White Out

By Andie O'Neill

Summary: Indiana Jones' biggest regret is about to be erased.

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Part Ten

His eyes burned with anger and what Marion knew was grief. She knew he didn't want to lose their child any more than she did, but if they didn't find a way…. "It isn't your fault," she found herself assuring him. Though part of her wanted someone to blame, someone she could channel all her anger and worry into, she refused to let that someone be Indiana Jones. He was hurting just as she was. If anyone could find their son, it'd be Indy; she had no doubts about that.

"I thought I could fix things, Marion. I thought I could make things better… that my experience from before would make it easier somehow. I had all the cards and I got cocky. Now they have my son. I never should have messed with the timeline!"

Marion knew his guilt would continue to eat at him if she didn't make him understand. "You want someone to blame, blame the Germans! Blame the Nazis! Hell, blame Donovan… and Elsa! Those are the people responsible… not you! I certainly don't blame you. You couldn't have known, Indy. We'll find him… we'll bring him home."

"Colin's in a coma, Marion! Even if we do find our son… what are Colin's chances?! Dammit Marion, this wasn't supposed to happen! I never should have pulled you into this!" He was driving fast on the dirt road, and she was certain he'd get them both killed if he didn't slow down… and calm down.

Marion didn't know what to do. She'd never seen Indy so upset, and it was starting to scare her. He was Indiana Jones. He was supposed to have all the answers. He was supposed to be the hero. That was the Indiana she remembered, the one that her father had come to love as a son, the one that had saved her from the Nazis and recovered the Ark. With a deep breath she slammed her foot on the breaks, sending the car to a startling stop.

"What the hell Marion!" he shouted.

"Now you listen to me Jones! We are going to find my son, and we're going to stop those low down, good for nothing bastards from taking the Grail! You are Indiana Jones! So stop spouting regrets and be the man I fell in love with or so help me God I'm getting out of this vehicle, finding a snake, and shoving it down your shirt! Do you understand me?!" she shouted at the top of her lungs, poking his chest angrily as she let loose on him.

Indy stared at her in shock, his eyes wide as if he'd just seen a ghost. His mouth opened, but closed a second later. He immediately turned away from her, and starting driving at a far more reasonable speed. "Jesus, Marion," he mumbled under his breath, shaking his head.

Marion was reeling from her outburst, a bit shocked herself, but none-the-less happy with the results.

"So what's the plan?" Marion asked as she realized they weren't returning to the castle where they'd just barely made their escape days before.

"Elsa's smart. She's set a trap for us, one she knows we'll walk right into… because it's the only way to save our son. If she and Donovan want the Grail, they know I'm the only one who can lead them to the city where it's located. All they have to do is wait for us to come to them."

"So where are we going?" Marion asked, suddenly worried she should have stayed with Sallah and Henry Sr.

"Into the lion's den," he whispered. "We're going to Berlin."

Marion swallowed hard, her heart suddenly beating a mile a minute as she realized the danger ahead of them. This is what she got for loving Indiana Jones.

The sun had fallen long ago when they'd finally arrived in Berlin. Indy had been half expecting to see the massive rally he and his father had seen last time around, but the city was quiet. The rally held in the city square in front of the Institute of Aryan Culture had long since past, its only reminder being the burn marks in front of a wide Neoclassical building where they'd burned their books. He could still remember the giant pile of books growing by each second as the pages turned black, being consumed by the flame. He remembered the college students and Nazi brown coats filling the streets as they shouted energetically for their leader who watched in the distance. He also remembered watching on in disgust as Germans reduced fine literature to ash.

He had to remember things were different. His father had forced him to go to Berlin after being rescued to recover the journal because he hadn't needed to. Still, he knew Elsa was close. It didn't really matter how they were captured in the end, just so long as they were taken to Donovan. Indy parked not too far from where he'd parked last time in his motorcycle and side car. He could see some Nazi soldiers in the distance escorting a woman from the building and slowly got out of his car. Marion followed suit, getting out from her side and followed him. He walked with sure strides towards the blonde woman he'd once fallen for in another life. "Fraulein Doctor," he spoke as he stood before her, Marion standing by his side. He knew she was afraid, but Indy also knew she wouldn't back down till she had her son in her arms. There really was nothing like a Mother's love.

Elsa looked almost surprised to see him as the soldiers pointed their weapons. She shouted harshly for them to stand down, glaring at them both until they lowered their guns. "Indiana Jones… you never told me you were a proud parent to a bouncing baby boy, though I suppose I shouldn't be surprised."

Indy could feel Marion stiffen beside him, but she wisely stood still and quiet for once in her life. "Where's my son, Elsa?"

Elsa turned to look at Marion, her scowl would have reduced anyone else to dust, but Marion Ravenwood wasn't 'anyone else.' "Arrest them both!" she ordered the soldiers who immediately walked around her, grabbing onto Marion and Indy. Marion struggled mildly. She'd never much liked being man-handled. "Mr. Donovan's been expecting them."

When they were taken into the large room Indy immediately recognized it to be study of some kind, similar to the room back at the castle where he'd found his father. This room was far smaller with only a few rare books and artifacts. This one had no fire place, and seemed rather plain compared to the castle room they'd been held in earlier. The solder pushed him forward, while the other solder pushed Marion just a bit rougher, sending her to the floor. Marion glared at the guard while Indy moved down to help her up. "You okay?" he whispered to her.

Marion simply nodded.

"Doctor Jones, you continue to amaze me. You truly are a worthy adversary. Your ingenuity continues to impress me, but you made one fatal mistake. That mistake may very well cost you the Grail," spoke Donovan as he stared out the window and into the night.

"The only mistake I ever made was not killing you when I had the chance!" shouted Indy angrily. He knew this man all too well. Donovan didn't care about anything or anyone. The only thing that mattered to him was the Grail… everlasting life.

Donovan turned around, his calm demeanor never shaken even as he saw the fire in Jones' eyes. "Everyone has a weakness, Doctor Jones. Perhaps years ago the only weakness you ever had was the need to preserve ancient artifacts, but things have changed. You have more to lose now, Doctor Jones… and more to gain. You will tell us how to find the Grail, and you will bring that Grail to us… or your son will die just as quickly as it began. If there is one thing you should know about us, Doctor Jones, it's that the death of a child means nothing to the Nazis."

"You son of a bitch!" Indy rushed toward him, but was immediately restrained by the soldier behind him.

"I want to see him!" said Marion, her desperation hard to ignore.

Donovan gave a small nod and turned to a soldier who stood at the door keeping guard. "Bring in the child," he ordered.

The soldier bowed, and immediately did as told. Indy stared down Donovan, entertaining himself with the many ways the bastard could die. He still remembered watching him drink the water from the false Grail, his body turning into dust before everyone's eyes. Seconds later the soldier returned with Elsa. She was holding little Henry in her arms, and immediately walked over to Marion, gently placing the child in it's mother's arms. Marion kissed the boy's forehead, smiling in relief to have her son. Indy shoved the soldier holding him back away and rushed over to Marion, gently stroking his son's head as he checked to make sure he was okay. "Okay… I'll lead you to the Grail," Indy told him, pulling his eyes away from the baby.

Donovan smiled. "Yes, Doctor Jones… you will."

After negotiating with the Sultan of Iskenderun, they'd managed to make an agreement for passage through the Sultan's territory. Indy hadn't exactly liked the idea of Marion and little Henry being with him as it was a very dangerous environment, but he hadn't been given much choice in the matter. He just hoped his father and Sallah were okay. Indiana sat in the back of Donovan's car with Marion, the baby, and Elsa. Donovan sat in the front seat as a soldier drove. They'd kept to their word and taken good care of all three of them, but Indy knew the Nazis. Once they had what they wanted, there would be nothing keeping them from killing all three of them. He needed a plan… a damn good plan. He knew the Nazi convoy would soon be attacked by Kazim and his men. Unfortunately, this attack would put Marion and the baby in harms way… and time was running out.

Indiana turned to look at Marion who was quietly rocking her son to sleep. It was pretty hot, but the Nazis had been very accommodating… they did after all; need the child alive if they were ever going to find the Grail. Indy wrapped his arm around her, pulling her closer to him as he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. Marion looked up at him, a question in her eyes. He shook his head, wanting only to kiss her, but knowing he couldn't. When the first shot rang out he immediately covered over Marion and his son, forcing Marion to duck down over little Henry as he ducked down over her. Kazim had obviously started his attack.

He could hear shouting coming from all around him as they scrambled to defend. The soldier that'd been driving was shot, sending the car out of control. Indy closed his eyes, holding his family tightly in his arms while Donovan tried to get control of the car. He couldn't hear explosions coming from behind them, and he could hear the faint cries coming from his son. Suddenly the car came to a screeching halt and Indy looked up to see Donovan had pushed the dead soldier out of the car and was sitting in the driver's seat. Elsa had moved up into the passenger seat up front and was yelling on a radio in German. It was then that he noticed it… a red in the distance… Sallah! Indy smiled. It was time to act. Donovan wanted the Grail? Indy would happily tell him where to shove it! He looked over at Marion and kissed her soundly on the lips. "I love you," he whispered to her.

Marion gave him a knowing smile. "Whatever you say, Jones."

Indy smiled and moved off of Marion as she sunk down lower in the back seat while he tapped Donovan's shoulder. Donovan turned around, confusion written all over his face just before the fist came rushing toward his head. "That's for Colin!" Indy shouted.

"I see Indy!" shouted Sallah over the explosions and gunfire.

Henry Sr. sat ducked behind a large boulder. "Excellent, but how are we going to get to him in this?!" he asked, holding his hat on his head as the wind threatened to blow it off.

Sallah smiled, watching Doctor Jones push an older gentleman and a blonde woman out of the car as he jumped into the driver's seat. "I think it more likely that he will come to us!" he told the elder Jones, pointing.

Henry looked past the boulder and smiled. "That's my boy!"

To Be Continued….