Author's Note: So this idea popped into my head. I was going to an hsm verison but what the heck. Twilight was better for the storyline. Everyone is human and they might be out of character. So strong criticism is aloud...just don't hurt my story too bad. tehe. This is also based on the song 'Whatever It Takes' by Lifehouse. Personally my favorite song. It's so gorgeous.

Whatever It Takes

Chapter One: Bella's Side

My name is Isabella Marie Swan. Bella for short. I'm a Junior at Forks High School, in Forks, Washington. The most rainiest, cloudiest place on earth. The musty smells of rain and worse...that everyone that's everyone knows your business. Well I keep things to myself and try my best to stay clear of trouble. But things soon will change.

I came to Forks my Freshman year of Forks High. Renee remarried to Phil and I didn't want to be a bother in her life with her new husband. And then I thought of Charlie. My father for the past 17 years. You see, Renee and Charlie used to be married. They got married young and had me young. After a couple of months of me being born, Renee told Charlie she had enough and that she was leaving. Charlie tried to reason with her but she didn't care, she was tired of Forks. So she took me and left.

When I was 7 I started to visit Charlie during the summer. I only came for 2 summer's and then stopped when I was 9. I lived in Arizona. Phoenix to be exact. It was so much traveling I was getting tired of it, so Charlie and I started meeting in California and then that quit after I turned 11.

Then Renee met Phil when I was in 7th grade. Phil popped the question when I was in 8th, and then they married the summer after 8th grade. But a month into my freshman year, Phil got his job moved from Phoenix to Florida. I didn't want to be a bother into my mother's marriage so I asked to live with Charlie and I came to Forks.

I've been in Forks for 2 years so far and I have a boyfriend. Yes, me Bella have a boyfriend. Actually when I came Freshman year he kept bothering me and kepy asking me out, then I agreed. We just continued to date and I never really had a boyfriend so I agreed when he asked me. His name is Mike Newton. He's really sweet but also very weird, but in a good way. But I do have a secret I've kept from him since the summer before Sophomore year.

I feel bad about what I did. I never meant for it to happen. But it did and now.... I can't stop it. I feel so real around him. Yes him. I cheated on Mike with Edward Cullen.

Edward. Edward Cullen is a real...jock. He's the captain of the Football team. His brother, Emmett Cullen is also on the team but Emmett is a senior. Edward also has Alice Cullen, his twin sister.(a/n: I know that they aren't twins in the book but they are in my story. ok?). She's small and pixie like and has spiky short black hair. She's very outgoing and happens to be my best friend. She doesn't know about Edward and me. Then there are Jasper and Rosalie Hale. The other set of twins. You see, Carlisle and Esme Cullen adopted Emmett, Edward & Alice, Jasper & Rosalie. Carlisle is the doctor at Forks Memorial(made up...tehe.) Hospital. Carlisle and Esme are both 26 and adopted the five when they were both 19 & 20. I asked them one day while I was visiting Alice why so young. Esme said she wanted a big family, because she and Carlisle couldn't have children of their own. I merely nodded and continued to chat with her.

Any who, Edward is dating Lauren Mallory. Head bitch cheer whore. Oh! Lauren also hates my guts. But whatever. Edward and Lauren started dating in 8th grade and they've been together ever since. But I do know one thing. Edward is the most compassionate guy ever. He loves his classical music but also listens to rock and more genres. You know when I said everyone that is everyone knows each others business, well people tried to stay out of the Cullen's. Really no one cares what I do, since I'm really personally quiet, so they stay away.

Edward and I personally do 'things' when either no one's home at his or at mine. Since Charlie is the Chief of Forks Police he's rarely home. He leaves at like 6:30 am and comes home around 5:30 maye 6 pm. Or sometime we go to a motel in Settle or hang out there. One more important thing you should know. Edward hasn't slept with Lauren and I haven't slept with Mike. Or that...shoots.

Mike Newton, he's been talking about that lately. Asking me things and etc. I try my best to ignore him the best I can, because I don't like talking about sex with him. I'd rather not. He's been on my ass about it since that night I hooked up with Edward. But he has asked me once if I would go all the way with him. Luckily I didn't have a chance to answer because my cell started ringing and it was Edward. Mike looked at my caller id and asked who EC was. I told him it was my friend from Arizona when it was Edward.

Edward had told me that Lauren was at the rate of screaming at him if they didn't have sex soon. She was very impatient and hard to get along with. I don't know what Edward ever saw in her. But then again no one knows.

I was on my couch with Mike next to me and we were watching Jackass. I actually found this show quite funny, as did Edward. Mike was kissing my neck and that made me giggle, because I wa ticklish.

"Mike, stop." I said and he continued. "For reals!" I giggled.

"Bella..ummm...I want you to be my first. And I'm hoping to be your first also." I gulped. Another thing to add to the list of guiltiness. Before Edward and I ever slept together, we were both virgins. It's actually kinda funny how we even started doing this secret relationship.


I was at the Cullen's house waiting on Alice so we could go shopping for her sake. It was actually the summer before sophomore year as I said and Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett had gone on a trip to Europe. Alice didn't want to go because Jasper didn't. Alice and Jasper are dating and he's a year older than Alice, Edward and I. Jasper was at a friend's house with Alice.

I was standing on their front porch when it started to pour down rain and hail started coming after. I groaned. I saw a car pull up hoping it was Alice's and it was not. It was a shiny silver Volvo. Edward's car. I saw him turn his engine off and hurry out of his car and put a tarp over. One thing about Edward, it that he loves that damn car.

Edward rushed up the front porch steps and then saw me and gave me a small smile.

"Waiting for Alice?" he asked. I nodded and he shuffled his feet. He dug his hand into his pocket and got his house key and unlocked the door and went inside. "Are you coming in? I'm sure you don't want to wait out here in the cold, hailing rain, now do you?" he asked with such characteristic's. I smiled softly at him and enter, and he shut the front door. I went into the living room and sat down. A few minutes later, Edward joined me and turned the tv on.

"So Bella, how are you?" Edward asked.

"I'm perfectly fine." I said and he nodded. This was awkward.

"So how are you and Mike Newman?" he asked.

"Ummm...ok I guess. We've been dating for about 7 months now I think." I said and he looked at me for a moment.

"You think?" he asked with a smirk. I blushed.

"Well, he keeps count. I don't." I said. Edward chuckled.

"How are you and Lauren?"I asked.

"Umm..we're in a fight. That's where I just came back from." He said looking at me forwardly.

"What was the fight about if you don't mind me asking." I wouldn' want to inter-late on his relationship, just curious.

"It's cool. She's mad because I wouldn't sleep with her." I went wide eye.

"Oh." I said and I heard him chuckle. I looked at him and he just smiled at me.

"Oh?"he asked back looking at me. I laughed quietly.

"Well...It's just...Lauren and her...needs? I don't know how to answer to that." I said. He chuckled.

"Well Lauren just wants attention and I apparently don't give her enough and she said if I sleep with her then she would stop the nagging thing of attention and that sleeping her would be enough." I nodded. I understood. I don't know why but I do.

"You don't want to sleep with your girlfriend?" I smirked.

"Not at all. Why should I? Just because I'm dating her doesn't mean I have to give up something of mine." He said. I was shocked!

"Your a virgin?" I asked with a little laugh.

"Yeah, so? Aren't you?" I was taken back. He didn't care he was a virgin?

"Yes. Yes I am." I said and this time he smirked.

"Well then...that makes us both."Edward said smirking. I blushed and watched tv and then my cell started ringing. Stripped by Shiny Toy Guns was my ring tone. Actually that's Mike's favorite song and he chose it for his ringer on my cell. I sighed and saw Edward looking at me in the corner of my eye.

"Aren't you going to answer it?" Edward asked. I looked down and flipped it opened and hit 'talk'.

"Hey, Mike." I said.

"Hey baby."Mike said seductively. What was he trying?

"Ummm, are you ok?" I asked.

"Yeah. When the rain passes you want to come over?"he asked.

"Ummm, I'm suppose to go to the mall with Alice. You know her."I said and Mike chuckled.

"Hey...ummm...Bella...I really want you to come over." he said pleadingly.

"Why do you really want me to come over?" I asked and I heard Edward chuckle.

"I want to take our relationship to the next step." I gasps at his insinuation.

"No!" I shouted into my phone and stood up and took Edward by surprise.

"No? Why NOT!? I'm freaking willingly to give my damn virginity too you and you say no!?" I was angry.

"Mike go out and buy you a whore if you want a fuck buddy!" I screamed and slammed my phone shut. I had my back turned towards Edward and I was breathing heavily. I heard someone behind me and place a hand on my shoulder.

"Bella?, Are you ok?" Edward asked. I shook my head no and I started crying. Mike was being an ass. I turned around and I was still crying. I looked at Edward and he wrapped me into a hug. I cried into his chest. He brought me over to the couch and sat me down, while still holding me.

"Edward...h-hhe asked me to sleep with him! I don't even love him!" oh snaps. Mike and I told each other we loved each other in person and at school in front of people. I just didn't mean it.

"Bella...why do you say..,"he started. I brought my head out of his chest and looked him in the eyes. His green beautiful eyes. Mike had blue eyes.(a/n: ok I'm going on memory here of the books. I don't have them but I'm getting them soon after I move into my bigger house.tehe). He had pale blue eyes and Edward's were perfect.

"Because I don't love him. I just say it because when he told me...I froze and mumbled it back," I said and he nodded and we continued to look at each other. Before I knew it, we were both leaning in and then BAM! We were kissing and it didn't stop us from continuing all the way. That night I gave my virginity to Edward Anthony Mason Cullen.(a/n: i believe that is his name in the books. remember going by memory.)

End of Flashback

"Bella? You still with me?" Mike said waving a hand in front of my face. I snapped back to reality and looked at Mike in the eyes.

"I'm not ready Mike." he sighed and nodded. After what had happened with Edward that night, I went home a few hours later..when he was sleeping and the rain had stopped. I had left a note for Alice saying I was tired of waiting and went home to sleep. The night Mike called me back after I was at home and said he very sorry and then of course I caved and said I was sorry and I never mentioned what I did.

"Mike...I'm just wanting to save myself for marriage." he was taken back but had a smile play upon his lips.

"I can wait, babe."he said and started kissing my neck . While he was doin' that, I saw my cell phone light up in my hand and it was a text from EC.


No ones home. And I missed you.


I smiled at his text and sighed. I was a cheater and so was Edward. This isn't good.

So I want your honest opinion on this new story. I swear this is going to get better. More Drama. I will probably update this story more than my HSM fanfictions. I was actually listening to 'Whatever It Takes' by Lifehouse while writing this. I couldn't come up for a name for this story and that song title gave me the title. tehe. Hope you like;;

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