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Hope For The Hopeless

London, England 1942

Autumn stood in the rain at the bus station, her school bag the only thing keeping her from becoming completely soaked. The bus was incredibly late and she wondered if she should just walk home. It was darker than usual on the streets of London and Autumn felt a strange foreboding growing in the pit of her stomach. She glanced at her watch; the bus was very, very, very, late. Autumn sighed and leaned against the streetlamp, the cold metal making her shiver. She had just been adopted by a man named Mr. Kent as her family had been killed during the bombings of England. She had endured strange looks and ridicule from her classmates ever since. Her family was from Spain, "gypsies" the people had called them. She didn't look like the other children either, instead of fair or brown locks hers were a curly jet black and her skin was olive and tanned. Her eyes were a youthful hazel and her lips full and rosy. She was seventeen and very beautiful, although no one ever saw it. To make matters worse, Mr. Kent and his fiancé Coraline were nothing but evil tyrants. They made her cook, clean, and do other things for them. Autumn felt like Cinderella, every time she came to school the teachers asked about how she received so many injuries. A bruise here, a cut there, she usually said she had fallen whilst riding her bike.

"Hurry up Edmund, we'll miss the bus!" a feminine voice called over the thunder. Autumn looked up to see two girls with pale skin; one had very dark hair and slate colored eyes and the other russet with blue eyes. They were led by the most handsome boy Autumn had ever seen. He was beautiful in a very unearthly way, like he could have been a king or knight in another time. Sapphire eyes rimmed with blonde lashes were framed by honey golden hair the color of a lion's mane. His cheeks were rosy and he was smiling at the younger girl, who looked like she was around ten or eleven. Trailing them was a brunette boy who looked about fifteen. The eldest girl looked around sixteen or seventeen.

"Has the bus arrived yet?" the handsome blonde asked her. Autumn let her gaze drift to the ground, an unfortunate habit of her abuse and submission, "N-no, not yet."

She was freezing cold, as Coraline had refused to buy her a new winter coat, Autumn was reduced to wear her beaten up black cardigan. It wasn't much protection to the wind and rain but it was something. After standing in silence for a few minutes the bus rolled down the cobble stoned streets, its engine rumbling loudly. They all piled in, giving the bus driver their fare, when he came to Autumn she reached into her pocket. She groaned, her fingers discovering lint bunnies instead of change.

"No fare Miss, no ride. I'm sorry." The driver stated, ready to close the door in her face.

"Here, I think this is enough."

Autumn looked up to see the blonde boy handing the driver money. The driver sighed, apparently unfazed, and let Autumn back on the bus. She found a seat near the back and pulled out her book; Pride and Prejudice.How she wished she could find a Mr. Darcy of her own! As she emerged herself within the world of Elizabeth Bennet, she didn't even notice that someone sat next to her.

"Is that good?"

Autumn jumped, the book dropping from her hands, but instead of it clattering to the floor a pair of hands caught it. Autumn saw that it was the blonde again.

"T-Thank you." She said, taking the book from his warm hands. As they touched, electric pangs sprinted across her skin. He smiled and Autumn couldn't help but notice his teeth were white and straight, "What's your name?" he asked casually. Autumn had never received this much attention from anyone, let alone a boy.

"Autumn K-" she stopped herself, not wanting to use the name of her tormentors, "Autumn De La Fuente."

The boy chuckled, "That's quite a mouthful. I'm Peter, Peter Pevensie." They shook hands and for once Autumn felt a hint of a smile grace her beautiful features.

"Thank you for paying my fare." She said, twisting her scarf about her fingers, "I'll have to find a way to repay you."

"Think nothing of it. Anyone would have done the same thing." He said, leaning back against the seat. Autumn smiled, "Except no one would have. And I thank you for that."

Peter smiled, "It's in my nature to help those who need me."

Autumn nodded, "Are those your siblings?"

Peter looked over to see his sisters and brother watching his every move, "Yes, unfortunately."

He heard Lucy and Susan huff and turn around, which he was glad of. Autumn smiled, she wished she had siblings. Someone to share thoughts with and have fun with. Sadly, she had never known the joys of being an older sister. The bus stopped abruptly and both Peter Autumn lurched forward.

"Baker Street!" the driver announced, ringing the bell. Autumn placed her book into her backpack and stood, "This is my stop." She said to Peter. He smiled, "Would it be alright if I saw you again?"

Autumn stiffened. It wasn't often Mr. Kent allowed visitors and she was rarely allowed to have a social life. But one look in Peter's fascinating eyes sent her fearful thoughts cowering in the dark. She stood up straighter, "Perhaps we can go to the park tomorrow. Say around noon?"

Peter was beaming, "That sounds great. See you then Autumn."

Autumn stepped off the bus and onto the dirty streets of her home. She opened the door slowly, hoping Kent and Coraline were out. She sighed when she saw their coats were not on the coat rack. Autumn ran upstairs and tucked her schoolwork and bag under her small bed before changing into a plain burgundy dress and apron. Tying her hair up, she went downstairs to the small kitchen and started dinner. But all she could think of was blonde hair and sapphire eyes.

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