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Ok here's what is going on…

Bella Swan moves to the small town of Forks, Washington to live with her dad on his horse farm, while she's there she finds that she is a good rider and Charlie signs her up for a local horse show. She goes to the first practice for the show where she meets the top rider in the show for 6 years running, Edward Cullen. Will there be a battle of the best? Or a romance? Well read and find out!

Chapter One—Green Broke

(The term 'Green Broke' means they don't have much experience in something)


I had my eyes closed, planes always freak me out. The pilot's voice came over the speakers of the small plane, "we are now beginning our descent on Port Angles, and all passengers please fasten seatbelts and return seats to their upright positions. We hope you enjoyed the flight, have a nice day."

Sure I'd have a nice day, as soon as I get off this damned plane. I closed my eyes tighter as I felt the plane angle downwards. Minutes later the plane jostled and the brakes squealed in protest. My insides churned as we slowed to a crawl to the gate. There was a ding and one of the flight attendants spoke up, "please take care in removing your items from the over head compartments, as luggage might have sifted during flight."

I eagerly got my bag and my laptop bag and got off the plane shakily. I looked around for Charlie, "BELLA!" I heard his voice and looked around, I was tackled from behind, "Hey Kido! How was the flight?"

"Hi dad!" I said he smelled like he'd been working with horses. Did I forget to mention that he owns a horse farm? I did, well I'm telling you now, "and you know how I feel about flying," I told him.

He laughed, "Hey papa, you find'er?" came a voice. I got out of Charlie's hold and turned around. Coming towards Charlie and me was my half sister Casadee (Cass-a-dE). After my mom left he met another woman and again rushed too quickly into a marriage. She died after giving birth to Casadee.

Casadee was 2 years younger than me I being 17 her being 15. She has curly dark blond hair in a pony tail and had a farmers tan were tee-shirt sleeves stopped, and she had a round face with blue eyes. She was wearing blue jeans and a tang top with worn brown leather riding boots.

She smiled at me warmly, "Hi, you must be Isabella, I'm Casadee, but people call me Cass," she said holding out her hand for me to shake.

"It's good to meet you, but call me Bella," I said shaking her hand.

Casadee smiled again, "well I see you two will get along great. Let's go," he said. I hoped he hadn't brought the cruiser. Along with owning a horse farm he was the police chief of Forks.

I walked behind Charlie and Casadee hung back with me, "Don't worry, I convinced him to take the truck instead," she whispered, "if I was in your position I wouldn't want to be seen in a police vehicle either."

I chuckled, "thanks, you guessed right. I don't really want to be seen in the cruiser," I said and I could tell that we would get along pretty well.

We pulled into a gravel driveway with a wooden arch over it saying, 'Swan's Rescue Horses,' with 'SRH' circled and in curvy letters. Casadee looked over to me from the front seat, "what do you think?" she asked.

I looked out the window and saw large beautiful pastures, with horses to the right, and cattle to the left. The driveway was long and we stopped in front of a decent sized 2 story house. It was white with sky blue trimmings. The barn was the same color scheme, "wow, it's beautiful," I said in awe.

We got out of the tuck; it was a black 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cab with 'SRH' circled in white curvy letters with a white outline of a horse head with its ears forward. I imagined that the fuel cost a fortune.

Casadee smiled, "Hey Cass, why don't you show Bella the house while I feed the animals?" Charlie suggested.

"Kay Papa," she said and she took my bags and led me inside. The interior was simple and clean, with oak floors and a black and white tiled kitchen with aged appliances. "Kitchen, front hall," she said gesturing to the rooms. She unlaced her boots and I took my shoes off. She walked forward into the living room. The living room and dining room were connected.

It had oak floors too, as well as the dining room. The living room had a large window facing a horse pasture on one wall and a fire place on another that was flanked on both sides by book shelves with pictures of me and Casadee on each with a mixture of books and movies. Above the fire place was a plasma screen T.V. and a DVD/VCR was resting on the mantle with pictures of my mom and I guessed Casadee's mother. A brown leather sofa sat in the center of the room and end tables on either side of it with costars and lamps on them. A large area rug rested in between the sofa and fireplace.

The dining room had an oak table that seemed to never get use. The overhead fan/light, looked old but functional. The walls had pictures of me, Casadee, my mom, her mom, and some with Charlie in them, "the dining room and living room," she said, and she kept walking.

She led me up a set of stairs that was next to the front hall, "our bathroom is to the right," she indicated the open bathroom door, "my room" she pointed to a door covered in posters and pictures of horses, "Charlie's room," she indicated another door, it was plain and the door was closed. She walked forward to another closed door that was next to hers, and put her hand on the handle, "and last but not least your room," she opened the door.

The room had dark blue walls; a bed in the middle of the room had a sliver comforter and dark blue sheets. The whole upstairs had a blue/gray colored carpet, and the dresser, desk, bed frame, and bedside table were a cherry wood and varnished. "Wow," I said simply.

Casadee smiled, "I had a feeling you would like it, I helped Charlie decorate, feel lucky, he wanted to do pink," she said and made a face as she put my bags on the bed.

I chuckled, "ew pink," I commented.

"I know, ok, so that door is your closet, it has hangers already, I'll get you a pair of my old boots and show you around outside, and if you don't want to get those dirty I think you should change into jeans and a tee-shirt," she said leaving the room.

I smiled to myself, I was glad I had made this decision. I really liked Casadee, Charlie, the whole place was awesome. I took Casadee's advice changing into jeans and tee-shirt. I put the rest of my stuff in the closet and when I looked through the dresser I found a bunch of jeans and shirts. I set up my laptop and found that I could easily get wireless internet.

I heard a knock on the door, "come in," I called.

Casadee poked her head in and set a worn pair of boots on the floor, "I suggest long socks too, the leather can get uncomfortable," she said with another smile. This chick love to smile, or what?

"Ok," I said getting a pair from one of the drawers and pulled them on. I grabbed the boots on my way out and fallowed Casadee to the front door, where she laced up her boots and helped me with mine.

She led me out to the barn, "as you saw, we have rescue horses, I also help train horses. Charlie gives riding lessons. We sell cattle for extra money," she said as we walked into the barn, "Hey guys!" she called, there were about 10 stalls (5 on each side) that lined both sides of the barn a few feet from the entry, "to the right is the tack room, and the left is the feed room."

There was a huge stack of straw and hay next to the feed room door. I heard nickers coming from the stalls and saw that the horses had all poked their heads out. "Ok introductions, the first two here are Charlie and my horses they are both Quarter Horses, Charlie's is the light brown one, we call him Voyage. Mine is the Bay (a dark brown) I call him Monster, there both geldings" she said leading me down the isle. (a gelding is a male horse that has had his 'Manhood' taken away)

"Monster?" I asked.

She laughed, "The name came with the horse, his old owners called him Monster because he was so tall. He's about 19 hands," she said she saw my confused expression and explained, "There is 4 inches to a hand, so he's about 76 inches," she said, "that for a riding horse is HUGE," she said with a chuckle. I scratched Monster's nose as I pasted

"The next two here, the pale one on the right is a buckskin, we call him Agent, the white one on the left is an Appaloosa; we call her Angel, both girls," she walked to the next two.

One was a gray and the other was a dark brown and white, she pointed to the gray first, "that is Sugar she is an Appaloosa as well, and the other is Cocoa, she's a paint" she said.

She walked on to the next ones, they were both a creamy buttery yellow with pale manes, "this is Bert, and Barney, the are twins and are palomino geldings."

When we got to the next two stalls, one was empty and the other the horse was cowering in the back of the stall, "and that is, wild fire, she is a Quarter Horse mare, we call her Wild Fire because, we got her as an abuse victim, her old owners set fire to her often, the hair and skin have been repaired but; I think that she is too emotionally damaged to help."

I looked at Wild Fire, her eyes nearly white they were so wide; you would think that she had never seen a human a day in her life. She had pitch black fur, without a speck of white on her. She stared at Casadee and didn't move, "that's terrible, how could someone do that to such a beautiful animal?" I asked shaking my head.

Wild Fire's head jerked in my direction her ears had been back all the way, she stared at me for a minute then her ears came forward. Her head cocked to the side in confusion. Then her front foot moved towards the door, followed by the other one then the rest. She slowly moved forward, "Bella, don't move," Casadee whispered, I could hear her inching backwards away from the stall.

She was just close enough that she could reach her neck out and sniff my hand. Then she got closer; enough to sniff at my shirt. I slowly brought my hand up, she didn't move, I brought it closer to her neck. She still didn't move away, she started to sniff at my hair.

I finally was able to rest my hand on her neck, I stroked her fur lightly trying not to scare her. She brought her head around to where my hand was on her neck and moved her nose under my hand. I began to stroke her head.

"Oh…my…god…" Casadee whispered. Then I heard her run from the barn only to return with a grumbling Charlie.

"What is it Cass?" he demanded. Casadee pointed to where I was stroking Wild Fire. I looked at him to see his expression. His jaw was dropped, and his eyes were wide, "how was she…" he trailed off unable to finish.

"I don't know, I was telling her about what happened to Wild Fire, and then she said how it was sad. Then Wild Fire started to her slowly, sniffed her hand, and then her shirt and hair. Bella started to stroke at her neck, and then Wild Fire moved Bella's hand to her nose and well…" she trailed off, indicating the scene before him.

"Well, that is different, I can't even get her halter on her without a tranq dart," he said, then got a look in his eyes, "Cass, get out a saddle and bridle for Wild fire," he said.

"Aye capin'" said Casadee doing a mock solute.

"Ok Bella, slowly reach for the halter on the nail next to the door," he said, I did as I was told, "good now, slowly put the halter on her and get the lead from the same nail," he said.

"How do I get the halter on her?" I asked, I didn't have to, Wild Fire pushed at the halter with her nose slipping it on herself.

Charlie was looking like he had just seen me grow a second head, "just hook the buckle in the fourth hole, and clip the lead to the ring under her chin," he said and I did, "Ok, now open the stall door, then very slowly follow me," he said.

I did as he told me, he was the horse expert out of the two of us. Unless you count a pony ride at the county fair when I was 7 experience. Charlie walked backwards as I followed him leading Wild Fire from the left side. We walked out of the barn and went behind it into a large round pen. Casadee was sitting on the gate with a dark brown saddle and matching bridle and some pad thing.

Casadee jumped down and got the gate staying back from Wild Fire, and then once I was in she closed the gate. "Now, take the pad and set it on her back," Charlie instructed, "if she gets scared bring the pad down and rub it on her shoulder."

The pad was dark green and looked new; I took the pad from Casadee. I slowly brought it up and set it on her back one handed. "Now, take the saddle and carefully put it on the pad," he instructed. I didn't know how I would do this I would need two hands to get the saddle on. I let the lead go and Wild Fire just stood there looking at me like 'why'd you let go?' I saw Casadee and Charlie's eyes, they were wide with shock.

I took the saddle from Casadee and carefully set it on her back. Casadee came closer to tell me how to get it on. "Go to the other side and let that band and the stirrup down carefully," she instructed. I did as she instructed, "Now, take the band under her belly and bring that leather strap through that ring on the band," she said pointing to what she meant as she spoke. I did as she said and wove the long leather strap through the ring several times and pulled it tight.

Wild Fire didn't move an inch, Casadee told me how to put the bridle on her and I fallowed her instruction. Charlie came onto the round pens siding, "time for both of your first rides," he said indicating me and Wild Fire.

Oh my god!

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