Wrong Side of Normal

Author: Ladelle

Rating: T

Comments: Er...so it's not that I stopped writing this it's just that I put it on the shelf for a little while. I'm graduating in June so my life has become even more hectic, especially because I'm looking to get a Masters. I was going to finish MLC and then skip over to WSON, but it seems a lot of my readers didn't catch my little plan of action. So, rest assured, I will definitely finish this. It's just easier to do one thing at a time these days.

Recap (since I know we all need one and may not necessarily want to reread everything):

chapter 1: Sasuke's a somewhat normal kid living a normal life, spare the fact he has visions that once in a while come true. After returning home from classes on a very rainy and dreary night, two kids his age are waiting for him, Kiba and Hinata. They tell him that his brother's escaped (from what we don't know) and that he is to go with them to a sort-of safehouse where people with psychic powers reside. He refuses but his parents insist, trusting Kakashi, the man who runs the house. Sasuke also has a vision of his parents being brutally overcome in their home, and deciding that the only way to keep them safe is to leave, reluctantly agrees to go. As the trio leaves down they are pulled over by the cops, only Sasuke realizes that they aren't normal officers at all.

chapter 2: After recognizing Hinata and demanding to know where her cousin is, the cops are led on a chase through a lower ravine. Kiba tries to stop the car but the gears are jammed, and finally they manage to pull the emergency brake and hit a tree in order to stop. Before they can shuffle out and escape they are captured however, and Kiba tells Sasuke to have a vision about where they are going to be taken. When Sasuke admits he can't have visions on cue Kiba is surprised and a bit angry, but not before he realizes Sasuke has a concussion. While they are being driven in the police car Sasuke has a vision, but one he can't describe. Someone calling his name and a black room with giant golden bars. When he snaps out of it the car has stopped and Kiba tells him that Kakashi has come for them. When he gets out of the car he is greeted by Naruto, and is overwhelmed by the overall feeling that surrounds him; like a magnet. Sai is revealed to be telekinetic and crushes a car with a cop in it, and Naruto almost shoots another before jokingly saying, "Bang," to frighten him. After the commotion, Sasuke's concussion finally gets the best of him and he falls unconscious.

chapter 3: Sasuke wakes up inside a van with everyone, resting on Naruto. He learns that there is a secret society of psychics and even a whole hierarchy of power. A-rank is considered to be the highest, and there are also upper and lower divisions. The most powerful people in the house are Kakashi and Sai, but Hinata's cousin, the one the police wanted, is an S-rank. This is when Sasuke realizes that the government has lists, or names of people who are too strong to be out and about in the public. He associates his brother with this. When they get back to the house Iruka is there, who is Naruto's guardian. Kakashi and Iruka have a fight over whether or not Naruto will continue to stay in the house or move to another, something Sai alludes to as Naruto being 'good at running away'. For the first time Sasuke sees how much Naruto's empathic powers effect him, as he cares for the people around him so much that their emotions tend to overwhelm him. In the end Naruto offers to go shopping with Sasuke, since all of his clothes were lost.

chapter 4: Sasuke is irritated at Naruto when he sticks like white on rice to him at the store, asking tons of questions about his past and brother. Sasuke pacifies him with a few brief answers before telling him to leave him alone, which Naruto reluctantly does. On their way home Sasuke feels like something's inside his head, and Naruto feels it too, saying it's a sensor(a psychic meant to locate). In a way unknown to Sasuke and us, he gets rid of them and urges Sasuke to drive them back home. When they get back it's announced at dinner that government agents are coming to inspect them, and most likely find out more information about Neji. This sends Iruka into an uproar about getting Naruto out, though no one quite understands why it is necessary he leaves. In the end, Sasuke has a bad feeling that something will happen soon.

chapter 5: Sasuke remembers in a dream a bit of why he fears his brother; being young with Itachi demanding soemthing from him. He wakes up and discovers that Naruto is awake too, and suddenly Iruka bursts in demanding that Naruto get ready to go immediately. Kakashi is there to argue, as usual, and suddenly a dark feeling creeps over the house. Naruto runs to Hinata's room and yanks her out, and soon the house is in chaos. Two members of the Akatsuki are attacking and while Naruto and Sasuke stick together, they run into a complete stranger who claims he's one of the agents from the government. He doesn't last long before an Akatsuki member takes him out and Naruto's anger grows. He offhandedly admits that he is a telekinetic as well as Sai, and suddenly the world goes black for Sasuke; he finds himself in a familiar place, the place inside Naruto's mind.

Chapter 6:

The first thing that Sasuke recognized was heat. An uncomfortable burning that seemed to singe his skin, even though he knew he wasn't physically in Naruto's mind. The second thing that crossed his thoughts was that he was stuck; he couldn't move. Looking down, he realized that something similar to water was holding him in place, creeping up his thighs and soaking his legs.

He gasped and threw his hands in the air, attempting to step backwards out of surprise.


His head snapped up, searching for the mouth that spoke his name.

It was too dark; he could barely see lips, and he couldn't even pick out the pale grey remnants of teeth he was sure he could hear grinding. The only thing he could see—proof that the thing behind those golden bars knew he was there, were the bulging whites of gigantic red eyes. Enormous eyes the color of burning embers, staring at him, making him feel like the place he was in was getting smaller, and that at any minute, his live would be diminished.

"You…are not Madara."

Sasuke frowned. He heard panting and the rough bristling of what he swore was fur against metal. Who was Madara?

"Who, bearing the name of Uchiha, has entered this place?"

Sasuke didn't have to speak, the creature seemed to know. There was an angry growl and Sasuke wasn't sure if it was from anger, or perhaps a result from what was happening outside of Naruto's mind. He narrowed his eyes.

"Sasuke," he said shortly, not entirely sure of how to react. What was he speaking to? It couldn't be Naruto…because this was Naruto, right?

"That boy…" the voice was so baritone that the water at Sasuke's knees quaked as it sounded. "…will get himself killed…"

A rush of emotion hit Sasuke; Was the monster talking about Naruto? Naruto was going to get killed?

"Let me out of here," Sasuke said firmly. He remembered the events before suddenly; Naruto fighting the Akatsuki men that had entered the house, wood splintering at the command of his fingertips.

"You're too late." It wasn't as if the voice told him to look to the side. It was a blur that caught his attention, one that made his eyes widen.

Only feet away from him, in the darkness, was Naruto, crouched in the water on his knees. The liquid gurgled against his throat, his chin barely above it, his face pale and his eyes glazed. Sasuke tried to move towards him, but the water was so thick…

"Naruto!" he tried yelling, but the booming voice of the monster in front of him completely buried the shout.

"That's right…Let me take care of them…"

The voice was so haunting and alluring; it made Sasuke's stomach twist. He wasn't sure what was going on, but he knew straight away that this thing 'taking care of them' wasn't a good idea. Yanking his attention back to Naruto, he tried again.

"Naruto! Snap out of it!"

The water was getting higher; it was almost to Naruto's lips. Sasuke didn't want to imagine what it would mean for Naruto to be caught underneath it. "—Naru—!"


Sasuke had no intention of obeying. The water was at Naruto's nose, and adrenaline surged through Sasuke. An energy he didn't even know he had forced itself from him and he struggled forward, wading through the thick liquid that was attempting to restrain him.


Only a few tips of blond hair were left and Sasuke almost leapt forward, his hand sinking into that water, wrapping around Naruto's shoulder and gripping tightly. Sasuke shivered when the monster behind the cage growled, shaking the whole room, making even the metal bars on the cage groan at the pure volume.

At once Naruto shot up, coughing, his eyes once again their vibrant blue.


Sasuke blinked, and when he opened his eyes, they were no longer inside Naruto's head, but inside the kitchen, Sasuke's hand clutching Naruto's shoulder, blue eyes staring into his with surprise, relief, and…fear.

Naruto looked nervous, and stepped backwards.

His hands hung loose at his sides he only stared at the wreckage left from before; a gaping hole in the once-wall of the house brimming with shorted electrical circuits and dropping debris. Sasuke saw his eyes narrow quickly, before he whipped around, dodging off.


But Naruto was high-tailing it away from the scene, his movements stiff and his head whirling about, searching for something. He was as determined as he appeared erratic, clambering his way down the front hallway, his hand skimming the wall as if he'd lose his balance at any time.

Sasuke grabbed his shoulder.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?"

Naruto shrugged him off and continued down the hall, towards the front door. Sasuke, not one to be ignored, gripped Naruto again and spun him around, surprised when the expression on Naruto's face was devoid of the fear an anxiety he had expected. Naruto looked completely normal; completely in control.

"I'm leaving. You're not following," he said, and Sasuke frowned.

"Why, because you're telekinetic and no one seems to know about it?"

Naruto's lips moved uncomfortably. "No. Because I'm a murderer and no one seems to know about it."

The words sent chills up Sasuke's spine and he felt his hand loosen on Naruto's shirt, trying to read the thoughts passing through those faded cerulean eyes. Was he talking about the Akatsuki member he had blasted out of the kitchen? Or something…more?

"What was that?" Sasuke said slowly, and he didn't have to specify what he meant. Naruto's eyes reflected that he knew exactly what Sasuke was talking about and for a brief moment Sasuke thought he saw that same dangerously vibrant shade of red blanket Naruto's iris.

The blond haired boy stared at him, silent. Sasuke felt uneasy, not quite sure if he wanted the answer to his question. After all, it didn't make sense. Inside Naruto's mind there had been a monster, and all logic told him that was impossible; that maybe he was crazy for even thinking he had seen it.

Was it possible that he had been hallucinating?

"You shouldn't have seen that," Naruto stated coolly, finally backing up and out of Sasuke's grasp. "You should pretend like you never did."

Sasuke squinted as the lights of the house began to flicker back on, and Naruto glanced up, forming a visor above his eyes with his hand. A voice from behind them, by the front door, startled them both into turning around.

"Che, what the hell happened?"

Sasuke stepped closer to Naruto, staring at the unfamiliar figure with a scrutinizing glare. He was young, but his mannerisms were oddly mature. His hands were pocketed at his sides and his eyes were lowered, taking in the scene.

"Where's Chouji?" a blonde-haired girl swung out from behind the stranger suddenly, a messy ponytail bobbing against her shoulder. Her eyes met Naruto's for a brief moment before they looked past him, widening.

"What on earth—" She pushed in between Sasuke and Naruto in order to clamber through the shattered kitchen wall, the round form of Chouji curled against an upturned slab of cement. Kneeling down next to him she shifted his wait, glancing back to the calculating stranger still standing in front of the two.

Raising an eyebrow, she looked concerned. "Shikamaru."

Even though she called out for him, his eyes remained rooted on Naruto, narrowing slightly. Sasuke felt Naruto press against him from the side, his skin cool and clammy. But he felt it too. The sensation that the government agent before them was dangerously clever.

"Shikamaru," the blonde's voice sounded a bit harsher, and reluctantly, he glanced to the side to meet her face. After sighing, he stepped towards her, not even bothering to avoid his shoulder brushing Sasuke's shoulder.

"Don't they have a healer here?" he said to no one in particular, but it seemed to shock Naruto into a particular train of thought.

"Where is everybody?" He looked up at Sasuke momentarily before pushing towards the front door, and Sasuke grabbed his wrist, nervous he was going to try and use the opportunity to run away. Surprisingly enough, a familiar figure appeared, and Naruto quickly stopped in his tracks.

After looking over both Sasuke and Naruto and then taking in the condition of the house, Kakashi's expression dropped. "The kitchen…"

Turning around to catch a glance of it, Sasuke vaguely noted there was hardly anything left. The agents were huddled together around a now-awake Chouji who was coughing and wheezing as though he had the wind knocked out of him. There was warmth in front of him suddenly, and Sasuke twisted his head back, surprised to see that Naruto was actually attempting to make more distance between Kakashi and himself.

"Naruto…" Kakashi said and Sasuke realized something. Kakashi knew about that monster inside of Naruto's head; the one he himself couldn't stop thinking of. He could see it in the older man's eyes, they way he was trying to search for some sign of confirmation from Naruto to confirm that he was responsible for the destruction.

Naruto stiffened, becoming defensive. "You should have just let Iruka take me," he stated quietly and before Kakashi could say anything in return, he tugged Sasuke forward.

"You need Sakura, right?" he asked, and as Sasuke was pulled past Kakashi he realized that Naruto wasn't expecting an answer. It was apparent that Chouji needed a healer though, and even moreso obvious that Naruto didn't want to be around their teacher longer than he could stand.

Pulling Sasuke through the front door Naruto shook himself free, turning to glare at Sasuke. Even in the darkness of early morning, with only the moon and a few far-away street lamps to illuminate the moment, Sasuke could see that Naruto was serious.

"I wasn't lying about what I said earlier," he said a bit quickly. "You didn't see anything."

And with that, Naruto whipped around, wandering to the driveway where the rest of the members of the house were huddled. Sasuke narrowed his eyes and followed, hands across his chest in order to keep warm. It was too cold out, and even the girls—in their mini-nightdresses—looked frigid.

"Naruto!" Sakura whittled her way out from next to Kiba and Hinata and enveloped him, staring up at him with relief. "Jesus, what happened in there? And that noise—it sounded like part of the house collapsed!"

Naruto's expression returned to how it normally was, somewhat cheerful and calm. Only this time, Sasuke could see through it.

"Well, it kind of did…Kakashi needs you," he said, and Sakura raised an eyebrow before glancing towards the door. Looking back at Naruto she raised an eyebrow suspiciously. "Are you alright?"

Naruto held his hands out in an effort to show he was only a little dirty, not injured. "Nope, perfectly fine."

Sasuke watched as Sakura turned to look at him, an action to which he simply stared back. Her worry seemed to fade a little and she took off for the front door. Kiba was standing quietly in the driveway, an arm curled around Hinata, and he nodded towards the house.

"What happened?"

Naruto's expression fell slightly. "The Akatsuki," he said simply, and the comment caused Kiba to pull Hinata closer to him. She wasn't arguing against the embrace, but Sasuke could see the awkwardness showing in her eyes.

"All of this for Neji?" Kiba almost growled, and from behind him, Sai stood up. He had been hidden before, seated on the pavement behind Iruka's car.

"The neighbors are coming," he said shortly, and Naruto turned to Sasuke, looking a bit debilitated. It seemed now that the commotion had calmed, everything was catching up with him. He looked strangely pale and he stepped backwards to lean against the car, holding his head.

"You alright?" Kiba said, looking concerned but not stepping forward from his position. Sasuke went to him instead, and made an effort to put a hand to his forehead. Naruto swatted it away and shook his head.

"I'm fine."

"What's all the commotion?" a voice said, and a head peeked through the hedges at the front of the lawn. It was a neighbor Sai had mentioned, and a few others seemed to be coming forth as well.

"A gas line burst," Sai said almost mechanically, and the old woman crouched at the bottom of the driveway turned white as a ghost.

"You don't say…" she said idly, and as a few other neighbors moseyed over she filled them in. Sasuke felt slightly grateful that the side of the house left in rubble was hidden by a clump of pine trees; enough so that the true damage was fairly hidden.

"Are you kids alright?" A man started up the driveway, perhaps partially concerned as to why he didn't see an adult anywhere. Sai stepped in front of him in order to impede his path, and suddenly, from the house, Iruka exited.

"Everything's fine," he said with a smile. "There's definitely no need to worry. The kids are scared enough as it is and having the neighbors worrying for them too will only make it worse." He said the words so nicely that they didn't come across as insulting, and he did so while waving the people away; moving their little group down towards the street.

There was a period of silence where everyone seemed to be deciphering what happened, and Kiba was the first to speak. "Why did Kakashi need Sakura?" he asked, but Naruto's head was still in his hands. Sasuke wondered if the event had really taken that much out of him.

"One of the government agents got injured," Sasuke answered instead. This brought a whole new surfaced shock from everyone, even Hinata who tore herself away from Kiba with wide eyes.

"They're here?" she asked. She looked more nervous than anyone.

Naruto took a deep breath and peered over to her, his expression reassuring. "Don't look like that. If worse comes tow rose, you know we won't let them take you."

Sasuke felt a bit put off by the sudden camaraderie, but only because he was knew to the house. Kiba nodded in agreement with Naruto's comment and even Sai glanced over briefly. Resisting the urge to bite his tongue and not speak at all, Sasuke's curiosity got the best of him.

"Why would they come all the way out here just to find this guy?"

"Because he's dangerous," Naruto stated quickly. "And it looks like the Akatsuki wants him."

Sai snorted. "It's a game between them," he said, almost sounding amused. "Which group can get who first. There aren't that many people on the lists."

Sasuke's lips fell. He never imagined that such a thing existed.

"Okay kids," Iruka bustled back up from the driveway, holding his hands up like he was desperately overwhelmed. "Go pack."

Naruto's head flew up and Sasuke twisted to stare at him too, even as he whisked past them. "Pack? For wha—"

"We obviously can't stay," Iruka cut over him. "and those two members—they're not here anymore."

Meaning they escaped? Sasuke attempted to put two and two together.

"But where—" Naruto started and Iruka stopped suddenly, whipping around to face him. There was anger there, and also remorse.

"Please," Iruka said, sounding a little irritated and tired, "just go and pack. All of you." And with that, he disappeared through the front doorway.

There was a lingering silence before Sai spun off the front end of the car and headed for the door, and Kiba nudged Hinata forward as they both left as well. Naruto was still pale, and Sasuke wasn't about to leave him alone where he could disappear.

"What are you, my bodyguard?" Naruto asked abruptly, pushing Sasuke back a couple of steps. Sasuke's eyes narrowed and he frowned.

"It's more like I'm keeping you on a leash."

Naruto stared up at him before smirking. It wasn't exactly a friendly smile, it was more of a challenge. "Oh? You think it's that easy?"

Sasuke merely licked his lips. "Are you trying to sound scary?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Aren't I?"

Shaking his head, Sasuke stepped towards the doorway, motioning for the blond to follow. "No, you're an idiot."

He saw Naruto huff from behind him. "I'm not an idiot! Why would you say that?"

Sasuke shrugged and felt a bit more talkative than usual. "I'm not sure what's happened to you in the past to make you such an idiot, but the truth is that you didn't want to leave your friends, right?"

Naruto stared, unappeased.

"So, you're getting to stay with them. And if things are going to get dangerous, feeling pitiful because you're actually strong enough to do something about it is pretty stupid, don't you think?"

At this, Naruto's expression changed. He looked like he had been caught off guard. His eyes lowered a bit as he walked past Sasuke, seemingly reluctant to give in.

"I'm not an idiot."

Sasuke let him pass and looked back down to the neighbors, all cramped together on the sidewalk and full of gossip. A feeling crept in the back of his head; one that told him a vision was waiting for the right moment to surface. He hated that feeling.

Turning towards the house he took a breath of fresh air, wondering if this life was truly safer than the one he had lived with his parents. And in the back of his mind, he secretly wondered if they were safer without him.

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