Title: Reinventing the Past

Author: Lost in Romance

Rating: T

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Reinventing the Past

Director Shepard…Director Jennifer Shepard...first female director of a federal agency…She had loved the sound of it right when she had been offered the position. It had been exactly what she had been working her way towards. Sure she had stepped on a few toes to get there, but all that mattered now was that she had made it. If that was the case, then why was she drinking a quite healthy glass of bourbon….unfortunately she knew the answer. Today had been her first day in her new position. Today she had seen a certain ghost from her past…someone she thought she had locked away in her closet full of skeletons from the past. A certain Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. She had been a bit surprised to see him but then realized she should have known. It wasn't just seeing him stuck in her head, no it was what he had said that day that couldn't get him out of her head. I missed you Jen…those three words and the way he said her name made her feel nine years younger. Back in a place she wasn't sure she wanted to be but couldn't help remember none the less.

It appeared she wasn't the only one remembering the past and looking back on what had happened that day. Gibbs too was having himself a few healthy glasses of bourbon. However this didn't seem too out line of him lately. Ever since Kate's death he had been spending more time downstairs with the company of his unfinished and the comfort of the amber liquid burning down his throat.

God Jen, why did you come back now…and why the hell did I tell her I missed. Then he remembered she always did have knack for knowing when he needed her, even when she didn't mean to. It has been nine years, why would she want to comfort me the way she had back then. This isn't Paris Jethro…or Merseilles or Siberia, or any of those missions. And he told her because he meant it. Shouldn't have said but he did. Cant take it back now.

He couldn't help but wish it was. But they had both moved on. Hell, she was his boss now. The Director of NCIS, first woman to be Director of a Federal Agency. He couldn't help but let a slight smile tug at the corners of his mouth. He felt proud of her, especially knowing he had taught her everything he knew about being a field agent. And she had been a damn good one. Well now she finally got what she had wanted. He just wished one of the prices she had to pay was breaking off their relationship.

Gibbs finally polished of the latest of glass of bourbon. He dared taking a peek at the bottle resting on the shelf and realized there was about half of it missing from when he had started. Starting to feel the pull of the alcohol, he shut is eyes resting against his boat. What's one more night sleeping down here…atleast I know these to things won't leave me...

Jenny woke up the next morning with a horrible ache in her neck…great fell asleep at my desk…already the making of a great day…God, what time is it? She looks at the clock resting in front of her. It read 5:45. She decides she cant put this off any longer and decides to get ready for the day ahead. For some reason she decides she wants to put a little extra effort in her look this morning, hoping it will go unnoticed by most or at least thought of that she was just trying to make a good impression.

Just about the same time she was making coffee, Gibbs was waking up with a back ache that seemed to come back with vengeance and a headache for miles. He looks around and wondered why he was on the floor of his basement. Then he remembered the events of yesterday and last night. God, I need coffee…and maybe an advil or two.

When he found enough energy he pulled himself up and waited for the dizziness to subside before walking up the stairs. Taking a quick shower and making sure he didn't look like some frat boy that had just woken up from his first hangover, he decided he was ready to go to work.

While both Jenny and Gibbs were on their way to work, neither one of them seemed to be able to keep their minds off of each other.

This is going to stay professional. I mean I was the one to break it off, I shouldn't even be thinking about things like this. Then why cant I stop…This was going to be a very long day, Jenny decided. How was she supposed to work with someone she had been so intimate with? Someone who knew me so thoroughly. Who could read me like a book…

Nothing at all can happen. She made up her mine. She was his boss for crying out loud. SecNav would have a field day if word had gotten out that she hadn't even been in the job for a week and she already was dating one of her agents.

It would be completely inappropriate and unprofessional…yeah but when did that ever stop you…stop it Jennifer. Get your head together. You aren't a teenager anymore, you're too old to have these types of feelings and thoughts.

Even though Jethro was thinking too, about Jenny, his thoughts were a little different.

He was wondering, or more hoping, if things might start up again between him and the Director. It was weird thinking of her as his boss. He could remember when he was the one incharge. When he was the senior agent and her the junior. Though even when they were together he always thought she might have actually gotten ahead of him. Maybe no one else saw it but he did. And instead of being resentful or jealous, he felt proud. She was a damn good agent and on top of that a much better politician than he was. She could talk her way out of anything and he owed her more times than he could count for saving his ass.

Gibbs had arrived at the Navy Yard. Just as he was pulling in he could see Jen's driver stopping to let the Director out. He sped to so that he might have the chance to catch up to her. As he parked he was glad no one had noticed.

Atleast that was what he had thought.

"That anxious to see me, Jethro," a smile playing on her lips.

"Don't flatter yourself, Jenny."

With this he walked right past her, knowing the best way to fire her up was to make it seem like he didn't care.

Once he got inside the elevator he turned around, only to find a very pissed off looking director walking towards him. He couldn't help but smile inwardly at this. It was good to know after all these years he still knew something about her. he just couldn't wait to find out what else he knew.

"Agent Gibbs," she said wanting him to know they were now on professional terms.

"Madame Director," he replied. He snuck a glance in her direction and suddenly wish he hadn't.

If the look on her face wasn't enough to get him, the ice dripping off of her voice.

"Would you like to try calling me that again Agent Gibbs? Let me remind you before you do, that if you value your job, think twice."

"Didn't mean to offend you Jen."

She started to flush at his use of her nickname. He had been the only she didn't mind calling her that. Not even her other long time friend, Ducky Mallard, called her that. Of course he was too much of a gentleman to call her anything but Jennifer.

The point was her and Gibbs had had something I guess you would call special between them, even before they became involved there was this connection between them. Sometimes it seemed like they had their own language. It was almost unavoidable when they became lovers…

"You okay Jen, you look a hot." She looked at him strangely when he said this. "You know what I mean. Your face, it's a little pink."

"I'm fine Jethro. Thank you." Still the same Jenny. Won't put her guard down till you give her a reason not to keep it up.

The Director noticed that somehow Jethro and her had moved a bit closer together since they had both been on the elevator. She knew for a fact that she hadn't moved. The question was, why had Jethro?

The elevator landed on the first floor which was Gibbs' stop.

"Well looks like this is where you get off Agent Gibbs."

Back to formalities I see… "Maybe not, Director."

With that Gibbs pressed the Doors Close button.

Mean while the rest of the team was talking about the new director and why Gibbs wasn't at work yet.

"I tell there is something between. I bet they have a past," stated Anthony DiNozzo

"And what makes you think you are adequate to make that assumption, Tony," asked Ziva.

"Well for one Zee-vah, you could cut the sexual tension between them yesterday with a knife and two did you not see the look on the Director's face yesterday after Gibbs said something to her?"

"No DiNozzo, why don't you tell me what it looked like," said Gibbs as he passed Tony to get to his desk, but not before giving him a well earned head slap.

"Eh – sorry boss," Tony still rubbing the back of his head.

They all sat down finishing up some paper when they finally got a call. Out they all went none of them aware that the new Director Shepard was watching from the catwalk.

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