I was sitting in the living room of our new house in Forks, the old one was destroyed in a fire lit by no other than Mike Newton, I told him I was getting married to Edward and he had a big tantrum and lit it on fire. We were all at the mall on a family outing so Alice didn't see it till it was too late. It's been 39 years since I was changed. I have mastered my self control, so I am not tempted by human blood. It is repulsive to me. Charlie and Renee are gone and for the rest of my friends I am not sure. But Jacob and Sam let the treaty go after we helped them out severely. The Volturi came and found out about them and they attacked. Alice had a vision of what they were going to do and why they were coming. I was still human at the time and they came to check up on me. In the end our family helped them destroy all who were left. In the end the Volturi had killed, Quill, Jared, Paul, and Leah and they severely injured others. Carlisle had to go down to help with the injured ones. But Jacob and I are on good terms. He imprinted about 3 years ago on a girl named Maci. I'm happy for him. They have one little boy named Quill, after Quill Aterea. We are aloud on there land so I visit sometimes to see how everyone is. They make jokes about the smell. I love Jake like a brother still. I was brought out of my trance by someone calling my name.

"Bella?" Edward asked.


"Are you up for a fun day?"

"Yeah? Why?"

"We are going to the amusement park in Olympia." We haven't been to an amusement park since I was human which was 39 years ago was. This will be interesting.

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