figure out why. Had it all just been a dream? Where was Marion? Where was Mutt? Indy frowned, walking around the room, no longer seeing the pictures he'd recently put on his dresser of the wedding, of Mutt and of Marion, instead sat one picture of him and Marcus Brody. It should have been on his desk… he'd put it there and replaced it with the photos of his family. It was wrong.

Indy walked out of his room, looking around to see what else had changed. "Marion? Junior? Hello?" he called. No one answered. Where were they? It was morning, but they couldn't have left… could they? Indy walked around his house, seeing little things out of place, his desk no longer had a picture of his father on it… where was it? Papers he'd been looking through were gone, replaced with papers he'd seen before, looked so familiar. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and Indy hesitantly walked toward it, opening it slowly before jumping away in shock.

"Indy! Do you know what time it is? You were supposed to meet me for breakfast this morning? You didn't forget again did you?"

"M-Marcus?" he questioned weakly, stumbling to the floor in fear. He was dead! What the hell?! He was supposed to be dead!

"Dear God, Indy! Are you okay? You look like you've just seen a ghost!"

"I-I-I have! Yo-You're dead! Where the hell am I? What is this! You're not real!" he shouted in fear.

"Dead? What on Earth are you talking about? Indy?"

"No! Get away from me! This isn't real! It's impossible!" he shouted, crawling away from Brody.

Marcus took a cautious step closer. "Indy! Calm down! I was just here last night… to see you! You just returned from Greece! I came for the artifacts. Remember?"

Indy froze, confused. "Wh-What year is it?" he asked.

"Year? Indy, have you gone mad?"

"Just tell me what year!" he shouted, making Marcus jump. Slowly he got up from the floor.

"1939! It's February 5th… 1938."

"But that's impossible! It's 1957! You're dead! You and Dad! You're supposed to be dead!" Indy paced, trying to understand. "How is this possible?"

"Indy… what's wrong? Why are you acting like this? What's happened to you?" Brody asked, his fear written all over his face.

Indiana froze, staring at Brody in wonder before he launched to his friend, pulling the startled man into a great big bear hug. "God I missed you!" he shouted happily, laughing as he realized it was no dream. It was real. Brody was alive and he was in 1938! He wasn't sure how, but it didn't matter. All he knew was it was real. He was alive! In his life he'd seen and found strange and mystical powers. Ancient curses, the power of the Ark and the Grail, and of course his latest adventure with inter-dimensional beings. Was it so impossible that he could travel through time as well?


Indy forced himself to let go of his once long gone friend. "I'm okay… I'm okay. I just… I'm okay. Something's happened Marcus! Something amazing!" Indy ran to a mirror and laughed as he saw the younger man in the mirror. He was young again… no lines.

"You're wish has been granted. Correct the regret. Correct the regret."

Indiana froze as he heard the words. The strange voice faded and he turned back at Brody. "Did you hear that?"

"Hear what? Honestly Indy, what's happening to you?! Are you feverish?!"

"I could have sworn I heard… never mind. Where's Marion?"

"Marion? You haven't even spoken her name in almost a year… not since you left. Don't you remember?"

"What? No I-"Indy shook his head, his memories returning. He had left her… almost year ago. He left her… over eight months ago. "I have to find her, Marcus! Where is she?"

"I-I don't know. After you called off the wedding… she moved. You know that."

He had to find her… somehow. He didn't have much time. He tried to remember, tried to think of where she could have lived after they'd broken up. She'd be having Mutt soon… if not already. He had to make things right! He wasn't sure how he'd ended up in the past… all he knew was he had to make things right! "We have to find her Marcus!"

"What? Why?" he asked, confused.

"Because! She's pregnant… with my son!" Indy told him and rushed out the door.

Stunned, Marcus ran after him. "You're son?!"

February… that meant it was months before he would find his Father… and the Holy Grail. It gave him some time to find Marion, and perhaps even solve the mystery of his time travel. "Marcus, we just have to find her!"

"Indy! You're off your rocker! You can't possibly be from the future!" he fought.

"Really? Then how do I know that you wanted to have breakfast with me because you were just sent a tip from Mac about the Cross of Coronado… the Cross I've been looking for all my life. I know where it is and I'm going to get it… in a few months I'll find it and bring it back to you."

Brody frowned. "How could you possibly-"

"I'm from the future, Marcus!" Indy interrupted as walked through the halls of the college, looking for his office. "I'm from 1957!" Suddenly he froze. "Akator," he whispered to himself.

"Akator? The city of gold?"

"Not gold… it's not actually made of gold. They valued knowledge… not riches."

"What on Earth… you found it? How do you know this?"

"I was there! I know because I was there… a month ago. You couldn't even imagine, Marcus! When you put the skulls together… you're granted a wish, but they couldn't… I couldn't… but it explains why I'm here… and the voice!"

"I have no idea what you're talking about, Indy," Marcus told him, just barely keeping up.

Finally Indiana reached his office. He unlocked the door without hesitation and rushed to his desk looking for the address. He'd sent a letter to her not long ago, he remembered… with her new address, he just needed to remember where he'd put it. Throwing papers from his desk he searched for the address without regard for his work.

"What are you looking for?" Brody asked.

"Her address! I've got it somewhere… I sent her a letter! I wanted to tell her how I was… I know her address is here. I need to find her."


"It has to be here!"


"I just need to find it."

"Indiana Jones!"

Indy stopped and looked up at Marcus. "What?"

"You're completely trashing the place. I'm willing to help, but you must tell me what's going on!"

"I'll tell you everything, Marcus; just help me find that address."

"Marion never told you?"

Indy shook his head, opening the last drawer. "Not until that night… she thought we were going to die."

"My god… all those years! You never even knew!" Marcus whispered as he helped Indy sort through the large drawer.

"I have a chance here, Marcus. I don't want to miss out on my son's life again. I missed everything… and I can't let it happen again. All the adventures, all the discoveries… I know it sounds crazy, but they don't mean anything compared to watching my boy grow up," Indiana told him sadly, before spotting a piece of paper at the bottom of his drawer. Hope swelled inside him as he reached down and picked up the paper. "I found it!" he shouted the moment he saw the address. "London, she lives in London!"

Marcus grinned. "Then what are we waiting for, Indy!"

The two immediately got up and rushed out of Jones' office. Next stop, London!

Colin groggily got up from bed. He could hear a faint knocking at the door. "Who on Earth would be up at this time of night?" he asked himself angrily. Colin Williams had never been more tired in his life, and at 3:00 in the morning someone was knocking on his door. With a frustrated sigh he walked to the door, opening it just as the person on the other side stopped knocking.


Colin froze, suddenly wide awake. "Indy? Indiana Jones?" he questioned in surprise. "What are you doing here at 3:00 in the morning?!"

Indy frowned, looking away for a second. "Where's Marion?"

He wasn't sure what to do… should he really tell him? He knew Marion would be angry were Colin to tell Indy the truth. She'd decided long ago that she would raise her child without the famous Doctor Jones. Although her anger over how things had ended between them was gone, her fears were not. Marion had history with Indy, and in every case he'd left her. How would he react to being a father? Did he even know? Would he care? Colin had known Indiana for a very long time, but even he couldn't answer his own questions about his friend. "She's not here," he admitted. He wasn't sure how Indy had even known about Colin's relationship with Marion, but he wasn't about to question his friend's knowledge.

"Well where is she?! It's important!" Indy almost begged.

It was raining outside and Indiana Jones was soaked through. Colin looked out beyond the scientist to see a parked care in front of the house. "Why don't you come inside," he offered, moving aside. "I think we need to talk."

Indy frowned, walking by him. He watched Colin close the door before speaking again. "I need to see Marion, Colin… and I need to see her now."

Colin shook his head, turning on a lamp to better see Indy in the night. "She won't want to see you. I can't exactly blame her."

"Look, I know I hurt her, Colin, but that was the past-"

"The past?! Indy, for you it was the past… not for her," Colin interrupted.

Indiana paused, shaking his head. "I'm sorry… I just… I need to see her. I need to talk to her. I made a mistake, a terrible mistake."

"The mistake was yours, not hers. I suggest you leave… come back in the morning and we'll discuss this issue."

"She's having my baby, Colin!" Indy shouted.

So he did know. How, Colin wasn't sure, but that mattered little. Indy knew. "I know… I know."

"Where is she?" Indy almost whispered his anger spent.

"At the hospital. She's perfectly fine, but they believe she'll be having the baby soon and they wanted to keep her there overnight. She asked me to go home and get some sleep. I was going to return in the morning with a few of her things."

"Which hospital?!" he asked.

Colin sighed. "I'll take you there in the morning. Just please… calm down. I promise, Indy."

"Marcus is with me."

"Invite him in. You can stay the night. I'm afraid we only have one guest room… Marion was staying there, but I'm sure one of you could sleep on the couch. First thing in the morning I'll take you both to the hospital."

"Thank you, Colin."

Colin nodded with a sad smile. "What are friends for?"

To Be Continued…