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"Dude! Hey dude! Hey Ness! Ness Ness!" Kirby came bursting into Ness's room. Ness sat calmly on his bed, reading a comic. He licked his finger and turned the page. Kirby stood in the doorway, panting.

"...Yes?" Ness finally answered, looking up from his comic. "Hey," Kirby panted a little more. "hey... Wait..." He continued to pant. Ness just waited patiently. "We should.. we... Have to..." Kirby held up his hand and bent his face to the floor. "We.. We have to start..." He collapsed to the floor, rolling around and panting heavily.

"Jesus, Kirby. How far did you run?" Ness questioned. He peered over the bed to examine his exhausted friend. Kirby rolled to his feet, his panting had became slower and quieter. "From... across the hall."

"Wow," Ness laughed. "you suck."

"Look at my legs man. No knees! Why don't you go ahead and-"

"What were you saying before?"

"Oh." Kirby pondered and tried to remember why he had ran such a far distance in the first place. "Oh yeah!" He snapped his..um..fingers? "Dude! We have to start a band!"

"Psshh." Ness scoffed at him. "Honestly, do either of us really have the time and dedication to keep it going? Plus... we have no musical talents whatsoever."

"Yeah, but Marth, Ike, Roy, Link, and Pit don't have any musical abilities, and they started a band! And all the ladies love them!"

"Hm, you really think we'd be good!" Ness climbed down from the bed and stood next to Kirby.

"Hell yeah!" Kirby yelled excitedly. "We'd be... the greatest!"

"Hmm..." Ness put his hand to his chin. "Okay, but we'll need more band members!"

"Yahoo! That's great! I know just the people we need!" Kirby shot through the door with Ness running behind him.


"Hey guys!" Roy shot up from the bean bag chair he had been lounging in. "I know what we can do to gain even more fans!"

"What?" Link, Marth, Ike, and Pit all said in unison. The band of boys were having a band "practice" session in one of the many Smash Mansion garages.

"Why don't we go out for the "Brawl of the Bands contest"?"

"Brawl of the bands?" Link snorted. "Are you sure it isn't 'Battle of the bands'? Moron?"

"Nahh," Roy shook his head and pulled a flyer out of his pocket. "It's BRAWL of the bands, see? It's on this flyer!" Marth leaned in closer. "Wow, it is! That's a dumb name!"

"Well," Ike jumped in the conversation. "It may be a dumb name, but we better join and win it. Or else I'm going to kill all of you." He snarled and flexed.

"Wow, Ike!" Pit was shocked. "I thought you 'fight for your friends'?" He snickered. Ike pointed and glared at him. "That's bull! I threaten to kill my comrades! YOU KNOW THAT!" Pit inched farther away from the blue haired mercenary.

"Okay, that was weird! I'm forgetting that now... C'mon guys! Let's practice!"


A/N: ...Ike actually threatens to kill his comrades at some point in Fire Emblem. And he is RIPPED. Dude... I swear... He could rip a gorilla's arm off. It'd be like... Tearing at a wet tissue for him!