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Whatever It Takes
written by missefron15

(A/N: I've skipped time to where Bella is 7 and half months pregnant.)

Chapter Fourteen: Back and Forth


"Back and forth…back and forth…" I whispered as I moved my fingers across my expanding belly and felt little nudges along the way. I smiled and looked up at the television screen and saw that my movie was over. Great now I need to get up and put in another DVD. I would be watching cable but Charlie didn't pay his service bill.

I scooted up closer to the edge of the couch and pushed myself up and went to look at Charlie's DVDs. I browsed for about a minute and half before settling on an Adam Sandler movie and putting it in the Xbox.

Charlie didn't have a DVD player but he had the game systems. I smiled and laughed to myself. My father was a kid on the inside.

I went back over to the couch and sat back down and grab the controller from beside me and clicked play. As soon as the title credits started my cell phone started to ring. I looked at the caller ID and saw it was the lady I'd met in the park that day I ran away from school.

"Hello?" I answered as I muted the volume on the TV.

"Hello, Bella... How are you doing?" I smiled at her sweet tone.

I sighed happily, "I'm doing really good."

"It's been awhile since we last spoke and I was just worried about you and wanted to make sure you were doing okay."

"I'm doing great actually," I spoke and placed a hand on my belly. "I am almost 7 and a half months pregnant now and my family took the news just fine and so did my boyfriend's family. They are very supportive and I am very lucky to have them in my life."

I heard her laugh, "That's wonderful my dear. You are a very nice girl and I felt like we became friends in that park and I just wanted to make sure you and baby were doing okay."

"We're doing great. We found out we are having a little baby boy and his nursery is going to be in the hazel/amber color scheme."

"Oh my goodness that's gorgeous," she gushed with a laugh.

I smiled, "I know."

"Have you decided on a name for him yet?"

I sighed and shook my head and then realized that she couldn't see me do that. "No we haven't. We thought about Jaxon for a while but I decided not to name him that…well 'we' decided not to. My mom's sister just had her baby and they named their son that and we didn't want to steal their name. So we are still searching for the name…"

"Oh well Bella, you and Edward will most definitely find a name for your precious little angel. Give that baby a name that means something to you two and everyone around you."

"I will Miss Gina. Thank you for calling me, I loved to hear from you."

She laughed, "I am glad too. You let me know when that baby is born and I'll bring you a baby present for his birth!"

"I definitely will, Gina."

"You have a good day, Bella."

"I will, bye Gina," I said and hung up the phone.

I heard my father coming down the stairs and looked over my shoulder and saw him buttoning his work shirt. "Going somewhere Dad?" I asked.

He looked up his mustache twitching with a smile forming on his mouth, "Yeah, I got to go into work. There was a car wreck on the back roads towards Seattle. I got to go do damage control."

I sighed, "Do I need to go to the Cullen's?"

He nodded, "Yes, I don't want you here by yourself. You are due in 2 and half months. I want to make sure someone is with you at all times."

I sighed. School had two weeks left in the year and my junior year would be over. Today was a Friday and everyone was at school. I stayed home today because I wasn't feeling too good. Dad called in for me and they just told me to be at school Monday morning. I honestly hated going back and forth between my house and the Cullen's house. If no one was home at mine, I had to go to the Cullen's and if no one was at the Cullen's then I'd come home because Dad or his new girlfriend Sue would be here. But since Sue works weird hours in the week because of her business, she almost never here.

I wonder…

Dad helped me from the couch and put my sneakers on my feet. I smoothed my shirt out and grabbed my backpack full of a change of clothes and some books and my school stuff. Char…I mean Dad…It was weird. Sometimes I called him Dad and then sometimes I called him Charlie. Dad grabbed my backpack from me and we got into his Cruiser.

On the way to the Cullen's, I texted Esme to see if she was home; and she was. Since she worked from home, she was usually there. She texted me back right away and said she was and she would make me some lunch before I arrived. I laughed and texted her back thank you and put my phone in my jacket pocket.

I looked at my dad and sighed. "Dad…what if…I moved in with the Cullen's?"

My dad looked taken back and then nodded, "I think that would be best for you and the baby. With the summer coming up…there are a lot more rain storms and more accidents. I would still want you to come over with my grandson and visit me…hell I will turn your bedroom into a nursery for him."

I felt tears pooling in my eyes. "If Esme and Carlisle are okay with it…I think it will be better for us."

He agreed. "I think it would be for the best, honey."

"I will talk to Esme as soon I we get there…"

"Okay," he said and there was nothing but silence.

I just hoped that Esme and Carlisle would be okay with this next step.

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