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Borrowed Time

"Honestly Peter, have you ever gotten dressed before?!" Susan scolded, helping Peter straighten his tie. He was going to see that girl from the train. Autumn. He could easily remember, just the way her skin looked like fall leaves and her eyes colored like the harvest moon. It had been a year since Narnia and Peter was happy to have a distraction. Constantly he had to remember that he was not a king anymore, but a boy. A teenage boy in a world run by stuffy adults.

"Are you going to bring her flowers?" Lucy asked giddily. Peter blushed, "We've only just met Lu, it would be awful forward of me."

"Peter, you're acting like your fifty." Edmund said, barely looking up from his Sherlock Holms book. Susan deftly smacked her younger brother on the head for his ignorance, "Peter's only thinking of Autumn. Imagine how her reputation would look if he gave her flowers on their first outing."

Peter smiled at the thought of Autumn's face lighting up if he gave her flowers. There would be nothing wrong with this if they were in Narnia, where he was king. He sighed, wishing he could return.

"Peter, what's wrong?" Lucy asked. Peter winced, "Nothing, I'm just thinking."

"About Narnia?" Edmund asked, knowing his brother's response would be the same.

"It's been a year, after all." Susan said, trying to put this conversation on the back burner. "Maybe we should just accept that we're not going back."

"Su, don't say that!" Lucy cried, tearing up. Peter hugged her, "Don't worry Lu, you and Ed can go back someday." His voice faded as he thought of Narnia again. Of the clear skies and the greenest grass he'd ever seen. How he wished he could return.

"Peter, you should get going. You'll be late!" Susan said quickly. She practically shoved her brother out of the door and into the street. Peter smiled as he walked down the pleasant street that looked so gloomy only a day ago. He shouldn't be so sulky, he knew this, but something in his mind kept nagging him. As he neared the park he saw Autumn sitting under a tree reading, she was oblivious to everyone around her.

"Hello Autumn."

Autumn jumped, "H-Hello Peter."

Peter smiled, she was really jumpy. He wondered why, she seemed normal enough. Autumn smiled as she and Peter took a walk around the park. She was incredibly uneasy, as she had lied to Mr. Kent about where she was going. Autumn had made up an excuse about being needed for the school play and, happy to have her out of his hair, Kent told her to get out. She had done a wonderful job on her chores and had earned another hour of sleep but Coraline still used her as an ashtray. Autumn self consciously pulled on her crimson sweater, hoping Peter couldn't see the seared flesh of her arm. Seven uniformed burns covered her left arm, four on her right. Coraline really like putting her cigarettes out on Autumn's arms, she would laugh as Autumn cringed and tried not to cry. If she cried she'd only receive another burn and perhaps a slap from Mr. Kent.

"Autumn, are you alright?" Peter asked, wondering why she was staring off into space. Autumn smiled, "Yes, I was just thinking about a dream I had last night."

Peter looked at Autumn through his shaggy blonde bangs, "What was it about?"

Autumn giggled, "You'll think it's silly."

Peter laughed with her, "No I won't. Dreams are dreams."

"Okay, it was about a talking lion."

Peter blanched as she spoke, "W-What?"

Autumn bit her lip, "Yes, it was very strange. He said his name was… oh I can't seem to remember."

Peter desperately wanted to ask if this was Aslan, but he knew he couldn't. There was no way to bring it up without making him seem completely nutters. They went into a small café, sitting at a table near the window so they could watch the people go by. Peter found out that Autumn actually went to the same school as Lucy and Susan but mostly kept to herself. She told him about how her family was dead and a bit about her interests. He now knew she loved medieval things and mythical creatures.

"I just find the whole subject of magic quite fascinating." She gushed, taking a long sip of her tea. Peter sat up straighter, "What do you think is your favorite creature?"

"Griffins mostly, and unicorns."

Peter smirked as he remembered when he rode out to meet the White Witch on a unicorn and the raid on the Telmarine castle with aid from the griffins. How he wished Autumn could see Narnia.

Thick as thieves the last of leaves

In the winter sun

Holding fast this freezing branch

Is home to us

But this was an old pain, something that he had to come to terms with. He was never going back, Aslan had said so. He was too old.

"But tell me more about yourself," Autumn said, "It must have been interesting to live with Dr. Kirke for so long. What did you ever do to pass the time?" she joked. Peter bit his tongue, "Nothing really. We mostly played hide and seek."

Autumn noticed that sometime during her talk, Peter's knee had brushed against her own. But this time it hadn't moved, and it was still there when Autumn realized it. She blushed, "Oh my, look at the time!"

They had been talking for hours and she's told Mr. Kent she would be home by five, it was seven thirty. Peter looked at his watch, "Our conversation must've taken on a life of its own."

Peter watched Autumn, she was fidgeting in her seat, "Autumn, are you sure you're alright?"

Autumn didn't know if she was alright. Mr. Kent was going to hurt her, she knew that. She would most likely not get dinner or breakfast and Coraline would try to burn her again. She didn't want to think of what she'd look like the next day, a shadow of her former self.

Step, step right over the line

And onto borrowed time

When it's life, not waiting to die

Waiting to divide to divide

Autumn smiled at Peter, "I have to go."

"I'll walk you home." Peter said, he wasn't about to let a woman, one especially as beautiful as Autumn, walk home alone at night. Autumn smiled, "It's alright, I only live a block from here."

They walked out of the café; the moonlight dancing in Autumn's dark hair, Peter had to remember how to breathe.

"Maybe we can meet again?" Peter said hopefully. Autumn nodded, "I'd like that."

Counting stars and passing cars

On the interstate

The end is near I feel it dear,

But I am not afraid

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